Happy Halloween

By JoCo October 31, 2007

From my office here at Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn:

Gorilla Coffee on Halloween


Steve says

All we wanna do is *drink* your brains? That could work.

Mike says

Doesn't seem that unreasonable.

Jon says

not as if someone's gonna drink your eyes

Hope says

mmm...brains! gotta love Halloween.

Alex says

Nothing better to do on Halloween than to eat brains and listen to "Creepy Doll"

Rioexxo says

.... Good Idea, I think I'll do that now!

john d'arc says

wow. is it the first of may already? where are the scones?

Michael says

mmmmMmmMmmmmm Scones

Paul says

Starbucks actually DOES sell Pumpkin Latte, though they look at you kind of funny when you ask for brains...

pattay says

doesn't take me asking for brains to get funny looks so far.... and that's not limited to starbucks btw....

Natascha says

Starbucks doesn't sell brains but it does steal your soul. Just look at the workers. Tall/Grande/Vente my ass.

Holden says

Vente Brains means snacking on Darwin's noggin.
Tall Brains means mine for making such a stupid comment.

Roman V. says

I find that the zombie-American community is very close-minded when it comes to zombies choosing to be vegetarians. All they wanna do is eat your grains, but no they are shunned. Shuuuunnnnneeddd...

Tristan says

all we wanna do is eat your grains
we're not unreasonable, I mean noone's gonna eat your chives

Paul says

On that note, hold your nose and visit: http://krazykimchi.com/comic/2003/06/09/a-really-lame-joke/

Cheyenne Wright says

for this Halloween, the wife and I concocted a dinner of tomato soup with bird's nest pasta served in a skull mug. Tre' Zümbie