Gibson Robot Guitar

By JoCo November 19, 2007

Aw, come on! Are you kidding me? Thanks Michael, for calling this to my attention…


Paul says

Do you think it'll want its own union card?

Zaphod says

Soon there will be a fully automated guitar, like the machine on Look Around You. Give it a key and a genre and watch it write songs.

Except acid jazz, try to make it play acid jazz and you're gonna fry something.

Noah Ramon says

We tune... because we are programmed to care.

Jen says

The next rev will be the "Deborah Gibson Robot Guitar," with tunings for Pop Princess, Broadway Belter, Sexy Chanteuse...and Ax Murderer.

Demetrius says

The only way to combat this is to get that cybernetic guitar playing arm installed at Toys "Я" U. The other one could be a saw... or an axe...

Rob (not the boring manager one) says

Oh my God. What's next?!? Robot Guitar Hero?!?

Bret says

S-s-sure, the guy with $6,000 suit is playing a guitar that tunes itself.... come on!

Luke M says

I want the intonation feature, though.


OMG! Zaphod, Little Mouse ruled!

boingo says

Scheeze... next thing Fender will have one in the next 2 years...then eventually Robot guitars will fill all the Wal-Marts all over the world! They'll put those companies who make those little blow pitch pipes to tune your guitar obsolete...Damn you Gibson! Just make some cake!

Zaphod says

They're nearly there

Rich says

These have been done before, but they've always been custom jobs. The benefit is mainly for professionals who play songs in different tunings but don't want to have to carry two guitars or spend a long time retuning between songs.

Demetrius says

Diamond reveals `Caroline' inspiration

By SANDY COHEN, AP Entertainment Writer 1 hour, 29 minutes ago

LOS ANGELES - Neil Diamond held onto the secret for decades, but he has finally revealed that President Kennedy's daughter was the inspiration for his smash hit "Sweet Caroline.";_ylt=Aol8M.BTmaQePAQqhxwRwiKs0NUE

Saw this and had to watch the JoCo cover. Definitely rocks! When you come to Ohio I'm *there*!

LoonieBin says

On another unrelated note, someone wrote "The cake is a lie" all over the bathroom in my school, and it made my day. Not that I condone that sort of thing.

16bit says

I used Babelfish to translate this to Chinese, then back to English again. Not sure if it makes more sence or less though D:

"Holiday again. Forgives me when I dodged have submitted have the foot to the marketing ether for the Christmas day and its day million pieces crowd's rumble. Holiday. Can we, not disappoint the child and other people which the hope gift surprisedly gives, just look to other value digestion, regardless of where you are? Is these details which the nature and sometimes hides? That has satisfactory and the lasting life? You miss the matter when you are go? Perhaps that when some person reminds you, you said that, oh is, is wonderful. And certainly most vivid detail: Family in there in body and soul meat and spirit. Holiday joyfully from our everybody in Sundance."

Stungun Jones says

Are robot guitars designed for robot guitarist or something? If so, it's good to see Gibson reaching out to a new market! There aren't enough insturments for robotic musicians.

M_pony says

Wait, you have to adjust the intonation BY HAND? And it instructs you by blinking its lights?? What kind of crappy robot guitar is that? Where's the synthetic voice saying "Dude, your B string intonation is, like, totally hosed. lemme fix it while you have some Cheetos"

Mmm, Cheetos.

ouija repair says

Some of those different tunings are (were?) possible with the Roland VG-8 from many moons ago, but it is (was) all software. I'm confused what tense to use because I don't know if they still make it, but it's sure been useful for me. But this from Gibson, being mechanical, takes a different approach. I wonder if it really has those servo sounds. As long as we're discussing gear matters, I thought some neat things were being done with the Variax. This guy, Jeff Miller, built some guitars with the Variax guts. Warmouth started selling bodies build to accept the scavenged electronics.
Quite a player, too, I thought.

Charles says

Very forward thinking of Gibson. Those guitars are going to be really popular once the humans are dead.

Dave says

The Gibson Robot Guitar - An innovation in guitar technology... A step forward in the race to "least effort possible"... A complete and utter pile of nonsense and chips.


Matthew says

It's good to see a major company get on board the digital tuning systems. They straddle that line between totally ridiculous and totally awesome. The Gibson system looks tight but TransPerformance has been making one for a decade or so that works faster, easier, and has an LCD readout on the top of the guitar. Check out this vid: Actually, the one that you should watch, Jonathan, is this one installed in an acoustic: Dorky, yes but weirdly tempting.

christian says

hi, I loved the song off of 'Your Brains' and I was wondering how I could get that song. I meen would I go and download it off the Internet or what?

Jeremy in Idaho says

Christian, go to the, "Getting Music," link at the top of the page.

I won't admit I like the paintjob.
Actually, I love the fact it will store 6 alternate tunings accessible @ the tweak of a knob, that's definitely the cool part.
I wonder if it will bend them in time with the song like a robotic Adrian Legg?

Guitar Freak says

A Gibson Robot Guitar? is this thing real ?