What Week?

By JoCo November 15, 2007

So this week was already a little swiss cheesed with business when it was finally torpedoed by a surprise trip to Vegas today (I’m doing this thing for Game Head on Spike TV). The new song will have to wait till next week to get finished. The good news is, I’ve got another one ready to go after that. And I guess the other good news is that I’m taking a surprise trip to Vegas.


Tristan says

So 2 new songs? Brilliant!

Jonathan says

heh heh viva los vegas (and viva new songs ^-^)

Kerrin says

Could this be the start of Thing a Month?

gle3nn says

I will be setting the DVR so that I don't miss it. Spike TV is one of my favorite channels.

Janet says

That's...HOW many times somebody's suddenly wanted to whisk JoCo out to Las Vegas?

Kerrin says

Didn't Popular Science 'Whisk' him out to Las Vegas?

I forgot in my last comment:

Whoo! Another new song after the next new song! Whoo!

Gina says

Please do let us know when your Game Head thing will be airing!

CarrieP says

Viva Quantum Leap references!

Sympathies for your impending Jet Lag...

Nooah says

Thing a Month! Thing a Month! Thing a Month! Thing a Month!


Glenn says

Don't finish the song in Vegas -- because then it'd have to stay in Vegas!

Roman V. says

Maybe you're stranded in Vegas
Maybe you're headed there anyway
You like video games
Then prepare to be blown away
Spike TVeeeeeeeee
Spike TVeeeeeeeee

Gle3nn says

Any chance you're going here?


Eric Ginsberg says


Jeremy Williams says

Curses, another week!
I want to hear the new song!
However, the having of another new song after that new song is also good...