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By JoCo November 26, 2007

If you scroll down to the bottom of the front page today at China Newsweek’s site you’ll see a picture of me and a link to an actual article in actual Chinese. I knew this was coming and did the interview and everything; still this is very surreal and strange to me, like a dream in which you’re in your own house but it doesn’t look like your house, and then your toast turns into a flying saucer and you explode. You know, just as an example.

Even if you don’t read Chinese you can kind of figure out the article from the untranslatable english words: “Jonathan Coulton…Thing a Week…Baby Got Back…Hip Hop…Sir Mix-a-Lot…Radiohead…In Rainbows…” you get the idea. Actually, if you read just the english words, there’s kind of a battle between me and Radiohead near the end, which is hilarious.


Roman V says

Google Translate to the rescue.

It has Chinese to English, but it's obviously not the same as human translator...

Roman V says

Altavista Babelfish has a web-based translator as well at

So between those two you should be able to gain a general picture of what the article is saying..

jesss says

Here is the google translate:

Network灭掉record companies?

"Now is a crucial moment, we are the really need to ask ourselves is not a record company. We will be glad to rot and decay is the traditional music business model say goodbye"

★ our staff reporter / Yang when Yang

In the United States洛衫矶a Live House, Jonathan Coulton Retention semi-long hair, with a boxed glasses, he, as usual, the embrace of a wooden guitar, stands alone before the central stage, the stage lights above projection in his head, he began to sing their creation a "Re: Your Brain." Quite a realist lyrics depict the ordinary life of ordinary people, the lyrics from time to time the audience a knowing laughter, cheers, applause and even chorus resounded through全场.

However, these fans understand and are familiar with the songs of Jonathan Coulton not through radio, CD, and certainly not through the list, but rather through a called Thing a Week personal website. Jonathan wrote his works put on the website.

Such dissemination of independent music in the way the music gradually increased, many had not yet become famous not only the music is a new solution for, and even some big band crossed the distribution companies have begun to directly selling songs online.

Not the CD music career

Jonathan Coulton A 36-year-old, three years ago, he was still in the preparation of the lattice of the code software engineers. In high school, he dreamed of becoming a rock star, carrying a guitar to the world tour. Therefore, from the high school he began songwriting music professionals selected the University, majoring in music and in the history of Western music. Jonathan "China Newsweek" reporter that after graduation but because livelihoods, and to find a non-musical work.

But his spare time, he still every day and make incessant efforts to songwriting. In 2004, one of his friends to do a book called Little Gray, a month before the development of a theme to invite a number of writers to write some works in accordance with the theme, and then we convened read. Jonathan to the identity of music that participated in the activities, in accordance with the theme of his monthly write a song, and then the scene concert. After the end of his works will be put online, but there is no response. Until 2005.

Due to the use of My Space friend inspired, Jonathan created a called Thing a Week podcasts website. "At the very beginning, I put it as a kind of experiment. Me want more people to hear my songs, and then tell their friends, I am very happy." Jonathan said.

At the beginning, Jonathan still hope that will eventually lead to their own songs in the form of a CD sale, and he has even record their own irrigation system in the online sale, and on the Thing a Week on MP3 is completely free. "With my website to more and more people, I started pondering, this is not a free download will affect my income, and those insignificant compared to the pay-per-download, to have more people know my music is more important. "Jonathan said, when his company is still working, so the income of music for him, not so important.

Until the fifth song, changed his life trajectory. He, in their own ways remake of Sir Mix-a-Lot's a Hip Hop songs "Baby Got Back." He used the metaphor of this song "on the Internet has become a virus." Jonathan tried in their own podcasts website selling songs, because that song's influence, he passed within a month pay-per-download MP3 earned more than 4,000 dollars.

The way is still very unusual sale, he did not force the other side to buy, but called with a "pick your price" (you pricing) approach. According to Jonathan its own statistics, the average pay for each downloaded song fans will pay one dollar or so. But 90% of the fans are willing to pay. "I know, people are always willing to be decided first to hear music is not worth paying, which is why I put all my songs are put online for people to choose freely the reasons." Jonathan said.

