New Song – Fake Bossanova!

By JoCo January 17, 2008

[UPDATE: A good start I think, or at least I don’t hate it yet. Guitar and bass today – I’ll have to spruce up what’s basically scratch drums at the moment, plus carefully and tastefully arrange this thing into completion. And vocals of course. More tomorrow if all goes well. If you missed the festivities today, you can catch up by watching clips of it here.]

It’s weird to have to think about my hair before I start recording, but that’s the way it is now I guess. I hope to start a new song in a couple of minutes that will involve a borrowed nylon string guitar, and a lot of bad bossanova guitar playing. If the Ustream window’s still above this post, you can watch now because this bidness is live suckahs!


Sobachatina says

I have to admit that I had to look up Bossa Nova:

I've heard the style but I didn't know it had a name. It's very relaxing but still fun.

manyhills says

It sounds very maritime, doesn't it?
Or perhaps it's just old associations from Majora's Mask being brought back again. Either way, I'm happy.

Dave Lifton says

Smart and short, and bearded and nearsighted, the Boy From Park Slope goes recording...

Jon Who says

What I've heard so far seems to sound like waiting music, which I think is sooo cool!

Dave Lifton says

Actually, he's not that short. It's just that I'm rather tall...

Erik Cooper says

Did he say "mommy" a minute ago, or was that my craziness being imposed upon his words?

manyhills says

No, I heard him say "mommy" too.

Izabella~ says

sounds lovely~

going to have this song in my mind all day~ that's a good thing ;)

found your link from twitter~


Dan says

Man. I don't know what he just did but he sure sounds excited.

Adam H. says

My favorite part so far was the exciting search for the guitar tuner.

LSK says

I'm watching this in music class. I have no idea what my music teacher will think; _I'M_ the one who's supposed to be composing :)

alice says

Man, your studio looks a bit like an underground cave. Or is that your lair?

Waldo says

I wonder if that desk is from...


Mark Gordon says

@alice: Have you met his assistant, Scarface?

Matt Walton says

His appearance is quite disturbing, but I'm sure he'll assure you that he's harmless enough.

Hurrah for pronoun confusion!

Also, hurrah for JC doing his recording live on the web. I find the process interesting and I wish I had half the musical talent in his little finger.

Kyevan says

That can be arranged, Matt... but do you REALLY want me to arrange it?

Demetrius says

"Dave Lifton Says:
January 17th, 2008 at 1:42 pm"

More! You have to finish the song. Don't just leave us hanging! (How lucky for you that "bearded" rhymes with "weirded", eh?)


Jon Who says

I suddenly feel rather upset, if he does another session tommorow (*sp) there is no way I can watch the live stream, unless during the entire day I carry my laptop around with headphones plugged in ....:'(

Shruti says

So apparently you need to be registered in order to watch said clips.
So I try to register.
And it says an account with under my email already exists.
So then I go to "forgot your username?" and enter my email address.
And it tells me no account exists with said email address.
This is quite the predicament, especially since I myself don't remember whether such an account exists or not.

Jon Who says

I suddenly feel rather upset, if he does another session tommorow (*sp) there is no way I can watch the live stream, unless during the entire day I carry my laptop around with headphones plugged in ....:'(

Shruti-maybe someone else just used your name?

Jon Who says

Damn, the thing wasn't lying, sorry for the double post and repeated comment.

Although now I guess it's a triple post...

JoCo says

@Shruti: Sorry, I had the wrong link in there. Try it now...

Shruti says

Awesome, it's working, thanks.
Although I feel more than a little creepy watching you; I haven't actually watched any of these in-a-bubble things before.

Jon Who says

Shruti, I know what you mean, it felt to me like it was kinda invasive. But hey, the music made up for that:)

selene says

i'm confuse, i cant watch it, it says "offair" i dont know what to do!!!! :( i'm new to this things

selene says

ok i get now

Roman V says

Any time in particular you plan on recording, just so I don't have to stalk your stream page, it would be nice to get a general time plan thing, or not, either way.

Sobachatina says

I showed this to my wife and she reminded me that Lady Aberlin is the name of the character on Mister Rogers in the land of make believe. She often wore a Muumuu. The music does sound like it would feel at home on Mr. Rogers.

Justin says

I'm getting a real Super Mario 3, world 3 vibe out of it so far (I've just had time to listen to the last 10 minutes of the last session). It'll be interesting to see where it ends up!

Demetrius says

"Sobachatina Says:
The music does sound like it would feel at home on Mr. Rogers."

Johnny Costa (pianist for the show) did, indeed, rock! Or, would one say he "jazzed"?

Jase says

I would really like to see the finished work. Can't wait for it.

Oh, before I forget: Please check your e-mail for something from "mitcjase", JoCo. It's really amazing. (assuming he even reads these comments =( )

ahmad badawy says

Heeeeeeeey Mr.Jonathan greetings from Egypt ,, i like ur songs very much & hope u visit Egypt someday :)

Eric Ginsberg says

Why is "You Oughta Know" not in "The Aftermath"?

JoCo says

@Roman: yeah, I'd love to be able to plan ahead, but my life doesn't always work that way. If you've got a phone with text messaging, sign up and follow me on twitter and you'll hear about it as soon as I know it's happening.

manstraw says

tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from ...

"nope, that's a metronome". toss. (I lol'd there)

Roman V says

@JoCo: I am following you on Twitter, but only with RSS. At the moment I do not have a cell. Also I do not have a cell phone. I do however have a Facebook toolbar that gives me updates when friends update their status, so I don't know if you're hardcore into Facebook or not, but that's always an option.