A Christmas Miracle

By JoCo December 21, 2007

I found it in a dusty pile in my dusty cluttered office, and now it is on the Netterwebs!

Quick Stop Entertainment has posted this live version of “Chiron Beta Prime” as part of their totally havocular “Holiday Havoc” this year. Last year I think I gave them a live version of “Christmas Is Interesting,” which only goes to show you how creative I am when it comes to thinking of what kinds of things I can give them. This one was recorded at Johnny D’s – backup action by Paul and Storm, robot voice by some guy named Scott (supposedly).

Also, I’ve officially begun my tour of relatives for this holiday season, so I will have spotty access to various kinds of connectivity until after the new year. I may be slow in answering emails, posting things, etc. I will be very fast at drinking massive quantities of eggnog however.

Merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, happy new year, and please be kind to wolves during National Wolf Awareness Week (which is not this week, it’s sometime in February I think, but still).


Demetrius says

"Japan halts plan to kill humpback whales

By ERIC TALMADGE, Associated Press Writer Fri Dec 21, 5:34 PM ET

TOKYO - Humpback whales are safe — at least for now. Giving in to U.S. pressure and worldwide criticism, Japan's government on Friday announced a whaling fleet now in the Southern Ocean for its annual hunt will not kill the threatened species as originally planned. The fleet will, however, kill some 935 minke whales, a smaller, more plentiful species, and 50 fin whales."


Yay!!! You saved Mr. Splashy Pants!

Demetrius says

And, a very Merry ChrisRaKwanzukkah to YOU, Mr. Coulton!

Molly says

Happy Festivus to all, and to all a good night.

Seth says

Happy Festivus, Crimbo, or Winter-een-mas to all!

Zutot says

Merry Christmas!

Mirz says

Just discovered your work (yeah, we live in a cave--we're Code Monkeys too and just spend too much time looking at code rather than surfing the 'Net). Thanks so much! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

andrine says

Solstice, people! It's all about the Solstice! Longest night, shortest day... I'm doing science!

Roman V says

Actually the term is "Intertubes."

Demetrius says

"andrine Says:"

Solstice is the reason for the season!

Jen says

Hey, here's a holiday miracle: Monkey butlers on 5th Avenue! That's right, there's an actual monkey butler (complete with tea tray and bow tie and jaunty fez) in one of the elaborate holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman this year.

I did not, however, spot Brian Dennehy.

(Go, NYC monkeys, go!)

Mystral721 says

Happy [insert Holiday here]!
Click my name for the Christmas version of "Still Alive" at http://aperturescience.com
(I didn't create it, but I'm not sure how to create a link in here so I'm doing it that way)

Mystral721 says

Oh, duh. That's how you insert a link.
I need more eggnog.

morton says

joco you have seen spiff's new video?? its chiron beta prime! verry good ^^


Jack F says

Thanks for this great gift. Merry Christmas, JoCo and JoCo Fans!

debcha says

The robot voice is really by some guy named Scott - our friend Scott Purdy. We are thrilled that his awesome robot voice has been immortalized and shared.

Slevin says

Dear Sir, well, whatever...
YOU made my day, kind of day, I believe. In Germany, I'm supposed to come from..., we get very much many lots of such kind of humor not - actually never.
I'm on the verge of (this phrase wasn't my idea, but I say/do everything my PC tells me... what? Eat a 200oz steak? Well, your wish is my command...) drawing a beard and glasses on the golden buddha statue, which is on display in the closest museum. That's kind of hard work to daze the night-watchman, prance around the laser-beam-system (red light, sometimes purple... sometimes...), which would kill you if you touch it, go to the toilett and all the way back to the entrance hall, where the statue stands... that's really hard work, but I'll do it for you... er... maybe.
If you wouldn't be so far away and male, nevertheless I wouldn't ask you to marry me. But you're damn cool, Mr. Coulton... well, kind of.
Don't wonder why you cannot understand this script, me neither! You should know, that my English is not so good, but my German is much worse.
But actually I wanted to wish you Merry Christmas or whatever you want to celebrate.
In love (well, at least better than in hate...)
A German gay (I believe this is the right word for "cool person", right?)

P.S. I forgott to mention why I like you: you've got beautiful eyes... and also you're music is in some degree o.k.

Mark says

Gut Yontiff! :-)

GenXer says

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well, and safe travels to the various towns and outposts of your family :-)

James says

Have a great time. Know that your music is the coolest thing out there...ever.

Mazzix says

Well and a merry christmas to you too

Chris Pappa says

Actually, National Wolf Awareness Week is the third week of October.

But it can't hurt to remember that wolves don't always kill people. Just usually.

Rich says

Just a little head's up: I was just listening to this week's SModcast (http://www.quickstopentertainment.com/2007/12/24/smodcast-42/) and they used Chiron Beta Prime as some background music. (Starts at 21:50)

ResidentWesker says

Aww man you forgot a happy Kwanzaa, that hurts some of us out here man, real bad....

selene says

i just wanted to say that i love your music, your voice, and all you!!! and you are a GOD!!!!!!! and i love youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i'll be kind to the wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy says

Happy Season things! Hope to see you back in Seattle sometime in the future!

Also, Penny Arcade gave you a nod with "Best Music of the Year" in a video game. I thought that was pretty cool.

jessica says

hi there, i got to your music through the cast-on knitter podcast.

thanks for making fun music, and letting it get out to us nerds on the nets.



Jon says

I heard Chiron Beta Prime on the radio in Halifax, NS. I was very excited. My girlfriend was not, despite my attempts at explanation.

Congrats on hittin' the bigs.