The website opened Thing a Week One year later, he resigned from the post of the computer company become a professional musician, Jonathan said, "I was finally able to rely on music赚足my daughter's nanny money."

The rise of pay-per-download Climate

The International Federation of the Phonographic Association in a survey report shows that from 2003 to 2004 a year, the United States and Europe legally downloaded songs from 20 million increase to 200 million, people's consumption habits change music also makes music hands must transform their ideas. Jonathan Coulton said that his current income 60 percent from digital music sales, at the scene from the rest of the performances.

Up to now, the value of record companies the most important one, it is the vision of the market, helping singers of the value of their works judgment, and the production and marketing of his work. While there is no need Jonathan Coulton this "intermediate links," he wrote a song a week, and then put it online. Good or bad own Netizen editorial says.

While trying to "abandon" the record company, not only as Jonathan Coulton this music new strength, a number of well-known veteran of the band have begun to join it.

On October 10, 2007, the famous British band Radiohead their seventh studio album, "In Rainbows" surprise and has been put on the Internet. They have the same "you bid" in order to let the audience at will pay, or even free downloading. There is some precedent, but one source, the record industry is still a surprise.

In 2003, Radiohead band in EMI's old boss issued his sixth album, is their contract with EMI in the last one works. Since then, the band Radiohead did not choose any one record company, lead singer Tom York, in an interview said, "Now is a crucial moment, we are the really need to ask ourselves is not a record company. We are pleased with the the decline is decomposed traditional music business model say goodbye. "a month ago, they used such a manner and at the record company" goodbye. "

The record companies argue they are still available at the new way they will succeed, the British media to make statistics, the online album put there 1200000 fans day paid for the records, the average bid four euros, half of fans willing to offer more than 10 euros. "This only a band can be profitable 10 million US dollars.", "Time" magazine commented that "the band has been recording companies can skip the middleman, their income every penny. If the record companies and the band to sell 10 times can get the same sales revenue. "

And this is just the beginning, Radiohead band also announced that the end of the year, they will launch entity records, including the double-vinyl, two CD, a beautifully printed books, and the competence of a free download. All this price as high as 40 pounds. And these will not enter the record shop, fans can only be purchased from the band's website. Up to now, have more than 700,000 fans of this album is scheduled.

The record company doomsday?

Available at the band shortly after the album, the British "Daily Telegraph" quoted an internal EMI is said to be from the secret e-mail. The Have-mail from Guy, he led by the private investment group Terra Firma just to 2.4 billion pounds acquisition of EMI companies, mail, the staff is hereby Gay Han said, "we should all welcome, and we used their creativity and enthusiasm in response. music industry have long overdependence on CD sales operation and survival, but ignored the digital technology brings new opportunities. record unless the owners fixed 'revolution', or else there will be more big-name artists record companies to break off from pursuing development, and this case is no different from the traditional record companies in the 'death penalty'. "

This is quite passive in response soon after evolved into an "unfortunate" prophecy, after learning that Radiohead in such a way has introduced its own new album, has a record in history at the scene of the largest number of British " Oasis "industrial metal band and the United States of famous" swapping nails "are all said that it strongly endorses this approach. Even as music "chameleon" the veteran singer David Bowie also "very interested in Radiohead incident." "Oasis" in the band online in half a month ago issued their new album.

Both newcomers such as Jonathan Coulton or Radiohead such a big, they record companies surprisingly unanimous in their attitude - this is a perfectly crossed off and discard the middleman.

China is a music and cultural development Limited Catcher president宋柯the reporter admitted that "I am concerned about the band Radiohead these events. This is a trend worth studying very interesting, but I have not thoroughly studied."

In宋柯view, such netizens "you pricing" approach willing to pay, on the one hand is the support for an independent band, on the other hand, "because the curiosity for new things." He believes that "it will not have been the case, it is still difficult to say."

