Still Alive Performed on GMod Piano

By JoCo October 17, 2007

Stay with me here, I had to look a lot of this up myself:

Crazy emmer effer called FPtje on YouTube has used the Valve Source engine and GMod (yeah grandma, that’s like, a sort of sandbox add-on thingie built using the Source SDK…er…which is kind of like a, um, forget it, never mind) to create a playable piano within the Half-Life environment, on which he plays along to “Still Alive” in this here video, seemingly BY AIMING AND FIRING HIS GUN. In theory I understand what’s happening here, but I’m not sure I would be able to explain it without reading from the post I just wrote. Holy shit, when did I fall so far behind?

Anyway, it’s awesome. As Mr. tje (or perhaps Ptje?) points out in his YouTube post, “It’s hard to play a piano with a gun!” I couldn’t agree more.


[Wolf]Happyclam says

I have to say that's pretty darned good. Hats off to the both of you for your imaginative work.

Lio says

Not even a miss in the whole song ! I’m making a note here: huge success :)

Antares19 says

Huge success! Yeah, LOL! :)

"Still Alive with a gun"... 8)

Kerrin says

Hey, I could use this video to learn to play this on the piano! Not that I can play the piano.

Very impressive!

JT says

Give that player some delicious, moist cake!

Chris Radcliff says

Great, now I have the song stuck in my head again...

Seriously, though, that's impressive. In a baffling, edge-of-reason kind of way, but impressive nonetheless.

And the cake is still a lie. Still a lie...

Janet says

All the keys played with a tiny puff of smoke, but I found it particularly eerie to watch that F Sharp. Smoking.

Andy says

> Great, now I have the song stuck in my head again...

I've had it stuck in my head since I first heard it a week ago. :)

Great work FPtje and great song Jonathan.

Frith Ra says

Excellent work once again Jonathan! Such an awesome song!

As for the video, I wish I could aim that accurately that fast. Would be helpful when getting swarmed by antlions. xD

Susan says

Hi JC-

Beautiful song. I can't even wrap my mind around how this guy made the piano, with the gun, and the music--well, I might as well be grandma when it comes to computers these days...

Underneath all the layers of impressive digital rammajamma, essentially this is a really gorgeous song. I love it!

Now get off your Blackberry and fix yourself a snack. You deserve it!

Elbarfo says

I have had that song stuck in my head since I beat the game on the 12th. I'm ready to jab a screwdriver in my ear to end the torment....

I wondered how long it would be before the GMOD people got a hold of portal. Not long at all...

Awesome song, ending an awesome game. Now where's my screwdriver? :D

Jeremy Williams says

I must say, that is pretty dang excellent.

Clarke says

That's as impressive as the song itself. I gotta grab me some add-ons for GM10.

Lash2828 says

If there is anything better in the Gmod universe than this, then shoot me.

M_pony says

@Lash2828: but if they shoot you with that gun, which note will you play?

Ronny says

Wow,it's amazing how this works, I have trouble getting objects to not glitch into walls.

FPtje says

Wait you're the maker of the original still alive?
oh whoops :)


ps where is my previous post?

FPtje says

Oh I think my previous post didn't get on your site...
Sorry for the double post...
the original post had:
It's awesome that you have my song on your blog.
Why does you blog have more comments than mine? (I now found out why :D)

You can download my vmfs with the piano here:

I actually didn't know this video was going to be a success knowing that it doesn't sound very good... :D

Demetrius says

Portal transformed into a Flash game:

I *have to* get the real thing!!

Marianne says

My 12-year-old made me listen to the song last night on YouTube, and I hunted down the composer here. Brilliant work. NOW TELL ME HOW TO GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD.

And now this video...playing piano with a gun. There is hope that I can yet foist piano lessons on my son. Can't wait to show him after school. :)

FPtje says

"Son you really need to learn to play the piano with a gun!"

That thought made me laugh :)

Matt says

What about a shotgun or rocket launcher? I mean there were no specifics on what type of gun.

Awesome song and some nice shooting. Did you do the shooting in real time or slow the speed by half and play it at a more reasonable pace, because if not I would never want to go head to head with you.... ever. I would be singing this song then as I would be corpseifying.

FPtje says

In real time.
I'm that good, but I train with it every single time I put my server up. And I notice that when you joined a server and then play a gmod piano then it's much slower and harder to play than when you put your own server/singleplayer up.

The Bozz says

Somebody give that guy some achivement points.

FPtje says

Hey half-life Gun piano a series of tubes,
Where did you et that information?

omega says

that was a triumph!

Mewtroid says

Epic win. This person wins an Internet.

Luke M says

Here it is on regular piano.

changes keys says

Two major keys :)

D and F

Eben Goresko says

There is something about feeling real keys on a real pia with your real fingers. But if this is the way you get your kicks, so be it. Cute!

Lewis Anderson says

it's hard to overstate my satisfaction!!! you did very well!!!

studying piano says

can’t even wrap my mind around how this guy made the piano, with the gun, and the music–well I notice that when you joined a server and then play a gmod piano then it’s much slower

Jeaulm says

This guy deserves a platinum.

FPtje says

Studying piano:
the piano was made in Hammer (that's the old piano, the new one is made in Lua) Hammer was a mapping tool, but there was a method to put half maps in the game.

The weapon was scripted in Lua, the scripting language in Garry's mod.

unkown says


Mark Johnson says

OMG, this is hilarious, how in the world did you not record this video before... Jaja...your next challenge should be to play a violin or something jjaaja..

I've got to show my friend this, jaja..omg I cant stop laughing..

Cheers bro!!