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By JoCo January 14, 2008

I am so behind on posting these things that many of them are old, plus this list is too long for it to be particularly meaningful. Even so:

A few fans have a crazy scheme to send a poor, innocent, stuffed monkey all around the world and take photos of his travels. The LA pics are already in this Picasa gallery. Where will he show up next?

Still Alive activity continues to plug up the series of tubes. Here’s one about Joust, one from the player’s perspective, Rob Balder’s parody on The FUMP, one sung by a Frag Doll accompanied by Jam Sessions on the DS, another excellent remix with some new vocals, and still another remix/duet with me and GLaDOS. If you want sheet music, here’s Jarrett’s piano arrangement, and Ryan’s incredibly detailed transcription.

I’m proud to say that the kind folks at Penny Arcade have honored me and Valve by reviving the We’re Right Awards specifically for Portal. There is an excellent little bathroom-door-style icon of me in the comic. Plus, Valve has released the song (and a version with my original vocal) in the Amazon mp3 store, and for a while it was something like #7 on the most popular list. (It figures my biggest hit ever would be the one song I don’t own, but what are you gonna do?)

I must put the image here because it is too awesome. Here is Jason’s JoCo paper doll:

JoCo Paper Doll

Here is Greg’s Blogjam comic based on Big Bad World One that ran in the Tampa Tribune.

Here is Ian playing Octopus on the uke, despite it being a song that nobody REALLY likes.

Here is Joseph’s short story from Scarface’s perspective.

And finally, in the strangest turn yet, here is actual Kenesaw Mountain Landis slash fiction. (WARNING: if you don’t know what slash fiction is, and if you don’t want to read graphic descriptions of Kenesaw and Shoeless Joe getting it on, you should probably not click on that link.) I am truly amazed.

And now I am all caught up, except for the things that I have forgotten or misplaced – enough internet, enough!


Colleenky says

Re: Travels of Code Monkey. Not to be a kill-joy, but we seem to have plenty of participants for this already. Yay! (We're planning to finish up before next December.) Also, the Google Group is private because we're sending each other personal info, but please continue to check the Picasa site for updated pics. Mr. Monkey is currently in Oakland, CA, and at JC's request, should be attending the SF show in Feb. :-)

JoCo says

Good point Colleen, I took the google group out of the post.

Joseph Devon says

Woo-hoo! I got mentioned! And in other news I'm now blind from looking directly at the JoCo doll wearing a blue speedo.

Sean Leary says

Whaat? Noone likes octopus? I LOVE that song. One of my favourites to be honest! I love it! Such a beautiful approach to an animal act of survival and hunting. Because it is always thought of the man hunting the woman and such as far as dating. But to have the hunt be about the break up and NOT the capture is amazing. I LOVE this song. Don't look down on it JC. I want more like it!

"BucketHat" Bobby says

Octopus is one of my favorites, actually.
I was planning on doing a cover of it myself.

Bob says

> It figures my biggest hit ever would be the one song I don’t own

Well, I guess having a large scale distribution and promotional organization *does* have it's advantages. :-)

And for what it's worth, I like Octopus. Maybe it would be more popular if there also was a karaoke version available.... ;-)

JoCo says

Re: Octopus - my compliment fishing has yielded fruit. Or fish. Thank you.

Joel says

Not just to "me too" all over the place, but I do REALLY like Octopus. I thought it was a very clever metaphor for a one-sided abusive relationship. Whats with the sea creatures and bad relationship?

Anyway, I bust that jam all the time. For realz.

Colleenky says

Thanks, Dr. Coulton! A coupla notes about the Picasa page. 1) Click the "view map" button to see where each picture was taken on a Google map. 2) If you click on an individual picture, you can leave comments. :-)

Noah V. says

If I had posted "Hey, I like 'Octopus!'" three hours ago, it would have been supportive and heartwarming. Typing the same thing at 3:04 pm EST is just another "Me too!". Time is funny like that. Oh, well.

Hey, I like 'Octopus'!

selene says

i like octopus, and i love the paper doll!!! whats with the blue anderwear?

Mania says

Octopus wasn't in the first drop of Coulton songs that my husband gave me, and when I found it I beat him up about it. He thinks its meh, but I adore it. Even on a ukelele.

I also was wondering about the sea creature relationship theme, though.