Earlier began as a domestic concern digital music recording company,宋柯said absolutely do not think of themselves as traditional record companies, but no matter what changes, "Mrs Mak" After all, the musicians also agents of the copyright, he believes that "some people say that this record companies will disappear way, I was not worried, I think the artist is not, after all businessmen, in the end they still need a businessman to do those commercial things. for this new trend, I think it is like this too Mak companies should do. "

In China, dependent on the network and even made famous singer, but most were eventually record company signed the contract again to the market. Serious illegal downloading Chinese musicians is not the same as an independent network abroad experimental obstacles. There have been reports that China is the only one also allows MP3 search the country. If China's singers put their works online, the network will soon be formed by the impact but rare corresponding economic return because fans can easily find the address illegal downloading.

In May 2005, music left completely independent small curse issued their own a recording, "I am not sad sitting next to you", at 150 yuan; year later, he again used the same way and price Issue the "US" limited 2000. This should be a few domestic completely independent manner by issuing a formal album singer. But the curse is still left on small entities record for the carrier.

A wheat field is the current practice is that too much from the music network's digital rights to provide certification, China Mobile as a side issue, the use of mature experience in the wireless value-added services customized ring tones, IVR, WAP, and other channels for digital music distribution services TOM, Sina, and other major websites provide sales services, Baidu provides piracy interdiction. Through this chain,宋柯to Li Yuchun's "happy winter" test the waters and great success (but inevitably there are still many online piracy links). However, such a chain can only be made by a commercial company to build, and for a separate musicians is not possible to complete the task. ★

Demetrius says

I like how you answered the "x's under a jar, guy throwing spears off a box, James Brown in a graduation hat, toaster scaling a wall, diminishing fences, kneeling mime, satisfied old man face, low-res cylon" question... I think you speak for *all* of us. :)

jesss says

And Babelfish:

