ByJoCo December 7, 2007

I have received many emails about this already so I know it’s big, like INTERNET big: here’s this funny flash video for “Still Alive” from the VGCats webcomic guy.


Frank says

That was cute. Too bad he doesn't give you any credit at the end. :(

Anonymous says

This reminds me of all the people who managed to kill themselves with their companion cube (or should I say, all the people that claim their cube killed them.)

Kaos says

Come now, You are a person that needs no introduction, and needs no official credit, as all of us Internet geeks know of your good work. Amusingly enough, you're on my Christmas wishlist, man.

Thanks for making the music I want to hear. Now off I go to listen to Re:Your Brains for the hundredth time.

Insomnic says

Hopefully others who know you wrote it will link you as well when they blog about the video at VGCats. I know a few people now who found you because they searched for more on the song because of the video - so at least some will come your way. That's what I worked out anyways from people who hit my site. Added the Portal trailer too for those who aren't familiar with the game. The best part about including the trailer is that it's Ellen McLain as the VO so it works perfectly with the music video.
The song is so dang catchy .... and I also want cake...

Ben says

Not trying to polish your apples or anything, but that song is what turned Portal from a great game to a standout one. When are you going to give us an MP3 of you performing it?

Merr says

Apart from the usual "awesome-ness" of your music, the music nerd in me asks: "what cool effects did you do on her voice, or was that a speech synth?"

My guesses are: vocoder, Digitech Vocalist or "speechy" software like Antares Autotune.

I know Ansel Adams used a wooden box and a hunk of glass, but help my nerdiosity!

ninjarat says

Sweetness. I love VG cats! I love this song, too.

Colleenky says

Merr: See JoCo's blog entry on the song.

M_pony says

There is a YouTube video of him performing it live. He performs it in a different key: thus, no straining of vocal chords or using helium is necessary.

Syphro says

The voice in the final version of the song isn't synthesized, it's the voice of Glados singing. She's a trained opera singer who also turns out to be an amazing voice actress.
And yea, too bad Scott didn't credit Jon for the song. In the end I guess it is Valve's song so thats the only credit thats really required...

Scott R says

Sorry about that I thought the music was in house at Valve. I've added you to all credits anywhere I can. Great work!

Colleenky says

Syphro: From the man himself...

"I recorded a version with some scratch vocals and we sent it to the voice actress who did that character in the game, Ellen McLain. We all went into the studio to record her vocals, then did all the fancy computer sound things they do to make her sound like a computer voice."

So, she was synthesized to some extent.

Curt Siffert says

Hey all... well I didn't get in trouble last time I did this (hi jonathan!) but I have a new song of my own up over at my website, which you link by clicking my name. I'm more a piano guy than a guitar guy. I don't have an audience of my own yet and don't know how to get one, so I have to leech. boo hoo. jonathan, please smack me around if I shouldn't be doing this. It's called My Favorite Clown.

Liz says

There's a credit at the end of the song, with a link to the site, guys.

Jill D. says

Liz: there wasn't when this was posted, before Scott found out JC wrote it.

Chis C. says

That was very cute. though I never actually finished Portal but that song inspires me. You're on the top of my fav artist now. :)
I like the robotic voice they used in the song. I liked your original too. Jonathan Coulton For The Win!

Paul Miller says

I'm sort of new to the site, I checked in the mp3 section and look at the CD listings on Amazon, is the Coulton Still Alive available anywhere for download?

Krinkle says

some of the portal references making the webcomic circuit are really crummy or just lazy. Like people flying out of nowhere to yell "the cake is a lie" and that's the whole joke. Or this which was basically the ending to portal anyway, except worse.

Portal was great, JC's song was fantastic, but this particular homage kind of sucked.

Jhonny says

He does. Look at the main page of his website.

Jhonny says

^ To Frank (Didnt know recent posts were on the bottom >>)

keith says

Hey the VG cats guy didn't know who wrote the song and now that he does know he has put Mr. Coulton name as the creator of the song.

Brian says

What do you mean there is no credit?

I only discovered it was Jonathan who wrote the song because at the end of the video there is a credits page that links to this website (and the portal site).

Jill D. says

Oh I do love the people who don't bother to read all the comments.

wannablessedbe says

Sadly, that's a lot of people, Jill D., especially if there's more than 5 or so. tl ; dr syndrome. :( By the time I got to the video it already had the credit up on it, so you guys work fast. :) This is one of my five most favouritest JoCo songs, the other four of which are, in no particular order:
Code Monkey
Mandelbrot Set
Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance
I Feel Fantastic
Skullcrusher Mountain
RE: Your Brains

Ummm... I guess I have more than 5 favouritest JoCo songs. Or I can't count.

T-Roland says

It's really good!

sam says

i think the song it awesome. it rocks my socks, and i cant stop listening to it!

Anna says

Hm, maybe you could post the lyrics of the song somewhere, one day? That animation was very funny, but I couldn't understand everything that it says (my english is not so good...).

Powerlord says

Anna: The Lyrics are posted in a previous journal entry:

On an unrelated note, I love this song. :)

The Magnakhan says

Great song i must say, but i can't find it to download anywhere on that site? Is there a place where you can get it?

Firecat says

I love that song ^_^ The song is infact called "Still alive" right? Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I wanna make sure ^^ A fantastic job indeed.

NeoMikey says

Hey! I just wanted to say...thanks for making that song! It's excellent, and though not everyone familiar with the Half Life/Portal universe will get all the references, it's still really fun! =) Thank you!!

Kobra says

I didn't think Portal was so great until that fan tribute song intrigued me. I guess I'll find out on payday :P.

Kobra says

Fan tribute video*

Alex says

I'm just wondering....what the heck are the lyrics to it? Also, now i wanna go and buy that game.

Kobra says


Vedrit says


Fireclamonia says

Is there anywhere that you can buy/download the vgcats movie?
I've already got the songs (both the GLaDOS and JoCo versions), but I can't find the movie in iTunes.

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