Josif says

Hey Jonathan! I just want to praise you, your music is excellent. I feel like I can relate to most of it. Now I like a lot of bands and Musicians, but I actually refrained from stealing your music off Limewire like I do with all my other tracks. Its because your awesome as a person as well. Keep em coming, I doubt you'll read this... But Ohwell.

Luke M says

# Noah V. Says:
January 14th, 2008 at 3:06 pm

If I had posted “Hey, I like ‘Octopus!’” three hours ago, it would have been supportive and heartwarming. Typing the same thing at 3:04 pm EST is just another “Me too!”. Time is funny like that. Oh, well.

Hey, I like ‘Octopus’!

Me too!

It's also really fun to play on the guitar.

Dave says

I don't care how many have been reeled into the compliment fishery, I love Octopus too. So there.

'Scuse me, I've got something caught in my lip.


M_pony says

Just to spread my grouchiness (due to recuperating from the flu) around a little.. I still think Octopus is remarkably so-so for a song. I think it's the vocal arrangement or something. Sorry Jon. You knowz I still luvz'ya ;)

M_pony says

(erk, i clicked too soon) I also believe that Still Alive remix that you linked to was -such- sweet, sweet candy.
(Mitch Hedburg was the wisest regarding fishery: "You were caught? Let me see the inside of your lip!")

Rob L. says

Rather than "me too" on Octopus, I'll offer specifics: the bridge on that song is suuuuuuuper cool, and that's saying something, since you're The Guy Who Writes All Those Ridiculously Cool Bridges.

Adam H. says

I think it's not that we don't like Octopus, which we do, it's just that the newest ones are always blog posted for free, (very grateful for this, poor college student), and then I guess the side effect is that no one purchases it...not sure if you were going off downloading numbers or concert requests or what for this, but either way, Octopus continues to rock, in the shower or on the road.

Jacob says

31.5 MB worth of attachments??!! You're killing my interweb!

....Ooo, audio files! All is forgiven.

Hepcat says

Dude, you're the one who specified slash!

Because, perhaps, it was the most insane and unthinkable thing you could imagine? I specialize in insane and unthinkable challenges. But seriously, that might've broken my brain. It's all gen fic from here on in.

SevinPackage says

I thought Octopus was an awesome some. I actually shared it with a friend and it made her cry and say "Why does Joco always write songs about my life, except about sea creatures?"

That song was a well crafted piece of lyrical art.

Ken says

If there's fandom for it, there's slash fiction for it.

I'm pretty sure that's a law of fandom.

Mark Gordon says

I wonder how far back it goes. I'm sure there's Achilles/Patroclus fan fiction. There may even be Achilles/Hector fan fiction.

Wow. I just decided to look it up, and apparently there's a troyslash community on LJ covering just such subjects. I'm going to back away slowly now...

Hepcat says

When my mind boggled was when I learned there was "Rat Patrol" slash. It aired for, what, 2 seasons back in the mid-60s?

"Troy," I'm sure, is a happening fandom because of the series.

Boo says

I was looking for podsafe music in iTunes and you came up. I am also looking for music for my monkey. And you have a song called My Monkey. As I listened I recalled the voice. I used to watch The Show with Ze Frank and heard you there first. Too many coincidences. Clearly, this deserves investigation on my part. So I came here.

Currently, I am only beginning to have a clue about creative commons hoohah and do not know if your music is safe to use, with credit of course, on a nonprofit monkey puppet show. If it is, fabulous! I will. If it is not, I'll still by the music. I like it very much.

Is it safe to use?

How the heck will I get an answer if there is one? Oh. I will just come back here later.

Boo says

by=buy ^ and never mind. I found the pertinent information here. That was very considerate. Merci even.

Jason says

I can't believe the blue underwear got the most feedback! I was sure the leather outfit was way too over the top...lol. I had several other outfits planned, I still want to do a "Millionaire Girlfriend" just because a smoking jacket and solid gold toothbrush make a smashing combination.

Lindsay says

Yes, Jason, you definitely need to do more JoCo outfits.

I was quite enamored with the hats myself, both the robo-Santa and the squid hat.

JasonR says

Another vote for Octopus as a favorite. Included it in the closing of the latest Cephalopodcast. Thanks!

Tindomiel says

It's the corollary to Rule 34: slashfic will be written for it. No exceptions.

