Lady A’s Muu Muu – Last Session I Think

By JoCo February 6, 2008

[UPDATE: I’m calling that mostly done, should be able to release it by the end of this week. I have one other tiny thing I’d like to do, and of course there is always room for tweaking the mix and such. If you missed it today or any other day and you just can’t live without the opportunity to look at the back of my head for long stretches of time, you can always watch them non-live on my Ustream show page.]

I don’t want to crap up the arrangement too much because I like this one nice and simple, but I’m going to try some backing vocals today, tweak the drum part, and mess a bit with the mix. Watch above if you dare.


Sobachatina says

This song is shaping up to be a favorite. Thanks for letting us in on the creation.

Giggleloop says

Wow, so this is how the magic happens, huh? Never actually be on the site when you're recording - kick ass!

Giggleloop says

Well done, JoCo, I'm really digging the song - can't wait til it's finished! (And now I'll be humming it for the rest of the day!)

Kaethe says

I don't know how you can work with people watching over your shoulder, even if they are in computer rooms and basements scattered across the world and not actually behind you.

Enjoy your sandwich!

Gina says

Although staring at the back of your head all day is loads of fun, I've decided that I like the songs better if I hear them completed first. So I won't go and spoil it for myself.

DanJ says

The bits I've heard sound hilarious - looking forward to the final product!

Stanistani says

Really great. It's inspired. :)

manyhills says

Is there any particular reason these last few entries haven't been showing up on the feed?

lurker's first post says

This song is quite the departure from the razor wit, toe-tapping beats, and inspired melodies that hooked me 2+ years ago. But, if this gives you pleasure (and makes you money), then good on ya.

If you do veer back on course musically, I'll vote for Obama :)

Shruti says

My tenth-grade chemistry teacher had a bright orange muu muu she always wore on spirit days, since our colors were orange and blue. It was a bit bizarre.

Just thought I'd say that. Carry on.

Sobachatina says

"This song is quite the departure from the razor wit, toe-tapping beats, and inspired melodies that hooked me 2+ years ago."

Really? You liked every single song JoCo's made except this one song? You're obviously picky about your music yet you liked every different genre He tried and every silly song that He made for the thing a week? I don't believe it.

One of the things I appreciate most about JoCo's music is that he is always experimenting with different styles. I like some more than others but I love the variety.

Don't worry- I'm sure He'll make something with whatever it was that you liked again soon.

Andrea says

I agree with Gina. So when will it be ready? :D

Bloody P says

I think it definitely has an Elvis Costello vibe to it. Sounds great.

manstraw says

isn't muu muu one of those pokemon things?

didn't catch joco live on this one at all. but I was thinking. might it be possible for someone to do a mashup from his recording sessions? or maybe edit together some outtakes? There's a wealth of cc fodder begging to be refurbished into something new. yeah, I know, whoever smelt it, dealt it.

Jon Who says

@Manstraw As far as I can remember Muu Muu isn't a pokemon, but I know what you mean...

Been looking forward to this song since I first heard a part of it. Should be great, and it's nice to know that JC still has it in him to write great stuff.