Hater Watch: Day 2

By JoCo January 23, 2008

Well, that was fun. I appear to have poked a sleeping Balrog with the sharp stick of my wit, and now he’s awake and angry and thirsty for the blood of n00bs, LOL! Thank you for all your comments, constructive and otherwise – it was particularly nice talking with you, Anonymous.

In response to this whole thing, Joystiq has added a little “please don’t be mean” comment to their post, which was a thoughtful thing to do. Sure they were a little snarky about this video in their original post, but not really mean-spirited in my opinion – they at least recognize the earnest=awesome dynamic. Anyway you certainly can’t blame them for all the crazy hate comments. The whole thing is just weird. I hope that I didn’t make it worse by attracting more attention to it.

And now, back to business…


jesss says

Hmmm, their comment about visitors from Jonathan Coulton's blog made it sound like we were the ones that were going to say mean spirited things. And we are all so nice too.

Godfrey Drake says

Sort of got it backwards there, but eh. Better than nothing.

Len says

Wow. Did they get that totally wrong. It wasn't us. It was the noobs at YouToobs! I am so full of rage! I hate you Joystiq!

Benson says

I'm certainly very nice.

Rob (not the boring manager one) says

I hope "back to business" means you will be working on the Chickenshit Cockhole song...after the Fake Bossanova one of course. ;)

Mr.Nobody says

Well, at least it got through to some people.

Joseph Devon says

So...a website that pays homage to video games featured a girl doing a video remake of a song for a video game and mistakenly thought that visitors from the original song writer's blog were posting mean messages when they were really the one's showing support.

That basically sum things up?

I need a cookie.

Kevin says

Johnathan, in your last post you were mad about the mean posts. Now you're kind of supporting them by saying the whole thing is weird.

Ah well. Still love the song.

Luke M says

Johnathan, in your last post you were mad about the mean posts. Now you’re kind of supporting them by saying the whole thing is weird.

Sense: This makes none

Gary says

Dammit--someone else is using my screen name!

Tindomiel says

But does that Balrog have wings?

Kevin: JoCo's original rant was directed at the YouTubers who found the video via the Joystiq post, not at the post itself.

CS Lewis Jr. says

It's nice that the pain of adolescence can be projected onto others, allowing the sufferer to feel a bare moment of superiority by trashing someone else's self-expression.

And they say technology is dehumanizing.

Demetrius says

I'm not totally sure I agree that Earnest = Awesome... I didn't find his "Goes To Camp" movie funny at all. But, I'm not a Hater! I'm not, Vern!! :)

Colleenky says

Maybe the message on Joystiq was directed at the *nasty* people who were commenting on JC's blog? [Trying to see the best in Joystiq.]

Laurelli says

"He said Cockhole......heh..heh.heh heh...." (Best Beavis voice)

Ben Turner says

He hates them, they hate him, love is hate, war is peace, cake is lie and most importantly... NEVER READ THE COMMENTS. There high in calories and polyun-people-talking-bollocks-saturates.

Good rant though JoCo - looking forward to the song too :) Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you ! Strike them down with all of your chord progressions, and your journey towards the dark side will be complete.

migueldesousa says

Love the haters,
diss them on papers,
cause they are not happy
save them from razors

now ppl are envy
from your music pie
delicious, and soculent lyrics,
and they hope that are a lie

so love the haters
and be proud of what you done
you dont have fans
you have war machines with a laser gun

now love the freaking haters
no one can be love by every one
and i love you haters
cause your going to diss me for my post

:P dont hate the haters, love the haters...
make love to them is the 4ss

migueldesousa says

well in music of course... not realy fu(K them in the poo hole

Marcy says

Sorry, have to say it: the cake is not a lie. The cake is very real, you just don't get to have any!!


Thomas says

The only thing better than ignoring the comments on YT ... is just not seeing them at all.

1. You're already using Firefox, right?
2. And you've got Greasemonkey, yes?
3. Install the "ft4u - YouTube comment removal" user script.

Voila. A better life, instantly.

