I Need PAs, Can You Help Me Internet?

By JoCo January 30, 2008

UPDATE: I’ve received many offers, thank you everyone. I’m still processing them at this point so I haven’t responded yet I’ll be in touch soon. It’s likely I’m covered for now. Thank you internet!

Turns out there’s a lot of work involved in shooting a concert DVD. I’m looking for a few helpers for this San Fransicso thing – PA’s they call them, which apparently stands for Production Assistant. You know: sandwich getter.

I need one person for the day before the show, two the day of, and one the day after (that’s Thursday, Friday and Saturday). I can’t pay you anything, but I can get you a free ticket if you don’t already have one, or perhaps one for a friend if you do. You’ll of course receive credit, and probably some other free stuff, and my gratitude forever and ever.

If you’ve had experience doing this sort of thing that’s a definite plus, but mostly I’m looking for people who are available (like, all day, for a long time) and willing to run around and do all sorts of things when we realize we forgot something at the last minute.

Email me if you’re interested.


Fraya says

Of course the internet can help its like a deus ex machina only with less deus ex and more machina... and inane youtube comments.

Dave says

Dang, I never thought I would regret not being a Frisconian.

WiredMonkey says

If you ever come to DALLAS and do an elaborate DVD shoot and need a PA, I'd be more than happy to help for that kind of payment. Unfortunately, San Francisco is a long way from Dallas, and I'm relying on that DVD to see that particular show. Good luck with your search in SF. :)

Fabulous Geek says

I'm a PA! but in atlanta. :(

Roman V says

I still say you should do what the Beastie Boys did for their film, they gave a bunch of handhelds to audience members then edited the footage together later.

ThomasT says

craigslist.org is FROM San Francisco...

Bradley O'Farrell says

It also stands for "Program Advance" in the Megaman Battlenetwork series, (which is basically an RPG about the humanity of computer programs, which is awesome).

Also. Um. If you ever need a PA in NYC, I could probably do it.

Mr.Nobody says

'Sandwich getter'? I can't promise you that I wont eat the sandwich in the process, so... I'm gonna have to turn down the offer. :(

john d'arc says

same here with the NYC/Long Island thing.

come back to Brooklyn!

eliannrad says

(not to sound like I copied Mr. Nobody)
Sandwich getter sounds great.
I might give it to a hungry hobo on the street, though.

*twitches at the typo in San 'Fransicso'* :)

Dean says

I asked family, who live near San Francisco, if they were interested. Embarrassingly enough for me, she hadn't heard of JoCo. So, of course I directed her to the songs area. I'm hoping she'll become an instant convert and volunteer.

Jeremy Williams says

If I lived a little further west, I would be the most enthusiastic sandwich getter ever. I would quest forth and get the best sandwiches since sliced bread. But alas, I don't.
So I shant.

Jimmy says

If someone said to me, "I think you could go 237 miles on foot without dying", I would run 237 miles for days to be a PA.

Which sucks because I make the best BLTs ever.

JoAnn from VA says

Can't help you in California, but if you, Paul or Storm need anything when you are here in Alexandria in March, sing out, I live close by. Doritoes, sandwiches, homemade chickensoup and cookies, a Fudgy the whale even. I draw the line at Champale though-eew. Even a purple monkey shaped ice cream cake, you know, like the song- "Cold monkey get made start melting, cold monkey stuck in fridge..."

DavidTG says

As I feel the need to imitate everyone above, if you ever do some sort of uber-complicated shoot in the Portland, OR area, you will have the full video production, as well as insane musical talent of Apt. T Productions behind you.

flybriz says

This is a handy place to find video crew:


I'd love to help, but that's quite a drive from OK.

shaggyJD says


How many more PA's needed at this point, and for what day(s)?

JoCo says

Shaggy: yes, I should have updated this post. I've received many offers, thank you everyone. I'm still processing them at this point, but likely I'm covered for now. Thank you internet!

shaggyJD says