StSaunders Shreds

By JoCo October 17, 2007

These videos all have me in stitches, but I think this one is the best because it has Ozzy clapping all out of time like a crazy person.


awryone says

Steve Vai starting to play Iron Man AND Stairway in the same shred...
St. Sanders is a genius. Funniest spoof I've seen in a long time.
Thanks, man.

Paul says

What do you mean, "LIKE a crazy person"?

J. Kyle says

I lost it in the Santana one when the keyboardist started riffing on "The Final Countdown." Hilarious stuff.

Sean Wright says

Yeah, I think we can safely assume that Ozzy is wasted!

Sean Wright says

SOoooooo funny!

LSK says

I love these. Redubs, right?

Colleenky says

Kids, this is why you should leave improvisation to the professionals ... oh, wait.

Michael M. Butler says

I believe that if Frank Zappa could see this now, he would murmur, "Really NICE EYEBROWS, St. Sanders." It's like the Shaggs for shredders. Mmm, dat's nizzze.

Michael M. Butler says

I also really like the incidental Ozzie-troglodyte noises and the way Ozzie makes the guitarist's neck do the crunchy-neck-dislocation sound. Masterful redub. OR a secret recording off the stage channels of the board verrrry late at an nth-encore... :)

Gle3nn says

I watched the original video without the altered soundtrack and this was an improvement.
This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

Len says

If you liked that, you should check out the Legion of Rock Stars:

"Legion of Rock Stars (LRS) pioneered Pure Pleasure, in which the band listens to original recordings of classic rock and pop songs on 30db noise-blocking headsets, and then plays along."

Len says

Oops. Try this link:

Dr. Nguyen van Faulk says

I love when he tunes his low E down so its buzzing and then shreds on it for 5 minutes.

It's like listening to Guitar Center customers try out new guitars. Funny as hell.

ouija repair says

Well, that sure made my morning. It could have been the "We hope you enjoy our new direction" scene in spinal tap - if the mockuplot had them using a poor Nigel replacement.

Maurice J says

Ahhhhhhhhhh, LOL LOL too much

Jim says

St Sanders is a genius - on many levels. Mostly because I have not laughed that hard in a long, long, long, long time. The Jake E Lee vid took the cake but they all stand alone for their own reasons. Steve Vai's motions against the dubbed sound points out just how stupid all the gyrations actually look........this stuff is good on many levels - not the least of which is the losers that think it is really the original artist.......reading the comments on YouTube is half the fun!!