Ukes in San Fran

ByJoCo February 6, 2008

If you play ukulele and are coming to the show in SF on February 22, please email me. I’d like to talk to you about something.


LSK says

I wish that both were the case, but only the former is for me. No doubt others have just the latter as the case.

Tindomiel says

I have never wished SO HARD in my LIFE that I played uke instead of violin. :)

zym says

I have never wished SO HARD in my LIFE that I i lived in the US instead of the UK.

Gary says

Contact Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing. He plays the uke. And he has groovy hair. And I'm sure he's a fan. And it would also be a fantastic duet.

And, also, I want to start another sentence with and.

whitneymcn says

No uke in San Fran here, but the day that you need bagpipes in Brooklyn, give me a call...

Molly says


Mark Gordon says

I have never wished SO HARD in my LIFE that Molly lived near SF instead of LA.

Tindomiel says

Quick! We must assemble a ragtag bunch of loyal JoCo fans for a rescue mission and other wacky hijinks! FREE MOLLY!

CarrieP says

Jo Co and Co:

You have seen this cover of Nirvana with Ukes? It's very cool. And tuxedos!

Giggleloop says

I was thinking that too - Molly NEEDS to get to that show! Someone to the rescue!!!

Jacob says

I just checked the comments to see if Molly was available.

She isn't.

This saddens me.

Lee says

Man, if somehow we scored some Molly on the JoCo DVD...well, that'd just about be like getting an extra pudding cup at lunch time. And an ice cream sandwich.

Jeff says

I am a uker wannabee. I have gone to the Temple Bar and Mike DaSilva's Berkeley Ukulele Club in Berkeley. What uke event is happening in SF? I'd like to know more. I've been strummin' for about 2 years now.

JoCo says

Molly can't make it to this show, but I hope to play with her next time I'm in LA or thereabouts. The lovely and talented Kristen Shirts and her lovely and talented uke will be joining me for a couple of numbers on stage - what I'm looking for here is the participation of massive numbers of uke players who happen to be in the audience already (I am out of comp tickets sadly). So far, not so many responses, so we'll see if anything comes of this. But if you DO play uke and you DO have a ticket, please don't be shy...

Midwifemonkey says

I was going to predict a uke choir.... looks like I was on the right track.

xian says

show sold out already? have uke, will travel