By JoCo December 7, 2007

Well, just wow Minneapolis, what an excellent crowd you made. The Varsity Theater was beautiful and filled with Christmas lights, everything sounded great, and there were even blue and yellow stage lights for “Ikea.” I played “Curl” for the first time ever live (how could I not?), and even that went pretty well. I felt so confident I even launched blindly into “Soft Rocked,” though it became clear pretty quickly that I didn’t remember the chords or the words. Oops. Storm suggested we segue into “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” which turned out much better, or at least was a soft enough landing that nobody got hurt. Also, Neil Gaiman was in attendance, which makes me feel all tingly.

Thanks to everyone who made that awesome show happen – I’ll definitely be back.

Varsity Theater - Minneapolis


Dan W says

The show was one of the best I've been to in a long time. I brought my whole family and everyone loved it, even my almost 8 year old niece who has now told me that she wants the ringtone on my phone for calls from her phone to be "everyone is dancing in the fancy pants parade" on loop and my 50-something dad who went and bought all three Paul and Storm CDs.

It was fantastic, even if you did have too many Doritos.

Justin Chase says

I've got some photos from this show on flickr:


This show was great, I haven't laughed that hard since that time I saw Carrot Top at the Mirage...

Eric says

I was sick as a dog, so I couldn't make it. Come back soon!

Michael L says

That was an awesome show. We certainly want you back...

Stepper says

That show was fantastic. Even though the girl who kept buying you guys rum/whiskey totally puked about a foot from me, I still had a great time! I'm glad it was worth it for you. Enjoy the rest of your Coulton-acka presents.

TonyFro says

Awesome!! I was in front row, stage left, my cousin was skeptical, but he had a great time (you handed hime your e-mail list). I have not had that much fun ever. OK, maybe not ever, but you know, a long time, etc. You Ruined Everything was very touching.

Thank you so much for coming, and come back again soon!!!!!


Scott says

Geez, and to think I could have driven down from Winnipeg if I had thought about it. Unless you're playing Grand Forks or Fargo anytime soon, that's as close as we'll get.

I'll get you next time, Coulton...

Jen says

A little something just for the MN set: How To Tell Swedes from Norwegians" with JC. You'll find as part of the "Ikea" discussion that starts right around the 39-minute mark.

Bummer about the Norwegian Consulate. Uff da!

Jen says

*Gack.* No can code today. Sad monkey.


Trampas says

I'll get you next time... Next time Gadget, Next time.

Sebastian says

That show was wonderful. Thanks so much for making it out this way! I can't wait 'til next time.

Uncle Mikey says

Excellent show, Jonathan. Thank you. Please come back, and please bring Paul and Storm with you when you do. I haven't enjoyed a concert or show that much in a long time!

Betsy says

That was the best show I have ever been to! It was energetic, geeky and harmonized. What more could anyone ask for? I do hope you come back again soon.

theVash says

Good times!

Andy J says

The greatest night of musical awesomeness I have ever had the privliage of being a part of. Thanks so much, Mr. JoCo, and I look forward to seeing you, Paul, and Storm perform up here again in the future.

Abby says

Please do come back, it was the best.

ChiByakko says

That was a fantastic concert! Every song I hoped to hear, I heard, and they all sounded wonderful. I smiled and laughed so hard my smile hurt (in the best way)!
Hope to see you here again soon!

Kiah says

Thank you so much for coming! You and Paul and Storm put on an amazing show; the best ever! I couldn't stop smiling all night.

Chris says

Definitely an awesome show; we'll definitely go again the next time you're in town. My only complaint: a little less "First of May" and a little more "Why Don't You Take Care of Me?" and "Womb with a View."

Brian says

So awesome. Well worth the wait. But let us remember:


1) Whiskey + Beer + Unrehearsed song = Peaceful, Easy Feeling
2) Alwys use your hook on your chin when being a thoughtful pirate
3) Add the Zendrum to your geek gift list
4) Eric the Lightman has 1337 skilz. Ask for him by name at the Varsity.
5) Minnesota has the best geeks.
6) When you come back, plan to book 2 shows.

Hope you have had a safe drive to Madison. I'm tempted to drive there myself and see it all again for the first time.

P.S. Don't forget to post the other gifts of Coltonica.

Chris says

Did anyone record the show? I'd really like a copy of the Soft Rocked/Peaceful Easy Feeling and Mr. Fancy Pants performances.

Mazzix says

Dammit jonathan we want you here in sweden

Amy says

Mr. Fancy Pants was incredible. The Zendrum rocked. Maybe a recording with the it in the future?

Jen(from St. Cloud) says

Thanks for putting up with my impromptu chorus sing-a-long on Chiron Beta Prime. Goddamn robots never know their place, do they? ;)

Amanda's Mom says

Really fun show! We had a fantastic time and cannot wait til you come back to MN.

Maekern says

If you come again, we will come again.

Also: Thanks for signing my graph paper.

Annamarie says

Aw man, we're really looking forward to seeing you in Chicago tonight, but I dunno if we can top having Neil Gaiman in the audience. Trumped by Minneapolis!

Ethel says

That was an incredibly awesome show. Huge thanks to you and Paul and Storm. My cheeks were literally hurting from smiling constantly.

If you ever want to come back to Minneapolis, boy do we have a geek venue for you. Several of us in the audience are involved with a scifi con called CONvergence that has an annual attendance of 2500-3000. We're the cool kids con of the midwest, and we specifically look for guests that we can party with, and those at the show last night totally thought that you would fit the bill. A high percentage of our guests come back in subsequent years just to hang out because the convention is that much fun. While I'm not in charge of buttering up potential guests, I can pass along contact information.

(psst - 3 stages of music!)

hellziggy says

I can totally second what Ethel said. You would have fun at CONvergence and CONvergence would be a great fit for you. And I know that at least one person who is on CONvergence's parent non-profit org was at the concert and saying the exact same thing!

If you liked Minneapolis in December, just imagine it in July when half the state isn't in hibernation mode! There's not even any snow in July!

~other Sharon

Patrick says

It was a thoroughly hilarious and delightful show. I know I've had a good time when I laugh enough to feel like I've done a ton of sit-ups. Thanks for a fun and wonderful show. Come back soon!

Chakramchucker says

Oh man, I missed you! Well, it's a three hour drive but it WOULD have been cool if I'd had your show as an excuse to get time off work and drive down there.

It would be wonderful if you came to CONvergence... I go almost every year and it'd be a lot easier to see ya there than at a separate event. *cough* If ya went in 2008, I'd take my whole family since they all have tickets to it and that in itself is a miraculous achievement that will likely not happen again soon.

In any case, awesome. Maybe I can catch you some other time... I'd say PLAY HERE but we live in the middle of freakin' nowhere and no one interesting ever comes out this way.