Gary says

The ultimate challenge: octopus slash fiction. ("Excuse me, beakface, I believe you dropped your gloves.")

Hepcat says

There would be a HELL of a lot of confusion, what with all the "his arm"s.

Though I am generally weak like veal when it comes to a challenge, this one I leave to someone else.

Y'know, now that I think of it (I have a wicked cold and am slow), tentacle porn is already a thing. Ask not where it can be found, but I have it on good authority.

Roman V. says

Who doesn't like Octopus? I mean granted, it's out of my voice range, but few songs of yours are in there anyway. Anyway it's a great song.

jesss says

This thread appears to be degrading quickly. Nothing like a little slashfic to get everyone's mind in the gutter.

I just got an email that Code Monkey is on his way to me.

Luke M says
Bloody P says

OK, So I've listened to Spencer7271985's version of "Still Alive" with you and GLaDOS about 132 times in the past two days, and I've never even played Portal.

Hell, my KIDS are requesting to hear it.

Seriously, how do we get an audio copy of this song available to the public (for purchase, nizzatch)??

I know you don't own the song, but GOOD GOD, man! Talk to the powers that be.

Best. Remix. Ever.


Bloody P

Ian says

Hey, this is Ian! I'm in Tel Aviv now and thought I'd just check in and say thanks for the plug! You rock JoCo!

Jack says

Once again you've made me reject my self imposed "no online music purchases" pledge in order to get the J.C edit of Still Alive. Well that's 89 cents I'll never see again.

Back in my day we had real music that came attached to plastic or vinyl or whatever the hell 8 tracks were made out of. What do we have now? Piles of zeros and ones that buzz around on a tiny piece of silicon. You think I'm gonna be able to unload that pile of zeros and ones in a milk crate at the Flea Market when I get tired of it? Forget that. Guess now I have to listen to it when my "shuffle" setting tells me to. Where's the fun in that??

Who does this JoCo guy think he is? (And what the hell is a JoCo anyway? Sounds like a mixed drink.) Where's the big record label that helpfully tells us what we should listen to? Where's the payola going to my local celebrity disk jockey? Where's the love, man? "Internet Superstar". Bah!

Doug says

Own it or not, "Still Alive" was what introduced me to you and your music. After I finally broke down and bought Portal, I never once regretted it (except for perhaps in Chamber 18, but that's beside the point).
After hearing the song and finding out who wrote it, I looked you up on YouTube and found WoW videos for "Code Monkey" and "Re: Your Brains", at which point I promptly fell in love and downloaded the Temple | Coulton show and the Unplugged Second Life set that you did. I plan on actually buying the studio recordings as soon as I have a spare $70.
Thanks for the music, Mr. Coulton. In a strange sort of way, it's helped me through a recent break up. And it's also funny as hell.

Jonathan E says

Hola! Just wanted to say thanks for the mention, J. Niiiice.


Jase says

Hahaha, Cthulhu!Jon. That's totally awesome. Ia! Cthoulton!

Demetrius says

BTW... The paper doll outfit of JoCo in the leather S&M gear is *totally* WRONG! :) That picture makes "My Beige Bear" a potentially VERY different song.

AHR says

Oh noes! What happened to the New Vocals Still Alive remix? The link is down, anyone know the website of whoever produced it? I really loved that version, and wanted to link to it on my Portal Round Up page...

Bonnie says

Actually, when the chorus comes around, it's turns into an "Oklahoma" moment for me...I always feel the need to scream OCTOPUS...just like Oooooooh-klahoma, where wind comes sweeping down the something or other. :^)

glych says

Uh, Joco, I'm going to call Bullshit.

I LOVED Octopus.

So there.

Audrey says

"Oh noes! What happened to the New Vocals Still Alive remix? The link is down, anyone know the website of whoever produced it? I really loved that version"

Seconded! Where did it go?

Radien says

Someone really should make that paper doll image into a KiSS doll.

(No, not the band with overdone makeup)

Jim says

The JoCo paper doll is indeed awesome, but only boys will like it IMHO.

This reminds me that we have a free product called Dollies to Paint, Cutout & Dress, and girls of all ages will love it.

This paper doll book contains four lovely dollies each with unique costumes & accessories, and each with one page in color and the other in black & white ready to be colored.

It's a very high-quality, PDF digital reprint and is available for instant download.