Is This Really a Good Idea?

By JoCo January 15, 2008

The headline for this story in the NY Times: “Monkey’s Thoughts Propel Robot.” Thanks science.

Which reminds me, who smeared poo on the one-way mirror in my secret monkey/robot laboratory?


zym says

I for one welcome our new monkey-controlled robot overlords

manyhills says

I suppose it's good news for those who seek monkey butlers and robot butlers. Two for the price of one.
(Although it wouldn't be as good as a real monkey butler. I would just know in my heart-of-hearts that it wasn't the same.)

Mark Gordon says

Yes, but does the monkey sing, "Still Alive"?

Rif_Luna says

"Richard A. Anderson"? I am sure they meant "Richard DEAN Anderson"!

Tindomiel says

Forget the monkeys, I can't wait for a mecha-suit that hooks straight into my brain!

JasonR says

A couple months ago I met a fellow in Second Life that was working on getting chimps in his lab to control avatars in the virtual world. Although I am not sure if it would be possible to tell the difference between a chimp controlled avatar and the typical griefer.

Mark Gordon says

Are chimps that malicious?

Luke M says
Brad O'Farrell says

This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS!

Joseph Devon says

Does this mean my electronic banana now has a market?

Paul says

Just to be on the safe side, let's all make sure no one pisses off Stephen Hawking...

Rob (not the boring manager one) says

This opens all sorts of evoloutional theory questions. Did/does the Terminator in fact evolve from a chimp? Can we get a robot to look funny wearing pants? Will future robots grow up craving banannas?

Sappho says

Oh, the poo thing was me. Sorry dude, my bad.

eliannrad says

I heard on the news tonight that soon, cloned animal products will be on the market. (I seriously typed 'monkey' instead of 'market' originally) Does that mean that the robots will be controlled by cloned monkeys in future tests?

Demetrius says

"Does that mean that the robots will be controlled by cloned monkeys in future tests?"

Get your stinking robotic paws off me you damned dittoed ape!!!

Rob K (well, not the manager one, anyway) says

Anybody remember the robot monkey apocalypse watch in the official xbox magazine when it was first published?

Yeah... We're doomed. Again.

Michael says

The question I have is... why?

Scott says

So... it has begun. If you thought that Planet of the Apes was bad, imagine how it would be if the apes had robots at their disposal.

When will we learn to stop playing god???

Demetrius says

"The question I have is… why?"

There's lots of science to be done... for the people who are still alive.

Kaethe says

"The question I have is... why?"

The question I have is why is this not yet a JoCo song? Did these scientists steal the idea directly out of his brain?

Dan ad nauseam says

That doesn't my monkey doesn't love you.

Joshua says

not to mention i just sharted

ouija repair says

If this leads to a mobility solution for the paralyzed, I say give that Monkey raise.

ZeroCow says

But don't monkeys and robots hate eachother?

manstraw says

I love it when a plan comes together.


selene says

the monkeys and the robots are going to take over the world!!!!!!!!

selene says

and i dont think is a good idea

Kyevan says

I, for one, welcome our new RobotMonkey Overlords.

Did I say overlords? I meant protectors.

Roman V says

So, tell me this Mr. PopSci. How soon before the Terminator movies come true?

AverageJon says

I made this half-monkey half-robot monster to please you,
but I get the feeling that you you don't like it...
What's with all the screaming?

Bob says

> I made this half-monkey half-robot monster to please you,
> but I get the feeling that you you don’t like it…
> What’s with all the screaming?

GAH! You beat me to the SM reference.

Although, I was going to write, "So what's the problem JC? You like monkeys; you like robots. Did they use too many monkeys?"

Gle3nn says

I find this Half Monkey/ Half Robot monster a little more disturbing, yet useful.

Kaethe says

I think they already have half monkey/ half robot creatures. Havn't you seen those creepy wind up monkey that slam the cymbols together? *shudder*

minimo says

I'm glad I don't have to decide whether or not this is cruelty to monkeys.

Jase says

I'd like to see something like Alchemic Robot Drive. It would be AMAZING.

Clucky says

Will it do it's best to teach them, about life and what it's worth?
I just hope that it can keep them from destroying the Earth.

Joran says

Lewis Black addressed this four years ago.

"Fools! We can defeat the monkeys. We can defeat the robots, but not at the SAME TIME!"

muutus says

My god! It's the beginning of the end. Sounds like some sort of twisted Planet of the Apes meets Terminator meets hard science. Perfect example of Japanese tax dollars at work! But then again, even monkeys need high powered death mechs to take over the world with I guess...