More Uke Love

By JoCo November 5, 2007

I received a link in my electronic mail to this simply perfect uke cover of Tom Cruise Crazy. My investigations into the identity of this mysterious stranger led me to a cover of Britney Spears’ss’s’ “Toxic” (which is also awesome). Why is the ukulele so completely kickass?!

The ukulele army grows larger and larger, and soon we will dominate all media. Then you will all pay.


Chris Radcliff says

Wait, we haven't paid yet?

I could have sworn I paid already.

pattay says

i have a coupon...

Molly says

Don't mind me, I'm just going to roll up into a ball and explode.

Unbridled glee. Really. No amount of keyboard smashing could express it.

Brienna says

Molly Molly Molly!~
I got to see those live. And then some more songs. :)

Becky says

That's you, Molly? Pure awesomeness, well done indeed! Is the Random Banter video from a talent show or something?

Laertes says

Brilliant. Holy cow can she play. And sing. Never noticed how good a song Toxic was until I saw that.

Taylor says

Wooo hoooo Molly! Finally getting the attention that you deserve!

Luke M says

That was great! That is so going onto my next mixtape. Well effing done!

I love the Internets.

Jim says

If anything taught me about the power of the ukulele, it was Sometymes Why. For realz.

Paul says

A ukelele duet would be awesome... (hint, hint)

Demetrius says

Wow! There's apparently a whole world of teen ukulele culture that my sheltered life kept me from until now. Quite cool!

James says

Those vids were great! Nice uke too. And umm the girl playing the uke isn't really beat up either. Yeah, real nice uke playin'.

Y.V. says

This reminds me:
Could you please do some songs with female vocals? Maybe a collaboration project of some kind?

Mark says

I have this bizarre mental image of a music video in which Molly, wearing an ugly jacket and a pink hat, pulls a mask off John Hodgman to reveal Jonathan Coulton.

Marty says

Jonathan -

Paul & Storm and....a song with Molly? Please?

Javier says

I have this dream of a concert where Molly is singing and playing the uke, while Emily is up front dancing, and spiffworld videos are playing on the big screen behind the stage.

Nick says

Cool, but I preferred the Uke/bass version you did with kristin.

Amber says

I totally want my name mentioned in the Thank you speach.
As the kids are saying now adays - Molly, you are too cool for school. For rizzle.
That is all.

Amber says

and by Speach... I ment Speech.

Bissrok says

I tried to think of a clever way to compliment the song, but nothing's coming. Too early, I suppose.

Great cover, though. I hope there's more on the way.

jesss says

Oh, man! I was watching the show Chuck last night and I recognized "Toxic" only because of this link. I guess that might make me old.

ouija repair says

I think George Harrison was a big uke fan, so much so that he gave one to Tom Petty as a present. As if the instrument needed more reasons to be loved.

HeavyGod says

Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
Good luck and successes in blogging!

Tobias says

Absolutely fabulous, she should so tour with you

Mark Gordon says

Dave says

I have recently joined the ukulele army. I am a guitar player that has been inspired by all of the kick-ass ukulele music on YouTube. The Bushman Jenny is on it's way. DHL, please be quick!

Jakob says

The revolution is coming.

This time we'll do it right.

With ukuleles.

OneTrickPony says

I already joined the army.

tumtumtum.. let's start a nuclear war.

Jeremy says

Not gonna lie, it was the uke that led me to Jonathan Coulton.