It’s a Major Award

By JoCo January 28, 2008

It has not escaped my attention (for very long anyway) that our very own Molly the Ukeist, who is also called Sweetafton23, has won the Uke Hunt Ukulele Video of the Year for 2007 for her cover of Tom Cruise Crazy. Totally boss! It deserves a repost here because it is pretty great, but instead I’m going to make you watch this original song that she wrote. Congrats Molly…


Tyrun says

haha, awesome to see her being recognized! She's got some really great talent, and I love her covers of your songs Jon.

It's awesome to see an artist such as yourself taking such a large part in the community that surrounds them.

Good work :)

Leonardo Herrera says

Heh, I remember clearly writing in a mailing list something like "I hope your stupid geocities page stays forever and your kids find it out." I absolutely love this song.

I think I've never visited a myspace page. That's how cool I am.

Jacob says

Kick ass!

Congratulations Molly!

nerdork says

Swell stuff!

Grant says

She seems to have rocked the uke community to its core.


Molly says






Tsujiku says

*starts translating the above into Morse code*

*gives up*

Brienna says

Sure, Molly, let me know there's a video for it since I was sick that day...
PS: Yes. That is not in her range. WHEEEEEE

Thank you, JoCo, for making Molly feel awesome.

Walin says

Gratz Molly! I loved that song, too. I'm also jealous.

But more importantly, gratz again!

manstraw says

I love Molly! She's the best. I wanna see JoCo and Molly write and record a song together!

Giggleloop says

Molly wins the internets. She should now record an .mp3 version of her song for us. *nudges* :)

Gina says

That was great! Molly is so talented.


Molly is the best.

I fully support the .mp3 suggestion above.

Jacob says

*cough* (Opening act for your DVD show) *cough*

TheRed says

Awesome... simply awesome. How old is she? I wish I had like half that kind of talent for anything... especially music... that would rock...

PonderousMan says

Congrats Molly, well done! Very much in the JoCo spirit... maybe some collaborations might be in the future?

At the very least, maybe she could play Uke for one of the songs in the DVD show?

Edward S. Marshall says

I've never had so much fun listening to a ukulele. 8-) Congratulations, Molly!

Giggleloop says

If Molly could play at a JoCo show, the internets WOULD explode.

Jason says

Grats Molly!

WiredMonkey says

Congratulations Molly - I've loved all the YouTube stuff I've seen you do, and I'm thankful that JoCo let us all know about this honor for you. I hope you have nothing but success going forward!

selene says

that was freaking cool. i love the song!!

Jesss says

It's a great song. I'm so glad that you are appreciated for the rising star that you are!

M_Hopkins says

No haters here!

Molly, way to go. I've watched the JoCo covers on youtube and I love the original song. This is a really cool accomplishment for you and you should be really proud.

Erik says

Wow... That's probably my favorite concept for a song I've seen in a while, not to mention the song itself is pretty sweet :D

Congrats to Molly!

ShaggyJD says

Erm.... I believe she's Sweetafton23 instead of Sweetafton32.

JoCo says

Oops. Right you are.

AverageJon says

I love Molly's "Mister Fancy Pants" video.

It's good to see somebody admit that they did their video in one take.

Scott says

It did not escape my attention that you referred to the site as "Uke Hunt" rather than the more formal "".

Hugh Jazz called. He wants his joke back.

Ceridwyn says

*giggles* at the above comment!

Congrats Molly! Great stuff :)

Hepcat says

You go, Molly! Congratulations, and what a fun song this original is.

Becky says


Syphro says

Congrats Molly! Still one of my favorite JoCo covers. Can't wait to see the collaboration effort at some future concert. Although if it's not at PAX I'll probably have to watch the video online afterwards.

Yay awards!

Nerdrew says

So, how about a JoCo cover of Molly's song? Turnabout is fair play, eh? I think it's a well-written song and lends itself to your style well, and I'm sure she'd get a kick out of it.

Annie says

That song was hilarious! I am so glad she got recognized, she has so much talent!

Secundus says

Perhaps this song should be recorded and placed into an MP3. Perhaps, JoCo, you could produce this recording.

And _perhaps_ it would have a place on The Aftermath. Perhaps.

Martin Kingsley says

Molly for the win! Also, Uke Hunt. Hilarious.

Also, YAY for a JoCo DVD. Can't wait.

I mean it, I literally can't wait, I'm building a time machine as we speak.

Paul Murphy says

Well done Molly, a well-deserved win.

An original, interesting concept - keep those ideas coming, I hope that we will all hear more from you in the future.


erin ivey says

molly, not in your range and BRILLIANT! awesome. so good. love you.


Cara-he says


Happy YEA Molly YEA Woot!

John Trussell says

And, hey, now there's a studio version! In her range, even. :)

I adore this song so very much.

TattooedToots says

YAY Molly ;) You're teh best Uker ever.