New Song – Session 1

ByJoCo November 7, 2007

I’m going to be recording a new song today and tomorrow (and possibly next week if I don’t finish). I should get started around 12:30 EST today, and you may watch here if you like. Right now I’m going to change some guitar strings.


Sorry I had to eat a sandwich in front of you, but glad I got to eat a sandwich. I did a basic drum arrangement that will get cleaned up later and recorded a few guitar parts that I will probably pick and choose from later on. I still have to finish up the lyrics on the third verse, but I pretty much know where it’s going. Tomorrow I’ll do some more: probably start with bass, then fill in the chorus with something else, and possibly get to vocals. Looking at something like a 10 AM EST start time.


Kerrin says


New song! New song!

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I guess you could just have an rss reader on this feed...ok I'm rambling.

I think I should stop.

Joseph Devon says

Is this the one where the guy jumps off the exploding roof? Cause I've already seen that movie.

jesss says

This is very nice. I can't watch all the time but I have the window up in the background and I have new (slightly disjointed) music to work by.

Shruti says

New song! How dreadfully exciting.

Amber Neely says

Aw, peas! I totally logged on just in time to see you get up and walk away and then the words "The End! (For Now!)

Matthew says

Why does my RSS feed update me NOW?

Luke M says

You can watch the recording from today if you click on the little thumbnail near the bottom.

New song! Yay! Sort of a Neil Young-y feel in places, also some interesting chords.

These bubble sessions are actually quite interesting, speaking as someone who has dabbled in (very basic) home recording. Thanks for the window, JoCo.

Hope says

that was seriously awesome!! looking forward to Session #2

Miss Me says

It's like Big Brother, but way better.

M_pony says

Is it too early to post a tab? ;)