Robot Sings Still Alive

ByJoCo November 19, 2007

First I thought this was computer animation, but it’s footage of an actual robot built by Interbots, a crazy robot-making company that spun off from a crazy robot-making project at Carnegie Mellon. Hooray for robots!


boingo says

That was weird, I especially like the way the color change to reflect the moods of the song...

Jesse Thorn says

Best comment ever:
"I can't wait until robots get suffisticated [sic]. I want a robot friend."

Colleenky says

What's up with the dogfish? :-)

Glenn says

I loved the dogfish! I assumed it was the result of Science.

Mark B. from Austin TX says

I happened on this neat cello instrumental of 'Still Alive' while looking around YouTube:

BTW, I saw your show in Austin and it was great. I hope you add 'Still Alive' to your live reportoire. It's about the only thing that would have made the show better. Come back please, I'll go again, and bring half a dozen friends this time!

Janet says

I think that is a cake on the ground in front of Moxi. A cupcake in one of those new footy-style silicon cupcake minipans they are selling at the houseware stores.

Rioexxo says

WHAAaaaaT!?!?!?!?!? Like i can't tune my own guitar without a robot????!?!?!?!?!

Qaein says

so, y'know how she looks at the beginning of the second verse? That's pretty much the spitting image I get when I think of "Creepy Doll"... Just thought I should throw that out there

Tesseract says

"I'm not angry" - Eyes go blazing red....

Reminded me of Gir out of Invader Zim... One moment cute and friendly, the next homicidal...

Though it does say something about how much a robots eye colour can affect the way it interacts with humans...

Mark B. from Austin TX says

Other treats: disco remix of still alive:

Another remix: (not with the Jonathan Coulton music, but lots of samples from the game)

Bob says

This is the first step towards a warrior robot race.

I'll be hiding in my bunker now.

brady says

Hey if you like singing robots try Captured by Robots...the only human in the band built all the robots that play with him....

Mark B. from Austin TX says

One more: Jonathan performs 'Still Alive' solo, with a guitar (while some dude eats cake)--

This is a really good version, but it also kind of shows how good Ellen McLean is. In Jonathan's hands it's a relly good song, but when Ellen sings it, GlaDos becomes alive and real. Coulton's vocals are great, but for this song, McLean's are better. Not a surprize, since it was written for her character, so it a way it shows what a good songwriter JoCo is, too.

Mark B. from Austin TX says

The stupic comment parser munged up turning the URL into a link. Somebody needs to hire a better code monkey.