Ow, My Inbox

By JoCo January 3, 2008

I was snowed in an extra day at my secret winter retreat location, so I just got back into town yesterday – short week, long to-do list. A rough landing. Today I go back to “work” and begin the long digging out process. I’m off to Vegas this weekend for CES, where I’m speaking on the panel “Digital Freedom Presents: Technology, Copyright and Making a Living – The Artists Speak” and then playing at a party hosted by the Digital Freedom Campaign at the Palms. Both those things happening on Monday the 7th if you’re interested. Between now and then, I’ll be here in front of this laptop.

Welcome back everyone!


GenXer says

Welcome back to you JoCo! Wish I could make CES, doesn't look like it's gonna happen this year though. May the panel discussion go fantastically! The concert is a given :-)

« Michael » says

Good luck with the panel and the party, man. Wish I could be there, but I'm kinda sorta stuck in Jersey. Have an awesome weekend, and try not to gamble too much; no need for you to be walkin' around in a barrel and suspenders. :P

JP says

That sounds like a great discussion. Of course you know that if an artist doesn't use annoying DRM, he will never get anywhere....not...LOL

I love that I don't have to hack your songs after I buy them.

Roman V says

Is PopSci going to be at CES again, do you know? The videos on their Youtube channel of the event last year were really my only ticket to see what goes on there.

selene says

i can't go cuz i'm kind of far away, houston tx,
have fun!! my next pay check is going to buy me your cds!! whoo-hoo!!
take care!!
p.s. did i alrady say that you are awesome?? YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

Jacob says

Vegas is a bit of a drive from Ontario. Oh well. Good luck at the panel. Sounds interesting.

pokerbuddy says

if you slow play your hands like you slow play that banjo, you'll be on a quick flight back...

Marcy says

Have a great trip and don't gorge on the buffet! ha ha ha....I bet Vegas is good fodder for song material!

Happy new year!

Risto says

I missed you when you came to the Birchmere but I can make up for it at CES! See you there!

Gina says

Here's a fun site for all you Mandelbrot, art, and fractal fans:

SevinPackage says

Is there any chance you could podcast the panel when it's all done? I'd love to hear what other artists like you have to say about this important topic!

ninjarat says

What SevinPackage said!

Pinkku says

Aw, darnit. I'm Canadian, broke, and it's displaced Christmas that day.

Good luck in Vegas, and in managing that to-do list.

Mazzix says

Haven't you tour'd Usa enough soon, Come to europe ;-P

Griffin says

It's off topic but i Just found this on IGN-best videogame music of the year:

Bonus Track - Let Them Eat Cake
"Still Alive" from Portal
by Jonathan Coulter


Sappho says


Post more soon? We miss you. Well, I miss you. I can't speak for these other folks.

Roman V says

@Griffin (and everyone else): http://music.ign.com/articles/843/843573p3.html is the IGN page with the error. Now zombies... attack.... (not literally, maybe not even figuratively? I don't know...)

Roman V says

You can either post a comment (if you are registered with IGN) or go to http://music.ign.com/email.html and I assume it will reach them at some point?

Demetrius says

"# Griffin Says:

It's just wrong in SO many ways! But, I couldn't resist.

Demetrius says

Nevermind. I took it down. JoCo deserves better! ...even if *she* doesn't.

James says

I hope you enjoyed the extra day. I wish I could go to Vegas but my mom won't let me.

Peter says

Darn. I live in Vegas, but don't have any way to get into CES or this invite only event. *sigh*