The network extinguishes the record company? "Now arrived for a crucial time, we all should self-examine really needs the record company. We are glad with the traditional phonograph record management pattern which rottenly deteriorates to say very much goodbye " * This publication Reporter/Yang Shi? In American Luo river unlined upper garment 矶 Live House, Jonathan Coulton is keeping half long hair, is bringing black frame eyeglasses, he liked is same in the past, is embracing a wooden guitar, alone stood in the stage central committee, above the stage light projects in his top of the head, he started which sang own to create "Re: Your Brain ". The quite practical lyrics describes average person's ordinary life, the lyrics often is causing next piece of understanding laughing, the cheers, the applause, even also has the chorus to resound through the entire audience. But, these music lover understanding and the familiar Jonathan Coulton song certainly is not through the broadcasting station, CD, is not through the order list, but is called Thing a Week through individual website. Jonathan the work which writes oneself puts to the website in. The such independent dissemination music way starts in the music world gradually to increase, not only becomes the music person's new outlet which many not yet becomes famous, even some big sign orchestras also start to bridge over the issuing company, directly on-line sells the song. Does not send CD professional music person Jonathan Coulton this year 36 years old, 3 years ago, he or software engineer which in compiles the code in the check. On high school's time, he was vainly hoping for becomes a 摇滚 star, carries the guitar to tour to the world. Thereupon, started from the high school to write the song his university to choose the music specialty, majored in western music Shi He to compose music. Jonathan to "China Newsweek" reporter said, after the graduation actually because of the livelihood, could not but look for the work which had nothing to do with with the music. But the spare time, he still every day persisted unceasingly writes the song. In 2004, his friend has made a named Little Gray book club, each month, first formulates a subject to invite some writers to write some works again according to the subject, then calls everybody to read aloud. Jonathan participated in that activity by the music person's status, his each month writes a song according to the subject, then the scene sings. After conclusion, he can put on-line the work, but no echo. Until 2005. Because receives the friend to use My Space the inspiration, Jonathan established to be called Thing a Week to broadcast the guest website. When "starts, I on treat as it one kind of experiment. I want to let more people hear to mine song, then tells them again the friend, I very have been happy." Jonathan said. When start, Jonathan still hoped own song finally can sell by the CD form, he even own fill the system phonograph record on-line to sell, but puts in Thing a Week MP3 then completely free. "Along with comes me the website downloading person more and more many, I start to ponder over, such free provides downloading is can to my income influential, but with these not worthy of mentioning pays expenses downloading to compare, can have more people to know my music is more important." Jonathan said, that time he also goes to work in the company, therefore the music income to him said not that is important. Until the fifth song, changed his life path. He used own way to turn sang Sir Mix-a-Lot Hip the Hop famous tune "Baby Got Back". With his analogy, this first song "has become on a Internet virus". Jonathan starts to attempt in own broadcasts in the guest website to sell the song, because of that song influence, a his month through paid expenses downloads MP3 to gain more than 4,000 Dollar. Sells the way very is also out of the ordinary, he does not force opposite party to purchase, but is with one kind is called "pick your price" (you to fix a price) the way. According to the Jonathan statistics, these pay expenses downloading music lover equally each first songfest to pay about 1 US dollar. Moreover 90% music lovers all are willing to pay expenses. "I knew that, the people always are willing to be able first to hear to the music again decision are worth paying money, why is this I all puts my all songs to on-line lets the reason which the people chooses at will." Jonathan said. After opens Thing a a Week website year, he resigned from the computer company's position to become a professional music person, Jonathan said that, "I finally could depend on the music to gain the foot I daughter's nursemaid money." Pays expenses downloading gradually to make the grade In an international phonograph record association's report of investigation demonstrated that, during year from 2003 to a 2004, American and Europe's legitimate downloading song quantity already grew from 20 million to 200 million, the people also caused the happy hand regarding the expense music custom change to have to transform own mentality. Jonathan Coulton said that, he now the income 60% comes from to the digital music sale, other parts come from to the scene performance. To the present up to, the value which the record company exists is most important only has, that is by the market judgement, helps the singer to carry on the judgement to its work value, and manufactures and sells his work. But Jonathan Coulton then completely does not need this "the middle link", he now each week writes a song, then puts on-line it. Quality innate 网友 comments on. But thought "gets rid of" the record company, not only is likes Jonathan the Coulton such musical world new strength, some established brand famous orchestras also start to join. On October 10, 2007, English famous orchestra Radiohead "In Rainbows" unexpectedly put own seventh recording room phonograph record has been on-line. They also "bids by same you" the way let the music lover pay expenses at will, even free download. Although had the precedent, but news, the phonograph record was still surprised. In 2003, the Radiohead orchestra has distributed own sixth phonograph record under the master EMI flag, also is in they and the EMI contract last the work. After that, the Radiohead orchestra chooses any record company not again, the orchestra initiates Tom □York to speak of in an interview, "the present arrived for a crucial time, we all should self-examine really needs the record company. We are glad with the traditional phonograph record management pattern which rottenly deteriorates to say very much goodbye." A month ago, they, with such sell the way and