My Beige Bear – Finishing Up?

By JoCo December 18, 2007

UPDATE: Kind of a rocky start, but I think I got somewhere. Not totally convinced, but certainly ready to call this one done – there will be a couple of minor mix tweaks which are too boring for anybody to watch, and then I’ll put this one up. Should happen in the next day or so. I’ll do a new song in January I think, which will most likely involve the nylon string guitar that I have just borrowed.

I’m gearing up to drag myself through the last few steps in this song this afternoon, and of course there will be live video. Not sure what I’m going to do exactly, I’ve been avoiding this for a while because I find the song a little boring. I’m hoping to sparkle it up a bit in the arrangement, but I may also fail, which will make for some really exciting internet television I’m sure. Watch closely…


JJ says

More cowbell?

Demetrius says

You are braver than I am! The thought of the world watching over my shoulder as I work would eliminate any last vestige of hope that anything creative would happen.

I'm *already* watching YOU work instead of getting my own done. :)

JP says

Dude, watch out behind you...Giant Robot. :)

It is kind of funny watching someone make music. If someone watched me write I know they would be thinking, "When is the boy going to put down the dough nut and type something. :)

Mark says

"Hello, and welcome to Dorchester, where a very good crowd has turned out to watch local boy Thomas Hardy write his new novel The Return of the Native on this very pleasant July morning."

Colleenky says

Dr. Coulton - just remember that some of the stuff you weren't happy with during TAW turned out great. :-)

Mazzix says

That's awsome cant wait to hear it

Seth says

It's always nice to hear new material from you, even if you don't think it's the best you've ever done.

Rob L. says

I’ll do a new song in January I think, which will most likely involve the nylon string guitar that I have just borrowed.

Nylon string, eh? ¡Aie, JoCo Flamenco!

Rioexxo says

Seth Says:
December 18th, 2007 at 7:46 pm

It’s always nice to hear new material from you, even if you don’t think it’s the best you’ve ever done.


"... the best in terms of pants"

Gle3nn says

How about a quick "Same auld lang syne" for New Year's eve?

Jeremy Williams says

Remember a lot of the stuff you didn't like, the fans loved. ;P

On the other side of the coin, if this one is boring, all the more reason to make up a fun one right after it, right? Right?

Okay, maybe I'm just finding excuses to gain more Jonathan Coulton for the world.

But I like it. And the people I play it on the radio for like it. And the DJ with the slot after me heard Chiron Beta Prime and proceeded to obtain some of your music for playing on his show..
And unlike me, he takes effort to pimp his show and get it mad listeners from the internetz.

Kerrin says

Pants! I missed the Twitter to say JoCo was live. What good is twitter if it doesn't tell me when there is awesomeness happening!

ouija repair says

lol@mark. I look forward to Joco channeling Esteban. Incidentally, Tracking and mixing a song usually takes so long that I'd guess some boredom in the creator is unavoidable.

LizaLS says

Keep going, JoCo! If nothing else, the bass line and guitar riff in this song are really catchy. I'm not sure I'm crazy about the bridge, but hey, everyone has their favorites, right?

And I agree with ouija repair - trying to find all of the infinite little tweaks must get tedious -especially when spread over a month or two, rather than one week.


Janet says

Oh frabjous day! I am dying to get a downloadable version of this song. I think if people (not pointing any fingers here) find the song at all boring, it's heavily influenced by the tempo of the vocals. It's a funny, touching song, and one of my favorites.