The Actual Betty Aberlin

By JoCo February 13, 2008

Of all the good things that have come my way since I started this crazy music thing, the best by far might be receiving a comment from the actual Betty Aberlin. I don’t usually like to brag about this sort of thing, but come on, that’s pretty excellent. I’m not worthy. I will never wash this blog again.

Also, the book she’s referring to is called “The Diary of an Old Soul & The White Pages Poems,” it is here on Amazon, and appears to involve her having written a poem for every day of the year. Poem a day, song a week, I ask you: coincidence?


Demetrius says

That's very cool! My wife wrote a letter to Fred Rogers just to say how much he had touched her as a child and as a parent. And, he actually wrote back - a very personal letter! That "neighborhood" was just a repository for great souls!

Rob (not the boring manager one) says

JC Says:

February 13th, 2008 at 7:50 pm
And OMG Betty Aberlin left a comment! I. Am. Freaking. Out.

It's awesome to know that even an up and coming superstar still GEEKS OUT!

Luke M says

I love the Internet.

robgonzo says

I got a kick out of getting that Twitter message today.

Gle3nn says

Wow! So amazing!
I just bought the book. George MacDonald is one of my favorite authors. I am looking forward to reading Lady Aberlin's poetry as well.
Thanks JC for bringing so much awsome into my world.

Guybrush Threepwood says

I'm 23 and I've been listening to JoCo for about 1.5-2 years now.

I sometimes worry what Theo (my 8 month old son) will turn out like.
How will he grow up without essentials like Mr. Rogers? This has been somewhat bothering me, and brought to the surface by "Lady Aberlin's Muumuu."

Theo and I listen to JoCo every day. His favorite songs are "Tom Cruise Crazy," "My Beige Bear," "I'm your Moon," and "Shop Vac." We dance to those a lot.

Anyway, I wonder if you can buy old Mr.Rogers' episodes on dvd? I would like some classic shows like this for Theo to watch when he gets a little older. I can't imagine growing up watching the shows on tv today.

I realize I'm rambling. My point is: thank you for this great song that brought me back to my childhood just when I needed it. I've listened to it 645,732,987,124,054 times since you posted it.

I hope to meet you some day so I can tell you how much you've positively affected my life and my son's life. He can't even walk and he loves your music.

JP says

That was a very pretty song. I am glad she was able to hear it. You rock dude. :)

Mazzix says

Oh my god that is so freaking awsome.
Btw that song ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuules

Giggleloop says

Guybrush -- great name! Monkey Island for the win! :)

Also, it looks like there are a few Mr. Rogers DVDs out (check Amazon, definitely). It would be nice if there were a PBS Classic channel on satellite/cable/HD that ran old episodes of Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, The Electric Company, 321 Contact, etc. With all the myriad channels around nowadays, I'm surprised no one's jumped on that boat yet. I know I'd LOVE to have a channel that showed old Muppet Show episodes and Sesame Street and stuff. Maybe it's a copyright issue, which sucks. :(

JoCo- congrats on the recognition from Lady Aberlin. I admit, reading her comments got me a little misty. :) Well done, you deserve it.

Jesss says

Here in Oregon, Mr Rogers is on every weekday on our PBS station. I think it is on pretty early in the morning but maybe you could DVR or record it for showing to your son later.

I've been tickled about the outpouring of love for these shows. I told my mom about Lady Aberlin's MuuMuu and she responded like most people on the site, with fond memories and sadness that Fred Rogers is gone.

Marc Nelson Jr. says

If you did a duet with Handyman Negri, my daughter would love you forever.

LizaLS says

So very cool - just a wonderful bit of happiness to come together all at once. And through the wonders of YouTube, I found this great tribute to Fred Rogers, posted by someone who found it on the PBS website. Don't click unless you have tissues handy:

One other thing, JoCo - what an amazingly talented family you have! Your sister's vocals added a really nice touch to the song.

Happy Valentine's day, everyone!

Len says

How did she find out about the song? Was she vanity searching or did someone tip her off?

Luke M says


Someone tipped her off.

Kristi Wachter says

Mister Rogers is on TWO PBS stations in the San Francisco Bay Area. I think a lot of PBS stations are still running old episodes.

Guybrush, can you call your local PBS station and ask them to start showing Mister Rogers?

randal says

If George Plimpton sends you an email, be very suspicious.

AverageJon says

"If George Plimpton sends you an email, be very suspicious."

...especially if he says he doesn't want to eat your eyes.

The Actual Tom Cruise says

I hate to say it, but your latest tune has the gayest friggin' lyrics of all time, and they're even gayer than that Soft Rock You tune. You've really out done yourself this time with the gay lyrics! (in my not-so-gay opinion)

Tom Cruise

Mr.Nobody says

Wow. I didn't know Tom Cruise was such a douche.

Barry says

Not a douche. Just crazy.

I followed the link to her book from the other thread:

and was VERY PLEASED to see that it's a combination of her work with that of George MacDonald, who wrote "The Princess and The Goblin" and "At the Back of the North Wind" (among other things).

I'm ordering the book as soon as I finish this post.

Angelastic says

I've been planning to start my own 'writing thing a week' with poetry and short stories and stuff on February 29 (there, I said it in front of the whole world, now I have to go through with it.) I'm not sure whether I should be encouraged or discouraged by the idea that Betty Aberlin managed to do seven times as much.

I think I'm going to pick 'encouraged'.

Billy Joel (really!, really!) says

All your life is channel 13. Sesame street. What does it mean?

I'm sure you'll have some cosmic rationale!

Dan says

Thats cool that Betty aberlin posted a comment on ur song about Betty Aberlin lol

Skeenic says

I've met the gentleman who played Mr. McFeely several times, and I cannot express how kind and wonderful he is to everyone. He makes you feel very special.

Andrew Gordon says

Just wanted to drop you a note to say you must now write a song about Lady A's ugga mugga, or shidely dum di muumuuly! I too had the thrill of meeting her about 15 years ago as an intern with Family Comm., Inc., she was 51 and looked all of 30, and I was 25, the same age she was when she first arrived in that particular Neighboorhood, so I too will always remember sharing a cookie with her and feeling particularly dumbfounded when she said Hello, and I could barely move, or dare I say, muuve.

Anyway, get your friends to keep Mr. Rogers on the air, per her request, and no typoes, other than that one.

Andrew Intern

Cookie Monster says

COOKIE!?!??! Gimme Cookie!!! Where Cookie!

Daniel says

Lady Aberlin was also a somewhat magical presence in my own childhood, and I am delighted by this song and still more that Betty Aberlin enjoyed it so much.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was indeed a one of a kind show, and Fred Rogers was certainly fortunate in his associates. It is genuinely heart-warming to hear this beautiful song, inspired by a beautiful (inside and out!) lady, and to know it touched her as well.

Yes, I have always identified rather closely with Daniel Striped Tiger, and Betty Aberlin's kindness to an imaginary child has always felt like genuine kindness to me.