Lady A’s Muu Muu

By JoCo February 4, 2008

[UPDATE: Well, that was fine for a while, then the stuff that I was putting off caught up with me. Sorry about the webcamus interruptus, but now I’ve got to go move the car and return some phone calls. Backup vocals next, then some reassessing to see where we are…]

This is ridiculous – wasn’t it about six months ago I recorded the guitar part for this little ditty? I’m putting a whole mess of things on hold so I can do a little bit more this afternoon – going to start with some vocals, maybe some organ, maybe a little slidey lap steel something or other. Watch above…


Roman V says

Sounds on the sadder side.

This is a really way to record music, under the watchful eye of everyone. I wonder, though, if it would be any good with game programming? Who wants to look at all that code not working?

Audrey says

I want to know if the watchful eye of everyone makes JoCo behave differently, or if he just forgets about the camera.

LSK says

I am again watching during Music class.

Fraya says

I think it might bug him a little at the beginning of the session but after he gets into it he probably forgets about us.. and sleeping... and food.

Janet says

Sometimes he eats sandwiches, though. So food remains in his consciousness.

Sobachatina says

Come on. I just barely overcame my addiction to Octopus and Still Alive. I'm looking forward to another six months of torment when you finish the song. So catchy but yet so weird.

Sobachatina says

I would hate to overstep my bounds as a member of your audience- and I would never dream of second guessing your genius, but...

The phrase: "maybe some organ, maybe a little slidey lap steel something or other." fills me with fear. It sounds really good right now. I would cry (in a manly way of course) if this song lost its magic simplicity with too much instrumentation.

Plaid Phantom says

I'm loving the 5-1/4" floppy shirt.

winegeek says

Oh my god, it's JoCo-in-a Bublé!