Sellersville Merch

By JoCo October 18, 2007

Any volunteers who’d like to handle the filthy money for me at the merch table tomorrow night, send me an email and I will be eternally grateful.



Brad O'Farrell says

I think you'll have pretty good odds of finding a saleman in sellersville!

Rioexxo says


Becky says

Hey man, I just got an email from Eventful saying you're coming to St. Louis in December?! Can it be?!?!?!? AWESOME!!! I will be there!!

Amber Neely says

D'AW! I'm in South Dakota right now, but I'm originally from PA. I totally would have done it though. Hopefully sometime in 2008 you'll get back to PA and I'll be able to see ya live.

By the by, thanks for posting my dorky little drawing for "Octopus."

Peter says

To be honest, this is awfully trusting. If I was a con man, I would offer, collect, and run with the money.

Demetrius says

@ Peter

...and bring the wrath of JoCo's Zombie Army down upon yourself? 'taint wuth it!

Hey! If you can't trust complete strangers you contact over the internet I don't know what the world is coming to.

Demetrius says

Giant Lego Zombies!

Demetrius says

Portal transformed into a Flash game:

I *have to* get the real thing!!

James Paul Johnson says

Well, damn, I live in Perkasie, the town over from Sellersville. Unfortunately I'm stranded here at Penn State and didn't here about this until now. Otherwise I would have pressured people to go.

Joe M says

Holy crap, other people live in Sellersville? That's amazing! I'm in Worcester Mass for school, but this is beyond belief. I was actually home, too, when you wanted volunteers. Shame I didn't see this :(