The Yale Record

By JoCo December 13, 2007

As I mentioned in my last post, I was invited to give a Master’s Tea at my old school (a college in New Haven) this week. It went very well I think, or at least I enjoyed myself (click that link if you want to see the new “what the heck is going on this is kwazy!” facial expression I have just invented). I had forgotten how smart and fun and just generally delightful college kids can be. Grownups suck. Thanks to The Yale Record, the ever charming Master G of Pierson College, and most of all the people who took a break from all the important studying to hear some songs about monkeys.


Jennie says

This link is from the last thread--how to make a half-pony, half-monkey monster (and give the lady in the thrift store where you bought the monkeys the heebie-jeebies!)

Jen says

I think there's another tune in there waiting to come out: "Furry Old Eli", which would be a song memorializing the old, otter-like Eli that existed before the clean-cut n00b-Eli edged it out.

Russ W says

Jonathan recommends gifts in Popular Science. Thanks!

Grov-R says

Grown-ups may suck, but you don't have to be at college to enjoy life.

Heck, i'm not even quite sure what college is. The important thing here is, i don't have a job!

One of the above is due largely to my being Australian. One is not. Which witch is witch? I leave that to the reader.

AverageJon says

Is the "what the heck is going on this is kwazy!” facial expression under Creative Commons? I'd like to use it in my Christmas pictures.

ArkenwraithIII says

“What the heck is going on this is kwazy!” face is awesome, you rule JC!

(Oh btw that guy in the far right of the picture looks like Rupert Grint...)

ninjarat says

I love that face. That's just whwacky!

Renee says

I've got a bone to pick with Mr. Jonathan Coulton. It was on this web site that my husband first learned of the Greenpeace "name that whale" thing. And now that Mr. Splashy Pants has won, I've got this song running through my head. Well, not so much a song as one line--"say a little prayer for Mr. Splashy Pants". Of course, there is no whole song, because Mr. Coulton hadn't written one. So I just have this one line going through my head. O-ver and o-ver and o-ver.

Only one man can make this better. Write the damn song. Please, I should add. Write the damn song please.

ouija repair says

Great photo. Also, it's reassuring to see there's still corduroy going on in Connecticut.

Roman V says

I like how you refer to Yale as just "a college in New Haven." Also for some reason you look rather small, perhaps even darfed by those hoisting you. Well look on the bright side, they may be huge, but at least they're not destroying cities with their hands, right?.... Right?

Roman V says


Also, this is where you met Hodgman, yes?

JP says

It looks like they are about to throw you out a window. :)

Terisa says

Are you wearing a BLAZER?

Natalie says

Did you go to Yale, as in the famous Yale?! Impressive...

Brie says

I don't know if grown-ups suck, but I do know that BEING a grown-up sure does suck at times.

James says

I agree with Brie. Especially if your a grown up nerd-geek. Like Me.

Jonnie Geethar says

Glad you could go educate the smart kids on how to be cool. Maybe sometime they'll have me back for a master's tea at Dear Old Yale, and I can do a tonsillectomy on someone in the Ezra Stiles courtyard.