Box Sets

By JoCo December 17, 2007

CDBaby has been out of Thing a Week Boxes for a little while, but they should be receiving another shipment today, which means that theoretically there’s still plenty of time to get one by Christmas. What a lovely gift such a thing would make for someone special…


Damon says


Not sure if you're still watching the comments in your Dec 8th post, but wanted to point out the mentions of you in Neil Gaiman's blog ( on Dec 7th. Did you get to meet the Sandman?

Jacob says

You buyin'?

Mel says

Damon, go check out Birdchick's blog (Neil's friend). She had a photo of all of them up online. (Saturday, December 08, 2007 timestamp)

Demetrius says

"You buyin’?"

Nooo... *This* how it go! JoCo write funny songs. Play music. Post online.

*We* listen. Go "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Buy music. Play for friends. They go "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" They go online. Buy music...

JoCo go shopping. Buy groceries and guitar strings.

Cycle start all over.

hellziggy says

Damon: As Mel said, Birdchick posted a photo of all of us in her blog. I also have pictures up at my journal:


Jacob says

"*This* how it go!"


Damon says

Mel & Sharon: Thanks for the links! I worked merch for JoCo and Paul & Storm a year ago in Columbus, OH. It's fabulous how cool they are.

Demetrius says

"Damon Says:"

AAAARRGH! They were here and I missed them! Where'd they play?

Damon says

Demetrius, JoCo played Little Brother's on Dec 1, 2006. It was awesome.