The 404

By JoCo January 30, 2008

The show where it’s actually kind of difficult to google the name of the show and actually find the show’s website instead of a bunch of pages about error 404.

Yesterday morning I went into the CNET offices and cracked wise with the kind and gentlemanly fellows of The 404 podcast. It was a little touch and go, I arrived literally as they were broadcasting the show opening because…I was late and stuff. But they seemed not to have wet their pants, so we had a nice time talking about SMS messages, AppleTV and Portal. Thanks doods!


randal says

You've discovered one of the great truths of mass media. It is always better to talk to interviewers who have not wet their pants.

ThomasT says

Umm - don't you go by Jonathan? Were these guys authorized to call you "Jon"? Fun show, though.

Randall Bennett says

We weren't authorized to call him Jon, but it's nice of him to hang out with us anyway.

Seriously one of our best shows evar. Thanks for coming out again!

Herb says

I was surprised that you didn't play anything live on the show. Were they not set up for that?

Also, please come back to Chicago soon. (and if you play Schubas again tell them to get rid of the chairs, I hate the chairs.)

Sobachatina says

"You have a relationship with John Hodgman don't you?"
"Wha? What do you mean?"
That was hilarious.

About a year ago I was talking with a coworker and showing him all this great music by some guy name Jonathan Coulton and he was showing me this book he loved by some guy name John Hodgman. About a week later I ran across "Furry Old Lobster" and he went to a book reading where JC was performing here in Austin. It was quite the twilight zone event.

DanJ says

That was a great interview. And look, I've found a new podcast to listen to while it looks like I'm programming! So, let's see... Penny Arcade introduced me to Jonathan Coulton, Jonathan Coulton introduced me to 404. Oh, the Internet, how did we ever live without you? And what was the point? ;)