Casual Reference in Salon

By JoCo November 15, 2007

As you know, my favorite way to be mentioned is casually, as if a mention of my name requires no explanation. Imagine my delight when this snippet appeared in Salon’s Sexiest Man Living piece today (this paragraph is about the definitely very sexy Flight of the Conchords kids):

Separately, they’re adorable, but together, they enter a pantheon of witty troubadours that includes Jonathan Richman, They Might Be Giants and Jonathan Coulton — men who are a little bit Bruce, a little bit Groucho, and more than a little appealing.

I didn’t make the sexy list, but it does take two Conchords to make one of me (or one Jonathan Richman, or two Giants). And when they say “Bruce,” obviously they mean Bruce Vilanch, so you know, that’s good.


Glenn says

I've gotten good at the casual mention.

"So, as I was saying to Jonathan Coulton the other day..."

Leslie says

"Bruce Vilanch" Har! I WAS wondering who they meant. Springsteen? But then I don't know who these Conchords are either.

gle3nn says

I haven't seen Bruce since "Ice Pirates"

Katie FL says

I assumed they meant Bruce Campbell.

I wouldn't worry too much about not making a sexy list that includes Sean Penn.

Mary Elizabeth Williams says

Actually, I meant Bruce, the shark from "Jaws."

-- Yr fan at Salon

jesss says

I had a college friend raving about Flight of the Conchords the other day and I raved back about JoCo. It definitely take two of them to make up your soft rockin' self!

Jen says

You so totally should collaborate with Mary Elizabeth's other crush, Junot Diaz -- you two would bring the fugù on our robot overloads for sure.

Shruti says

I watched the episode of Flight with Hodgman in it. It was clever. I should watch the rest of it.

Also, yay for casual mentions and witty troubadours.

Kerrin says

I mention you casually all the time, anyone who knows me, know about you!

JP says

Dude, I always mention you. None of my friends know who you are yet, but that just makes you more cutting edge.

Don't feel bad, because I am sure none of your friends know who I am either. :)

Chris says

Interesting how their references here are two men named Jonathon, and a band that consists of two men named John. OK, maybe only interesting to me.

Janet says

Springsteen? Handsome. Vilanch? Shaggy. JawsBruce? Wow.

JoCo? Wow. "Shaggily Handsome." It's been documented; I read it on The Internet.

Len says

I actually wear a pin that says "WWJCD" (What would JoCo Do?)

Ian says

Admittedly Bret of the Conchords has been playing ukulele since before ukulele was cool.

Sparky says

They obviously meant Bruce Wayne.

Because Jonathan Coulton also has a cool cape, an underground lair, a spiffy high-tech car and a spiffy high-tech plane, a devoted butler and an adoring sidekick in tights.

Well, if he doesn't, he *should*.

Maurice J. says

Hello everyone,

With our friend Jonathan getting all this press, it's only a matter of time before he is a household name. Now, I'm thinking deep into the future here and I know at some point, Mr. Coulton will be sitting in his mansion, needing more money to support his various bad habits, which in turn will cause him not to be able to write anymore... So he will need to sell out and he may need out help...

I thought I would help along those lines with a few ideas that might be useful in about 30 years... (While waiting for my forum sign in so I can do this correctly, I thought I would put a few here)

1) I feel Crantastic (Ocean Spray)
2) Re: Your Eggs "All we want to do is eat some eggs" (Egg Counsel)
3) Baby's got Slacks (The Gap)
4) My Money 'My Money gets invested... sometimes" (Fidelity)
5) That spells C.N.N. (No need to explain)

The thinking is, after all the fun and joy I've gotten from listen to Jonathan's music (And the years to come of great stuff) , I thought I would give a little back and help towards the future retirement plan of are dear talented friend. Hey, if his talent should ever leave him, doesn't mean his fans should... (and scene)

Al says

Maybe they really meant Bruce the shark from "Finding Nemo."
What would be the similar quality - intimidating?

Mozzy says

Oh this is too weird. I was just introduced to Flight Of The Conchords TONIGHT by a Kiwi friend, and I responded by playing him my top three Jonathan Coulton songs (who he'd unfortunately never had the pleasure of hearing). Logged on here for the first time in a while and see that Salon has already made the connection before me. And here I was thinking I was being all original and cutting-edge and stuff!!

Kristina Feagan says

Love your posts Keep em coming I look forward to more!