JoCo says

Yeah, the Joystiq folks definitely do NOT think it was people from this site leaving nasty comments - Justin emailed me to let me know that message was up, so I know he knows what's going on. I think the "Hey visitors..." is not meant to imply the rest of it is addressed to us.

migueldesousa says


Scarybug says

@Thomas That is EXACTLY what I need. THANK YOU!

Joseph Devon says

Well, this is all perfectly clear now...

Mazzix says

Well that is totally awsome of them

Molly says

The chicken-shit cockholes have been angered.

Seumas0 says

That makes me feel a little better about Joystiq. That level of geek-on-geek jerkiness toward a kid (or any fellow geek for being a geek, really) completely turned me off and I was thinking of unsubscribing and staying away from them so as not to offer my support in any way whatsoever.

But now I can feel better about keeping subscribed. Which is good so I can read the cool game news. W00t! :D

Mr.Nobody says

Quote from Gary "Dammit–someone else is using my screen name!"

...is it me?

Gary says

It could be you but I don't think it is you. Only you would know if it is you.

JP says

I think once you have attracted haters, you have achieved something.

It's like an indicator that you have achieved a certain certain critical mass in your audience.

That being said, I never try to make anyone feel bad about something they have created, but I am not an adolescent. Well, I still watch cartoons, read comics, and play video games. I just try not to have the bad bits of adolescents. :)

It would be cool if everyone could just play nice out there.

Oh and Still Alive was mentioned in http://xkcd.com/, which just makes me smile.

dt says

THANK YOU Thomas. Whenever I visit YouTube I try desperately to forget that I know how to read. You've given me hope. No wonder they made you a saint.

Gary, too! says

@Gary: My name is Gary, as well! Could it be it is you who are using *my* name?

note: This is fine. I have long dreamed of a day when the Garys of the world will at last unite to form Garytron, thenceforth crushing all worldly opposition.

Anonymous says

Respectfully, Mr. Coulton, you're well liked within Anonymous society by those who know who you are.

That psuedo-vanguard that berated you earlier, and in a rather uninspired fashion I might say, hardly represents the creative and powerful hive-mind that is Anonymous.

Those sods could hardly sort out an emo in irc, let alone take on a veritable 'Bard', if you will, of the internets.

That said I'd like to apologize, and explain what we act on.

Anon acts on those that need to be acted on. We do not hate on the basis of skill, we hate on the basis of attitude and humility.

A crayon drawing can be ignored if the artist is humble in the fact that his skills are in early development, but the artist that praises his piece of crap as a Rembrandtesque abstract masterpiece is privy to our attention.
A skilled artist with the personality of a tree covered in monkey feces would receive the same negative attention.

We, quite simply, humble those that need to be humbled.

If lulz are acquired and fools crushed under the might of Anon, then our job is done

Molly says


Though somehow, the fact that you all call yourselves "Anonymous" seems to imply a certain cowardice. You're going to berate strangers on the internet without even adapting a name? Is the facelessness of the internet not enough for you?

The intentions that you state are noble, but with all due respect, I don't see what entitles you or anyone else to decide who needs to be humbled. Whether or not the negative attention is deserved, I say let sleeping douchebags lie.

Gary says

Gary is just my screen name.

Jon Who says

"It’s nice that the pain of adolescence can be projected onto others, allowing the sufferer to feel a bare moment of superiority by trashing someone else’s self-expression."

This had me in hysterics for ages! Not literal hysterics though, that's be weird. Since I don't have a womb an' all.

Anonymous says


We are no more cowards than any other individuals on the internet.
Or collective moniker connects us, turning us from a mass of directionless individuals, into a well-oiled Internet Hate Machine.

As for your second statement, we'd rather not. It's no more complicated than that. This cycle has been going on for at least 100 years, and it's not soon going to change unless House or Stephen Colbert step in, which they won't, because they don't care.

I can see your point of view, and accept it as opposite our own. In this occasion it's best to just go our separate ways.

This is not a threat, but a statement that should be taken well into account.

Anonymous does not forgive, Anonymous does not forget.

We are legion.