VTAW – Lady Aberlin’s Muumuu

By JoCo February 13, 2008

Here’s some spec work from my internet slave Len, who is working closely with me in my efforts to devalue design work worldwide. This is his visual response to “Lady Aberlin’s Muumuu,” and as usual it was in my inbox just a couple hours after I posted the song. If you’d like to actually pay for an excellent illustration by Len (like a sucker), I urge you to do so at MonsterByMail.

Lady A


Mazzix says

Oh my god.
Len is so damn tallented... I wish i could draw like him.
Bossa ftw

Giggleloop says

I'm surprised Len isn't single-handedly destroying the t-shirt competition.

tufte says

Ouch. Just because a few people, rightly or wrongly, have questions about a contest, it doesn't mean you should be snarky to the rest of us that enjoy your (and Len's) work. After all, that's who's going to read this post.

Great song. Great image.

Len says

Thanks, Master Joco for letting me out of the basement. Can I drink water tonight with my gruel?

CALI says


No ouch here. I like the playfully snarky angle myself.... lightens things up for those of us NOT searching for opportunities to be offended.

Nice work Len!

Luke M says


I think your offensensitivity receptor threshold may be set too low ... my readings indicate that was an attempt at wry humor rather than snark. Please consider recalibration.

Herb says

Off topic.

I wanted to say thank you to JC, for just adding a Chicago show. I can't wait.

Glenn Peters says

Hey -- I'm a sucker! I have the framed prints to prove it!

Len: back to the drawing board! *whipcrack*

eliannrad says

Yay for new songs and pictures!

Keep up the great work, both Len and JoCo!

Mr.Nobody says

Great work, Len.
Great work, JoCo.

Keep it up!

Rob (not the boring manager one) says

Len's artwork is amazing...as always! It's the perfect complement to JoCo's incredible musical skills. It's like Len can SEE what the rest of us only get to HEAR.

Luke M says

Everyone knows about Len's awesome JoCo shirts on Zazzle, right?

Jon Who says

You gotta love continuity, and running with it-as shown excellently by Mr Len, earlier.

Len says

Hey thanks for the wonderful comments everyone! Believe it or not, I don't get much feedback on these, so it's really nice to hear. :)

BTW, the link to that Zazzle shop that Luke M mentioned is: , http://www.zazzle.com/jawboneradio. Woot!

Jesss says

Len, the link is including the period, so doesn't work.

You have some beautiful pieces here. I love the new Lady Aberlin one and I also like "I Crush Everything"

Len says

Oops. Try this:


Thanks for the kind words!

Martha says

Your Internet slave Len who has a monstrous Eustace Tilley featured in print in this very week's New Yorker? That one?

Matt Walton says

That's an amazing picture and perfectly captures the feeling I get from the song.

I want, nay, NEED a print of it.

Len says

I'll add it to the Zazzle store later today. :)

Also, I'm entering a few of these Coulton images into an illustration competition. Hopefully they will be recognized there as well!

Len says

For those interested, prints of this image are now available here:


jonas says

You do beautiful work with Illustrator Len, and I'm amazed at your ability to do these pieces so quickly. I'm a student learning this program and I'm curious how you did the beautiful script lines in the background? I'm hoping to buy this print one day and frame it. The only part that nags at me is the castle piece that is behind her on the right at her hip. It's a little amusing how it could be perceived there.

Ronald Autry says

I thank Betty did a good job on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.