By JoCo December 3, 2007

On Saturday I turned 37 and boy do I feel terrific! 37 is the new 36!

I want to thank all the people who sent me nice messages, bought bananas, and paid tribute in various ways. Special thanks go out to those particularly dedicated minions who participated in this grass roots campaign to punch all media in the nuts with the fist of me. We didn’t make it to the Today Show this year, but I bet we made Ann Curry nervous, and I count that as an enormous victory.

Here are a couple of links to things that to me look suspiciously like bday tributes:

Molly of previous uke fame sent in this video of her struggling through Mr. Fancy Pants. I feel the same way when I play it, believe me.

And it wouldn’t be a birthday without a video from Spiff, this one for Chiron Beta Prime. I’m a huge fan of the “Yoink!” sound effect and have just now decided that I’m going to use it a lot more often in daily life. One bunny was harmed during the making of this film.

Even in France they celebrate my birthday, usually by making cards that have a picture of me dressed up like a French zombie mime. Here’s one of those from Jeremsoft, the translator of Re: Vos Cerveaux.
JoCo French Zombie

Many thanks to one and all. Onward.


matthewvb says

Happy birthday Joco!

Kurt says

I love the Chiron Beta Prime video, it's very well done.

Lex says

Molly's video is perhaps the most adorable thing I have seen today. And I'm the father of a one-year-old. So Molly, kudos to you.

Mark says

Happy (belated) birthday, Jonathan!

Apparently Molly has also had a birthday recently. Happy (belated) birthday, Molly!

filkertom says

I didn't even know it was your birthday -- many happies! :D

Justin says

I daresay the Chiron Beta Prime video is giving the Charlie Brown Christmas movie a run for it's money...

Trampas says

*sings* AAAAAAAAND you smell like one too!!

Bruce says

Happy Birthday, John. Mine was Saturday, too!

LinkDJ says

37? In a row?

Happy Birthday! The Atlanta show was fantastic, can't wait for the next one!

jeremsoft says

1970 rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im from April...8 months own-aaaaaaaaaaaage!!!

Roberto says

Happy birthday, JoCo!

Arkenwraithiii says

Yay you survived to 37! Although you don't look a day over 25 :)

Happy belated b-day JoCo.

M_pony says

Hey you're finally 37, I beat you to your birthday by three months (Like I've been doing for the past 37 years, evidently). Even still, you're talented and famous and I'm not. ;)

genkiboy says

Happy Birthday, JoCo! You know, 37 may be the new 36, but since 40 is the new 30, that means you'll be getting *younger* for the next three years. Good Job!

Gle3nn says

On my 37th birthday I realized I was turning 37 not 38. The whole year before I had thought I was older.
Again, Happy Birthday!

Gina says

Hey! So, I'm a bit late, but I've been working on a video project for JoCo's birthday - finished last night and there are 5 videos of people ballroom dancing to different JoCo songs up on youtube. Will be mailing a fancy dvd copy to you, Jonathan, soon!

Here's Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance:
click on the owner for the rest.

Glenn says

Welcome to Club 37, JoCo! On your birthday, I introduced a whole new victim^H^H^H^H^Hfan to you music.

manstraw says

I remember 37. A grand time. Less back aches, better vision. Ahhh. Yeah, so, I didn't get the memo, didn't know you were putting another mark on the wall. So happy B-Day.

And yeah, Molly, ain't she the bomb! :)

Giggleloop says

Happy belated birthday, JC! Great videos too. I gotta say, I love the harmony part on Chiron Beta Prime, it has a knack for getting stuck in my head. :)

Jonathan says

Happy B day JoCo!!! I'm trying my best to spread awareness in PA through my online cyber school.
P.S. If I win a chess tournament in my school, i get an Ipod so then I can buy all your songs ^-^

Grant says

37? In a row?

Jacob says

Cheers to you Johnathan, and kudos to Molly. Too funny.

Lindsay says

Just so you know, JoCo, I requested a song of yours to be played at Trivia this week in Harvard Sq, and lo and behold, Code Monkey came through in the 3rd round. Boston loves all 37 years of you!

James says

Happy Birthday! I loved the video's! Molly's was hilarious. I want to e-mail the Chiron Beta Prime Vid to all my friends! Only they would understand!!!

ouija repair says

What a great way to start the morning! Well done, Molly, Spiff and Jeremsoft. I hardly ever grin that broadly before the first cup of coffee is gone. To echo, Manstraw's point, enjoy 37, Joco. Those are the wonder years before the eyebrows go Andy Rooney on you.

Sarah says

Hope you had an awesome birthday..... and You rock :) Keep it up..

Roman V says

Maybe it would be easier to do it with that sampler do-hicky you seem to be using nowadays...

Sara says

Now I want to be a french zombie for next year's Zombie Walk!


Nim says

Hey, happy birthday! Looks like my blog entry got sucked up as a comment. Sorry about that! At any rate, hope you had a great day!

BucketHatBobby says

Wow, big boy turned 37?
I hear in the U.S. of A, you can go in bars without a parent at 37.


Rachel says

Happy belated birthday! I'm so glad it was a good one.

Patrick M says

I like the developing Wolverine/Rogue dynamic between Coulton and Molly...

MOLLY: When you play Mr. Fancy Pants.. Does it always hurt?
JC: Every time...

Molly says

We need 4 (well, now 3) more people to comment here! We're so close to having 37 comments! NO WIRE HANGERS!

Mark says

I must say, 1970 was a good year. The Unix epoch always made so much *sense* to me!