Coffee Do Not Fail Me

By JoCo January 18, 2008

Coffee Do Not Fail Me, originally uploaded by jcoulton.

Speaking of empty promises, don’t know if recording is going to happen again today – the kid is home sick, and it’s a little noisy and pukey around here. But we shall see…


Demetrius says

Take care of that little one, JoCo! Our voyeurism... umm... *fandom* can wait.

TheRed says

Yeah, make sure that kiddo is good a puke free... hope he's feeling better already.

TheRed says

Or she I guess I don't really know... anyway take care JoCo!

Andrea says

Poor pumpkin! I hope she feels better soon.

Brad O'Farrell says

Aw I moved to NYC and now you're always on tour or doing shows on the internet. When's the next live NYC show?

Sobachatina says

I hope she gets feeling better- she has inspired some of my favorite songs.

My Beige Bear,
You ruined Everything,
and apparently the new one as well.

JY says

Yikes! But maybe after you've struck it extremely rich in the music business, you can insist that your better half stay home on days like today so you can record. ;-)

JP says

Awe. I hope the kid feels better. Lots of bugs have been going around lately.

« Michael » says

Poor dear. Don't worry about us, you take care of kiddo, and try not to get sick yourself. =P

eliannrad says

Take care of the kid, and we will survive the day without you. Or try to.
It would be a shame if you got a stomach bug and threw up while you were performing or giving us live footage of recording. Of course, it would probably get on the news and you would get some nice publicity, so it couldn't be that bad. ;-)

Roman V says

Yeesh, I hate this season of cold. It always brings with it all sorts of viruses and things that nobody likes.

Jack says

Since when is being a good parent more important than Rock and Roll?

Jon Who says

I also add my hopes of well-being upon your child. THat sounds so much worse now.

Sam Dahlke says

I think the little one is more important that us, just try not to get it yourself.

pdxfoodmama says

JoCo - My tip - (unsolicited parenting advice) - I find that I'm always impatient with the Pedialyte, and dispense it too fast to my kids. The trick is to use the apple flavor - if they puke it up, its lack of color makes cleanup much, much easier than either cherry or grape...

Jase says

I hope the kid gets better soon, for both your sakes. Just try not to sick up yourself, like eliannrad said. We'll survive for a day, I'm sure.

Zach says

Yeah, stay home with the little one. Sick times are when she needs a daddy the most. Hope she gets better soon! Your hard work is much aprishiated Jonathan. Good luck with the kid.

selene says

poor baby!!!!! i hope she gets well soon!!!!!

Connor says

This is exactly why I hate winter.

Connor says

PS: Hope she gets better soon! :)

Bloody P says

I've been there, yo. Too many times.

Here's what the kid wants (deep down):

"Beth" by KISS

Keep on rockin' in the (until the next election) free world!