Maybe You’re Stranded in Vegas

By JoCo January 6, 2008

Maybe You’re Stranded in Vegas, originally uploaded by jcoulton.

Here’s what it looks like at this empty strip mall somewhere in Vegas as it gets darker and colder and my cab still hasn’t come. Exactly the kind of glamorous lifestyle I have come to expect out here on the lonely road. This is Vegas – JoCo style!


Jim says

If you're cab doesn't make it call me at 702-273-0717. I think I know where you're at and can take a few minutes out to get ya to your hotel.

Demetrius says

Just don't stay there long enough that the sequins and cape and fried peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches seem like a good idea. ;)

Thank you... Thank you vurry much!

Molly says

I would offer to give you a lift, but I do not live reasonably close to Vegas... and I also cannot drive.

Mark says

If you're ever stranded in or around Boston, call 617-650-6506 or 617-965-6159.

JoCo says

Mighty kind of you Jim, but crisis averted. I have made it back to my hotel, nearly unscathed.

And what's wrong with fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Nothing, that's what.

Demetrius says

Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches are actually EXTREMELY yummy. (and, yeah... fattening) That's the problem. ...Although a corpulent, sequined JoCo in concert would still rock! Aah huh! Hmm... Yeah!

Joseph Devon says

But what about sequined capes? Where did we land on those? Because I'm not paying to have all my capes unsequined again if we're just going to swing back the other way in a month.

Hepcat says

Cabs can take forever in Vegas. A friend and I had a wonderful conversation with a wedding limo driver at a wedding mill while waiting endlessly for a cab. (The upshot: wedding couples more happy and fun than drunken businessmen trying to get laid.)

Glad you're unstranded!

Jacob says

That picture looks like an album cover.

.....well, okay, an album cover if you made a bunch of extremely depressing country songs.'re not making an album of depressing country songs are you?

Bob says

> And what’s wrong with fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches?
> Nothing, that’s what.

Yeah, the real problem are the barbiturates. ;-)

Colleenky says

"Maybe You're Stranded in Vegas." Awesome song title. Not that the fans are jonesing for new songs or anything. ;-)

Terry Bain says

And that, as they say (whoever they are) is rock and roll.

Roman V says

So is there going to be a way to see this conference without going to it? Is your panel going to be recorded or podcasted somehow?

Russ Aimz says

I think you've unwittingly created a CLASSIC album cover shot

CarrieP says

Read about your travel woes on Twitter. Glad to know you have been rescued.

I'm totally with Colleenky about the song title, BTW.

And, Jacob, what's wrong with depressing country songs? In moderation, anyway...

MattS says

I agree, that is a rockin' album cover right there.

You could call it "Strip Mall Nevada", in homage to "Hotel California".

Mark says

What happens in Vegas, stays on Twitter.

Scott says

If you ever get stranded in Canada, just call 867-5309.

JJ says

I think Neil Young already did the stickered guitar case cover art. Although this one has a much more empty and lonely feeling.

Hepcat is totally right about LV cabs. While my wife and her friend went out to get dresses for an evening wedding, the groom and I decided to hang out at a bar. The wedding had to get postponed till the next morning because the cab never showed; we had to hitch a ride from the band.

Brie says

Woot! You sure know how to party, JoCo.

ouija repair says

I reiterate the album cover art suggestion -- for a live disc? That is one fine looking parking lot.

Jippers says

Is it just me or does posting your phone number on a blog just seem like a bad idea?

Mark Gordon says

Eh, I don' t know that it's any more foolish than posting a phone number in an online resume. If I were a single woman (hint: I"m not), I might be more cautious.

Paul says

OMG, unattended baggage. Call the bomb squad!

James says

I like the strip mall Nevada as an homage to Hotel California. Its sounds so much like the JoCo cover of Baby got Back. Life In The Slow Lane, anyone?

Gle3nn says

I have that song running through my head all day now. That was a great theme for the PopSci Podcast. Are you doing it again this year?

Maybe you’re stranded in Vegas
Maybe you’re headed there anyway
If you like electronics
Then prepare to be blown away
The king of conventions
The show of shows
What does it stand for?
Nobody knows
But the “C” could be cool
And the “E” might be for excellent things
I’m not sure what “S” is for
PopSci, the CES podcast
PopSci, the CES podcast

Roman V says

Wow I didn't know there was a full song. I remember watching the videos of CES on the Popsci youtube channel, and it had just the first 4 lines. Any chance of an MP3?

Gle3nn says

This is from 2006

Bob says

How funny would it have been if, after you put the guitar down on the ground then walked away to take the picture, some guy swooped in and stole the thing before you turned back around? :-)

Roman V says

@ Glenn: Thanks, that's a good song. Now it's stuck in my head.

JP says

Crap....I could of had a free guitar if I could run very fast. I can't run very far, so you could just walk fifty and pick it up as I weeze on the concrete.

I guess you already know that you wrote a great song title.

Maybe your Stranded in Vegas
Maybe you are all alone

Maybe you will call me
and maybe I won't answer the phone....

I know...leave the song writing gig to you. :)

« Michael » says

Peanut butter and banana ... *drool*

tallgrrl says

You were here in Vegas?? You had a concert here...and I didn't know about it?!?
: 0 Daaaaaaaaamn!!!!!