Two Things of Note

By JoCo January 25, 2008

First, I’m delighted to learn that GLaDOS has found her way into an xkcd comic today. Another honor I can cross of my list.

Second, I played this party last night to celebrate the opening of a new NYC office for Oasis, the very excellent company who manufactures my CDs. I played a set, and got to enjoy some great performances by Jen Chapin, Sean Altman, and Kenny White. But the best part was when Tom Brislin from the band Spiraling came up and introduced himself to me – I’m a big fan, and I’m afraid I geeked out just a little. He also gave me a super secret advanced copy of their new CD which I am devouring right now instead a bacon egg and cheese sandwich (it’s twice as delicious).

I’m hoping to get some recording done this afternoon, so check back if you’d like to watch. UPDATE: Having some technical problems with ustream – may not happen today. Stupid internet.


Giggleloop says

Oh man, I'm a huge fan of Spiraling as well, I'm jealous!!! Hopefully it's as awesome as I think it will be. The last time I saw them live was at least 2 years ago (they don't get to the Midwest much, sadly), but I think that some of the new songs they played at that show will have found their way onto the new CD, in some incarnation or another. CAN'T WAIT! :D

Lindsay says

Not only were you XKCD'd... but said comic has now made it to the Fark mainpage, headline courtesy of yours truly :)

Oh, and if you check the 2nd comment down, it also got Wil Wheaton'd. The glory is astronomical!

Sappho says

Oh man, when I saw that comic just after midnight last night, I think I woke the whole house up with my shout of excitement.

So you wanna share that new CD of yours? Huh? Do ya? You know you do.

Joel says


Check out their site:
You can here many of the new tracks. The album is fantastic and definitely builds on their tradition of musical excellence.
Geek Comic

Tsujiku says

>>>"...I am devouring right now instead a bacon egg and cheese sandwich (it’s twice as delicious)."

Not to be a grammar whore or anything, but should there be an 'of' somewhere after that 'instead'?

And, if so, can I have the sandwich if you're not gonna eat it? >_>

Derek says

As if I needed another reason to be envious of J.C. - now he's got an advance copy of the new Spiraling album. I'm a big Spiraling fan too (as the photo of me with the band on the hutch of my desk at work will attest).

Weird how those of similar interests run in similar circles. Lemmie guess - you peeps all like MST3K too, right?

Betsy says

When I was checking my webcomics this morning, I saw it. I get home from work I see the post here. Then I go to You're everywhere!

Mr.Nobody says

Always with the excuses...

Mr.Nobody says

To Derek: Yes, I do like MST3K

Gle3nn says

I'm a big Spiraling fan as well. I love when things I like that are unrelated collide.

Kevin says

I don't know if other people already know this or not but Still Alive is actually mentioned if you look at the scroll over text on the xkcd comic (also if you right click and hit properties, it's the title). I find some of the best xkcd stuff is in the scroll over text, and this time's no exception!

Giggleloop says

@Joel et al -- awesome, sounds great so far. When did you all become fans of Spiraling? I first saw them open for TMBG in 1999, when they were You Were Spiraling. Stuck with me ever since! :)

Peter says

That's exciting, you and Spiraling were two of the first bands from the Indiefeed podcast that I really liked. It's excellent that you like them too.

LSK says

In an effort to avoid being redundant with previous comments, though I definitely congratulate you, here's wishing that you receive the opportunity to open for the band Oasis next :P

Lorenzo says

Oasis? Why? Unless maybe, just maybe, you can teach those wacky brothers some basic manners (you classy/shaggy well spoken guy!). For example, discharging fire extinguishers indoors is NOT a recreational activity, nor is it interesting, amusing or entertaining.

Am I missing the synergy or cross-over audience?

Mel says

Anyone notice the xkcd alt text?
"As they are unplugged, they do a lovely Daisy Daisy/Still Alive duet."


Erik Cooper says

I've been a big fan of your music, and now I'm becoming a big fan of your CD company. Always fun to find out that some companies really do try to make things good.

Kerrin says

JC, we all like seeing you record the song live, but if you can't get ustream to work, you should let it stop you. New songs is of the upmost importance.

Samuel McConnell says

You know what you need to do now. A Daisy, Daisy/Still Alive duet with Ellen McLain.

Jon Who says

I'm sure Kerrin realises the mistake he made, but for my own sanity I wish to personaly point out that it should have said "you shouldn't let it stop you" unless of course the last sentence was an outright fabrication.

will anderson says

i will be a grammar whore.
its "cross off my list".