By JoCo December 8, 2007

Another fantastic show with a fantastic audience. This was my second time in Madison, different venue, bigger crowd. The Majestic Theater is pretty cool looking inside, all these balconies that go way the hell up, and it sounded great from where I was standing. Which was a complete surprise because we got stuck in some nasty traffic and arrived five minutes before the doors were supposed to open – sorry we made you all wait outside in the cold. There was also a request for “Famous Blue Raincoat,” which I usually avoid playing live because it’s such a downer, but it felt like a good idea this time. And thanks especially to the highly excitable Alyssa (sp?) for the most animated Chiron Beta Prime contribution yet seen.

Here is what you looked like to me:

Majestic Theater - Madison

We’re on our way to Chicago today for two shows at Schuba’s, 7:30 and 10:30. Last I heard, the early show is nearly sold out, but the later one still has about 70 tickets left…


Dan Coulter says

Man, I love your cover of Famous Blue Raincoat. *jealous*

Lisa Marie says

jonathan, thank you for playing Famous Blue Raincoat for me. It was BEAUTIFUL, and so are you. > Lisa Marie

Rick says

"Fantastic"? Back at ya, man. Best. Live show. Ever.

Let me tell you, a guy who can take a mike in the eye and still make the audience go "Damn, he's GOOD" by the end of the song...that's a professional entertainer, my friend.

I think it was "Mr. Fancy Pants" that really showed how well you know your audience. Was there even one guy out there who wasn't muttering "I need that!" by the end of the Device Solo? The sheer, smirking, hey-look-what-I-got virtuosity of it!

We enjoyed ourselves hugely, for which I thank you, Paul, and Storm. Good luck on the rest of the tour.

Lelah says

I wish you had also taken a picture of us as zombies. This was the best live concert I've been to. By the way, the joke you missed was the three of us said together "because it's cool" when you were talking about why you purchased the device.

Thank you so much for coming back to Madison. We can't get enough of you guys.

Peter says

Dang, so close to being in the picture...I was sitting right next to the guy furthest to the left in the front row. Anyways, great show. I hope you and/or Paul and Storm come back to Madison again! Hopeful Arrr!

Alice says

You guys put on an incredible show. Please, please, PLEASE come back to Madison soon.

TChem says

Yeah, really the only thing to say in response to last night is "Yarr". So much fun. It's too bad that picture missed out on the balcony; there were photograph-taking-related shenanigans happening.

Zac says

Yeah, Alyssa needs to put her Chiron Beta Prime dance online. I recorded the show, but it was on a device intended for recording very low quality audio, and it's almost impossible to tell anything on it.

Was glad to hear Still Alive, Mr. Fancy Pants with the ZenDrum, and Sweet Caroline, all stuff you weren't doing the last time you were in town.

Next time, though, I want to hear Kenesaw Mountain Landis!

Myrddin Emrys says

I put up a gallery of the photos I took at the concert (I was the idiot crawling on the floor in front of the stage). Click my name to go there. I also got an acceptable quality video of Alyssa's Chiron Beta Prime dance, available on youtube, here:

Glad it turned out as well as it did. It was a hilarious rendition. :-) I took several other videos, but the sound was never as good as for Chiron Beta Prime, so I haven't bothered posting them yet.

Daniel says

@Myrddin That's great footage!

Anna says

Awesome show!!! All my favorites, and a few new faves, from both Paul & Storm and JoCo. Lisa Marie, thank you for requesting Famous Blue Raincoat. I had never heard that song before, and it was incredible. Does anyone have a vid of the live version?

And Mr. JoCo, thanks for updating Mr. Fancy Pants. I've got a soft spot for that poor dope. :)

BucketHatBobby says

As glad as I am to see these new videos of you emerging, I'm VERY upset that I've yet to see a video of you playing banjo.

I'm a BIG banjo fan, and I want to see JoCo on Banjo... or BanJoCo, if you will.
Don't let me down, Mr Coulton. I need to see this.

Dan Keidl says

Jonathan, you really are something else. That's my favorite concert yet. I got everything I was hoping to get out of it and a bunch more. And a free kiddie pool from Target, how cool is that? (I haven't tried the barcode out yet, but I'm confident.)

ariel says

i can see why it would be scary to have the house lights turned up- makes me remember dancing in front of a mirror and feeling totally cool until my sister walked in. at least for you, the laughing really was WITH you.
always a pleasure, sir, thanks for stopping by.

ps- i was also glad that lisa shouted for 'famous blue raincoat'. you do a lovely job with it, and it's been a favorite of mine since forever.

Erin says

My nerdy friends in Boston insisted that I should come to see you if I ever had the chance, and WOW! They were so right. Excellent show, and I will see you again should I have the chance. I have to chime in -- Famous Blue Raincoat made me very very happy. :)

Peter says

Also, I move that "Ba-da-ba-ba-da, something very sweet..." be made into an official verse for I'm Your Moon.

Maddie Greene says

There was more than one request for Famous Blue Raincoat! I squeaked it out twice before the pretty brunette a few seats down used her superior lung power. And if there were two requests in the side balcony alone, think how many others were delighted.

Wonderful show, amazing night. Thank you and please come back to Madison any time!

Physical Original says

You did Mandlebrot set for me, thank you so much! I was also blown away by Mr. Fancy Pants. Hell of a show man! Paul and Storm were a truly excellent compliment to your work and vise versa.

Thank you a thousand times over. -Please- come back!

RayZyN says

Yeah, that was a pretty glorious show, and whoever paired you with Paul and Storm is with his or her weight in the stuff the Skipper's dreams are made of. Madison loves ya.

Now we just gotta get Corn Mo on that bill too, and we're set.

Zac says

I just remembered that I took a picture of the marquee. Here it is for posterity.

Zac says

I'm not allowed to use HTML apparently. Click my name for the picture.