the record company "bid farewell". On in the record company also was arguing they newly sell the way whether can succeed, the English media made the statistics, the special edition puts to the on-line same day has 1.2 million music lovers to pay expenses has purchased the phonograph record, equally bid 4 euros, some half music lover was willing to bid surpasses 10 euros. "Only this item, the orchestra may profit 10 million US dollars." "Time" the weekly commentary said that, "the orchestra has been allowed to jump record company this intermediate, own income each cent money. If in the record company, the orchestra must sell 10 time of sales volumes to be able to obtain the similar income." But this merely is a start, the Radiohead orchestra also announced that, in the year's end, they still could promote the entity phonograph record, including double Zhang Heijiao, two CD, printing fine books, with free download jurisdiction. This all marked prices reaches as high as 40 pounds. But these absolutely cannot enter 唱片店, the music lover only can purchase in advance from orchestra's website. To the present, already had surpasses 700,000 music lovers to prearrange this set of phonograph record. Record company's weekend? Sells after the orchestra special edition soon, England "Daily Telecommunication" has cited it is said is comes from the EMI interior secret email. This mail comes from Gaye □Chinese this, he leads private solicited investment group's Terra Firma just to purchase EMI Corporation by 2.4 billion pounds, in the mail, Gaye □Chinese this said to the staff, "we all should express the welcome, and warm responded with we creativity. Since the phonograph record industry has been long-time all excessively relies on the CD sales volume to survive the operation, instead has neglected the new turning point which the digital technology brings. Only if the phonograph record industry is initiative ' the self- revolution ', otherwise will have the more big signs entertainer to cast off the record company to seek the development, this speaking of the tradition record company not is at variance with ' the death penalty ' ". This quite passive response actually after soon evolved "was unfortunate" the prediction, after knew Radiohead promoted own by such way new special edition, once creates in the history scene population most England "the oasis" the orchestra and the American industry metal big sign "nine inches nails" all in abundance indicated, extremely approved of to such procedure. Even is called the musical world "the chameleon" established brand singer David □Bao Yiye to "the Radiohead event is felt very much the interest". But "the oasis" the orchestra has on-line sent out own new phonograph record in half month. Regardless of is new person like Jonathan Coulton or the Radiohead such big sign, they to record company's manner actually extraordinary consistent □□this are the intermediate which definitely may bridge over and get rid. China too gathers the wheat field music culture development limited company president Song Ke to speak frankly to reporter, "I pay attention to Radiohead these orchestras very much the event. This is a tendency, very interestingly is worth studying, but I have not studied thoroughly." Looked like in the Song tan oak that, now 网友 "you fixes a price" to this kind the way is willing to pay money, on the one hand is regarding the orchestra independent support, on the other hand is "because of regarding the new things curiosity". He believed, "will later be able continuously like this, but also will be very difficult to say." Comparatively early starts as the home to pay attention to the digital music the record company, Song Ke said absolutely did not think oneself is the traditional record company, but how regardless of changes, "too the wheat" also is acting after all Le Shou copyright, he thought "some people said such way can let the record company vanish, my all did not worry, I thought the entertainer is not a merchant after all, they or need a merchant to make in these commercial the matter. Regarding such new tendency, I want also to be precisely like too the wheat such company to have to go do." In China, depends upon the singer which the network becomes famous certainly not in minority, but is mostly finally signed by the record company the contract to push once more to the market. Serious illegal downloading is center 国乐 the hand is unable to like overseas equally carries on the independent network experiment the hindrance. Some reports stated that, China is present only 11 also permits the MP3 search existence the country. If China's singer puts on-line own work, very quick may draw support from the network to form the influence but to be actually difficult to obtain the corresponding economical repayment, because the music lover may easily find illegal downloading the address. In May, 2005, the music person left small curse completely independently distributed an own phonograph record "I Not to be able Sad Seat nearby Your Body", selling price 150 Yuan; After a year, he used the similar way and the price has distributed "US", limited the quantity 2,000. This should be domestic few in number the singer which distributes the official special edition with the completely independent way. But the left small curse also still was take the entity phonograph record as a carrier. Too gathers wheat field at present the procedure is, provides the digital copyright authentication by the flag under too happy net, China moves took the release side, utilizes the mature wireless increment service experience to have custom-made, channel and so on IVR, WAP in the color bell provides the service for the digital music release, TOM, Sina and so on each big website provides the sales service, hundred provide pirates the obstruction. Through such chain link, Song Ke'sba Li Yu spring Shan Qu "Winter Joyful" tries Shui Bingda successfully to attain (link which but was inevitable on-line still has many pirates). But, such commercial chain link only can construct by a company, but regarding an independent happy hand said is a duty which impossible to complete. * [ User lands ] the user famous password [ free registration ] [ to forget password ] [ Article retrieval ] Guan Jianzi the way [ high-level retrieval ] any media wants to retransmit this publication chart article, please relates with this publication, every without authorization reprints this publication article, this publication will retain investigates its right infringement responsibility the right. - - Relates our - friendship chain about us to tie - the website to serve Copyright 2,005 All Rights Reserved

