By JoCo January 10, 2008

In case it wasn’t clear from the posts in which I complained about waiting for a cab and showed a picture of Doritos in a bowl, I had a great time in Vegas this last weekend (here are the pictures to prove it). I want to thank the kind people at the Digital Freedom Campaign for having me out to play and speak – they’re a good group of dedicated people, and they’re on the right side, so it’s a pleasure to be involved with them. Plus, I was honored to share this panel with Mark Hosler from the heroic, IP-stealing group of ne’er-do-wells known as Negativland, the groovy, angel-voiced internet superstar Samantha Murphy, the paradigm-smashing Terry McBride of Nettwerk Music Group, and of course the simply fabulous and impossibly beehived Lady Miss Kier of Deee-Lite. Not to name drop or anything.

If you’re looking for a pretty good description of CES, I can say that this Gizmodo post pretty much sums up how you feel after the first 15 minutes of walking around the floor. And that’s if you were smart enough NOT to eat a BBQ pork sandwich for lunch. Big TVs! Meh. So tired…thirsty…

Also, if some people sit on the floor in a very uncomfortable way, you CAN actually fit 11 people into a limo.


AverageJon says

Somebody needs to get a camera with red-eye reduction. Gary Shapiro looks down right scary in picture #6.

(OK, maybe I'm just bitter that I didn't get to go to Vegas and see all the neat gizmos).

bangfalse says

11? That's ridiculous, it's not even funny.

eliannrad says

I think you could get at least fourteen people in those things. Sounds like you were the one stuck on the floor. My condolences if that was so because I've been through similar situations, and isn't it illegal to be in a car without a seatbelt? Or are limos exempt? I've never been in a limo.

I had to watch something about CES in class today. I was actually looking for you in the video, but I KNEW that website wasn't cool enough to mention you.

SevinPackage says

So, did you manage to get your hands on the panel you participated in?
I'd still love to hear it...

SevinPackage says


I mean, did you get your hands on A COPY of the panel, not the physical laying of hands on other panelists...

....but if you did touch Lady Miss Kier's beehive, could you also tell us how it felt?

Mazzix says

Thats awsome

selene says

were you drinking corona???

randal says

We get it--you don't like barbecue.

Maybe if it had been a Filet-o-Fish?

Lesley says

So, totally random. But my boyfriend just spoke to your... assistant, I guess? And extended your hotel stay. Nutso!

Mark Gordon says

Dare I ask how tall Lady Miss Kier is with the hair? I realize it's pre-eighties hair, but it's still the first thought that came to mind.

Brian says

It was great to meet you at CES!

Sorry you had a minibar in your back and rear in that limo. Next time i'm in one i'll take that seat to try to somehow karmic-ly offset that.

I hope you'll be able to play in Denver in 2008 and that you can stay in Positivland.

jack says


It's a bit off-topic, but since I didn't see any mention of your PennyArcade "We're Right:" award for Best Soundtrack, I thought I'd say "congrats!!"

Even the silhouette/icon rendering of you is cool:

That's a *big* deal. Gabe and Tycho can be brutal in their criticisms (and frequently are) so praise from them is, well, precious and rare.

P.S. Come back to Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC !! The legions of nerds in Research Triangle Park grow restless...

Dan ad nauseam says

(Makes a note: Huge success.)

Hepcat says

I'm surprised they let you fit 11 people into a limo! There are strict laws in Vegas about how many people you can stuff into a cab -- even one of the mini-van cabs -- which is how my friend and I ended up hanging out at the Howard Johnson with the wedding chapel and the coffee shop which is an awesome Cuban restaurant for an hour or so waiting for the cab company to send a second car.

But it was worth it because we learned much fine information from our cabbie like the real (??) story behind the Siegfried & Roy cat mauling (note to self: don't wear civet perfume when going to live tiger performance), and the fact that you -- or anyone -- can be just like Carmen Elektra and Dennis Rodman and cancel your Vegas wedding in 3 days. (I mean, isn't marriage a decision at least as important as buying a refrigerator or siding?)

JonBStrickland says

Just now getting around to popping by your blog, but wanted to say it was nice chatting with you at CES. Thanks for stopping to make small talk with a fan, even though it was obvious you were on your way somewhere.