St. Louis

ByJoCo December 11, 2007

This was another first time city for me, it was Sunday night, and there was freezing rain. I’m amazed anyone at all came out, let alone the large, warm and wonderful audience we were lucky enough to have. My traditional end-of-tour cold kicked in about 2 hours before show time, so I spent the first few songs of the set floating somewhere above my body trying to make it sing and play the guitar. I think we got there eventually. Another request for “Soft Rocked” and guess who got right back on that horse, rode it hard, and hung it up wet? Me, that’s who. Chuck Berry will be using the same green room and stage at Blueberry Hill in a couple of days, which is kind of weird.

I’m back in NYC now, though I go to New Haven tonight to give a Master’s Tea at dear old Yale. After that it’s just the long slow unwind of December, during which I expect to finally break 1,000,000 in Geometry Wars. I will also take a nap.

The audience at Blueberry Hill was far too wide for my poor little Treo lens, so I had to take two pictures:

St. Louis - Right

St. Louis - Left

Thanks everyone for a great trip, and another incredible year. It still hits me from time to time, especially when I’m in a strange city playing for a great crowd: this is actually my job now, and I feel like the luckiest man in the world. I’ll be back on the road (somewhere) in Jan and Feb, so stay tuned…


Martin Blasick says

Thanks for sharing the pics from your pov. I've been showing some artists I know what you're up to so they know what's possible. Many holiday blessings.

Kazola says

Jonathan - sorry to hear you weren't feeling your best while in St. Louis. My fiance and I loved your concert and we definitely plan to come again anytime you're in the area. Hope you're feeling better soon, and thanks for an amazing night!!

Giggleloop says

An awesome show, and we hope you'll be back soon! :)
"First of May" from the encore :)

Joseph Devon says

Watch your modifiers. It sort of sounded like you were calling your audience fat there at the end. Sort of.

Jason Stoff says

Jonathan, thanks for heading out and playing like a champ, even if you weren't feeling so well. For the record, I can't imagine a better way to warm up on a cold Sunday night - there's nothing quite like great music and a cozy crowd. Hope you enjoyed being in StL as much as we enjoyed having you.

Also, I'm anxiously awaiting for the debut album from InfuZion...

Jesse Chounard says

I'm the dude on the far right of the right picture. (I have a strangely glowing head. Guess the house light above me was on.)

Fantastic concert, please come back soon!

Dave D says

Set list for the Saint Louis show:

Future Soon
Shop Vac
Skullcrusher Mountain
A Talk with George
Soft Rocked by Me
Baby Got Back
Code Monkey
Chiron Beta Prime
Creepy doll
I Feel Fantastic
Mr. Fancy Pants
I Crush Everything
Famous Blue Raincoat
Still Alive
Mandelbrot Set
You Ruined Everything
Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Re: Your Brains
First of May
Sweet Caroline

Levi says

Great show! I was thrilled that you came to the midwest, you obviously have a following out here.

I was the guy in the 'dork' shirt near the middle, which managed to not really get in either picture :)

I'm going Ebay the sig for Child's Play this weekend, would it be possible to get it mentioned once posted? Thanks!

Mark says

Get well soon!

Colleenky says

According to the Master's Tea article, JC can be counted as one of "society's most prominent figures." w00t!

enterthewumpus says

It hurts me to see all this stuff that I missed.
Please, Please PLEASE come back to Saint Louis and play at a venue that doesn't have a 21+ rule.
thats all.

Dash says

I've lived in St Louis and New Haven and have great memories of both places & peoples I've seen.Happy to hear you had fun. Great set-list & pix.
Honest faces all of them.

Randal says

Great show Jonathan. Kudos to Paul and Storm as the opener and backup as well. Wish I had recorded it to catch the live St. Louis versions of "Soft Rock You" and "Mr. Fancy Pants". Come around to St. Louis (or west to Columbia, MO) anytime!

Wixenstyx says

Kinda funny to read these comments and wonder which of the crowd people is behind each one. ;)

We didn't make it into the pictures, sadly; we were in the back, too far to the right to make it in. That's okay, though. It was a great show, and we had a wonderful time.

I want that JoCo and the Pussycats poster. That was awesome.

nathaniel says

hey jc. some random trivia:

if you google for "jonathan", you are the FOURTH.

for something as generic and common as jonathan (weight 10.6 million, you are #4).

you have a higher result than all of these jonathans:

though, not these two:

Giggleloop says

Enterthewumpus: actually, I thought about the under 21s when I went into the show - from what I saw, the doorman wasn't checking IDs. I had mine out because even though I'll be 30 on Tuesday, I get carded a lot, lucky me. But he didn't ask to see it, and I didn't see him asking anyone else either. So if you were on the cusp of 21, they probably would have let you in. :(
But hope you'll make it next time!

Demetrius says

"Mister Splashy Pants the whale - you named him, now save him

International — Out of 11,000 submissions in our competition to name the humpback whales we were tracking on their migration to the Southern Ocean, we narrowed it down to the final 30. Over 150,000 people then voted for their favourite name.

Mister Splashy Pants is the winner by a nautical mile! "

Jack F says

Thanks for a great tour. Had the pleasure of seeing you and P&S twice this year. Looking forward to next year!

Demetrius says

I finally got around to posting pictures of my plush half-pony / half-monkey monster project. She now lives in the room with my daughter - who loves her (and JoCo) very much!

Gordon says

Thanks for playing a fantastic show, teaching me about the works attributed to Elvis Costello, reminding me that it's gonna be the future soon, and generally making my December. Hope you got some enjoyment out of the Fritos.

I'm a political science grad student at Washington University. My colleague Amanda and I caught the show. As it happens, we do a lot of coding to perform various forms of regression and data analysis on the crap that passes for statistical data in poli. sci. — not exactly authentic code monkeys, but we identified. It became an inside joke for us, though, when you asked the crowd about programming; the freeware we use to do all these stats is named, simply enough, R.

jimmy says

Now to important things, how'd you do in Geometry Wars? A million? I found Grid Wars for my Mac, and can barely top 200,000...

LoonieBin says

Do I see thrown panties on the left-side mic?

Blake says

When are you coming down south? There are A LOT of fans here in south Texas.

Aaron says

Argh! I didn't even know you were coming to the Loo. :(

nicolle says

you were sick? i couldn't tell that from the singing. it was a great show, and i had a really, really fun time.

Melinda Newberry says

I loved seeing you live at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis! I don't show up in either photo, but I did give you something to remember your trip here...I am the one who made the elf boots out of dollar bills for you. I was so happy to be able to give them to you as a token, (yeah, your Christmas present only cost me two bucks), but if you smile when you see them, we are even, because I smile every time I sing along with your c.d. Come back soon!

Mari Blair says

It's belated, but I wanted to say that this show was awesome! We really lucked out on the weather, it was *right* on the edge of freezing over, but not quite. Please come back to St. Louis soon.

(our local science fiction convention, Archon, is the first weekend in October. The 2007 'con was pricier than usual, so I've a feeling the crowd this year will be massive with everyone who couldn't afford to go to the last one. If you aren't booked that far ahead yet, maybe consider it. You would be worshipped as a GOD. I don't work for them or anything, I'm just a fan.)