Zac says

I was trying to make sense of the article using the two translations, but it just got too long.

Here's what I had so far. Someone who can read Chinese could obviously tell us much better what it actually said.

In the United States in front of a live house, Jonathan Coulton has semi-long hair, with boxed glasses, and as usual, stands alone on stage embraced by his wooden guitar. The stages lights projecting in his head, he begins to to sign his creation "Re: Your Brain". The lyrics depict the ordinary life of ordinary people, and from time to time knowing laughter, cheers, applause, and even the chorus resound through the entire audience.

However, these fans are familiar with the songs of Jonathan Coulton not through radio, CD, and certainly not through the list (?), but rather through something called "Thing A Week" that Jonathan wrote and put on his website.

The dissemination of independent music is gradually increasing, not only for the not yet famous, but even for some big bands that have crossed the record companies and begun selling songs online.

Not A CD Seller

3 years ago, Jonathan Coulton (now 36 years old), was a software engineer. In high school, he dreamed of becoming a rock star, taking his guitar as he toured the world. He took a major designed to further that goal in college, majoring in music with an emphasis on the History of Western Music. Jonathan told the China Newsweek reporter that after graduation, he had no choice but to look for work that had nothing to do with music.

But in his spare time, he worked on writing songs every day. In 2004, a friend started the Little Gray Book Club, which consisted of coming up with a subject, then getting some writers to write about that subject, then getting them to read their works out loud. Jonathan was the musician of the group, writing a song about each month's subject, then singing it. After it ended, he put his works online, but there was no response. Until 2005.

A Myspace friend inspired Jonathan to start A Thing A Week. "At the very beginning, it was an experiment. I want more people to hear my songs, and then tell their friends, and then I'll be happy", Jonathan said.

At the beginning, even though Jonathan hoped the songs would eventually lead to a CD sale (Google translate says "he has even record their own irrigation system in the online sale". I have no idea what that means), but Thing A Week was completely free. "I wanted more and more people to find the website, and I thought, making the songs free doesn't make me any money, but download expenses are so cheap, and having more people hear my music is more important." And Jonathan still had a full-time day job, so the music income wasn't that important.

The 5th song, however, changed his life. He sang Sir Mix A Lot's famous hip hop tune "Baby Got Back" to his own music. His analogy was that it "has spread like a virus." So many people linked to his website that his sales income rose to $4,000 per month.

And in a very unusual sales decision, he does not force someone to buy, but uses what he calls a "pick your price" (you decide a price) approach. According to his own statistics, the average cost for each song is about a dollar. But 90% of people are willing to pay. "I know that people want to be able to hear the music before deciding whether to pay for it, which is why all my songs are put online for people to freely listen to", he said.

Thing A Week ended a year later, and he resigned from his job at the computer company to become a professional musician. Jonathan said "I finally made enough money from music to cover my daughters' nanny expenses."

Pay Per Download Continues to Rise

The International Federation of Phonographic Associations did a survey that showed that from 2003 to 2004, the number of songs in the United States and Europe that were legally downloaded rose from 20 million to 200 million, and peoples changing consumption habits means music companies must also transform their business model. Jonathan says he makes 60% of his money from digital music sales, and the rest from live performances.

Before now, the most important thing in an artist's success was their record company, who used their knowledge of the market to help singers judge the value of their works, and help produce and market the work. Jonathan says that there is no need for this anymore, as it is only a "middle man". He wrote a song a week, and he put it online. Each listener told him themselves whether it was good or bad.

Jonathan is not the only one who is trying to abandon the record companies. A number of well-known veteran bands are doing so as well.

On October 10th, British band Radiohead released their 7th studio album, "In Rainbows" on the internet. They also used a "you bid" model to let the audience decide what to pay, or even download it for free. There is some precedent for it, but according to one source, it was still a surprise.

In 2003, Radiohead relased the 6th and final album for EMI. Lead signer Tom York said, since then, that they have no record company. "Now is an important time. We need to ask ourselves, do we really need a record company? We are happy with the decline of the moldy old traditional music business, and hope to see it end.

The record companies argue that they are still needed to help bands succeed. According to British media statistics, 120,000 fans paid for the album in the first day. The average fan paid 4 euros, and half offered to pay more than 10 euros. Time Magazine commented "The band may make $10 million dollars through this. They have skipped the middle man, and every penny of income belongs to them. They would have to sell 10 times as much under a record company to get the same revenue."

And this is just the beginning. Radiohead also announced that by the end of the year, they will release physical copies of the record, featuring two double-sided CDs, a beautifully printed book, and a free download. All this for a price of 40 pounds. And you can't buy it from the record store, you can only but it on the band's website. So far, 700,000 fans have signed up to purchase the album.

Doomsday for the record company?

After the band announced their plans for the album sales, the "Daily Telegraph" came across a secret internal EMI e-mail. The private investment group Terra Firma has just acquired the EMI companies for 2.4 billion pounds. Staffer Gay Han said "We welcome their creativity and enthusiasm. The music industry has long been overdependent on CD sales for operation and survival, and ignore the new opportunities brought about by digital technology. Unless we take advantage of this revolution, more big name artists will break of from record companies, and this would be the industry's death penalty.

david says

lol - these translations are almost as good as the redford bit.

maybe better

M_pony says

you haven't read the article until you've read it in the original Klingon.

Q-gyver says

'When "starts, I on treat as it one kind of experiment. I want to let more people hear to mine song, then tells them again the friend, I very have been happy." Jonathan said.'

Robert Redford isn't the only one none native speaker on English.

I think the best part is the entire paragraph that translates to "Does not send CD professional music person"

Jen says

電 腦 猴 子 喜 歡 你 !

I think we should get cracking on how to transpose "Coulton" into (Mandarin) Chinese.

May I suggest "口 耳 糖" (KouErTang) -- "Mouth Ear Candy"?

James says

The article made perfect sense to me. It reminded me of growing up in Japan where the thinking is eerily similar.

BucketHat Bobby says

Was Robert Redford behind the creation of this article?

CarrieP says

1. Congrats on the Chinese press! That's so neet!
2. Loved the BabelFish/Google translations. If you step back and look at them as a whole, rather than trying to parse out the grammar of all sentences, it makes sense pretty good.
3. Thanks, Zac, for the translation that makes it much, much easier to read and understand!

ouija repair says

Surely there's a song in bad translations. Possibly a whole disc.

Mike says

I was thinking there was a song in just the English words on the article, maybe read by a computer like See You All in Hell or sampled like Sibling Rivalry.

Dave says

I'm just diggin' on how both translations refer to the lyrics of "Re: Your Brains" as if zombie attacks were everyday occurrances in the American white-collar workplace. Maybe I just work for the wrong company. A couple of zombie attacks a week would do wonders for my morale, I can tell you - especially if it means I can bring a shotgun or a big ol' sword or something to work each day.

Paul says

Zombies wouldn't survive long in the American white-collar workplace. Remember, they need BRAAAAINS.

Scott says

I want to hear a new song called "A wheat field is the current practice".

Jim says

"With my website to more and more people, I started pondering, this is not a free download will affect my income, and those insignificant compared to the pay-per-download, to have more people know my music is more important. "Jonathan said

Well said Jonathan, well said...

sevinPackage says

“'At the very beginning, I put it as a kind of experiment. Me want more people to hear my songs, and then tell their friends, I am very happy.' Jonathan said."

Spoken like our beloved Code Monkey.

Could someone take a screenshot of the Chinese-character version of the article and post it here? Thanks in advance!

Roman V says


I used the Firefox extension which can take screenshots of entire pages. Here is the image of the Chinese char. version of the article, as requested.

You'll have to do some zooming in accordingly.