Spiff: The Big Boom

By JoCo October 16, 2007

Somewhere in between a musical chase montage from an episode of Scooby Doo and a clip from the movie Heavy Metal lies this video from Spiff for The Big Boom. Spiff would like to point out that he did not copy Emily like some kind of copycat, he was working on it before he even knew she was doing her video dammit. Please note the self-referential inclusion of characters from previous Spiff videos, also that according to the credits, fellow WoW video maker Gl3nn did some of the shooting for this one [correction: not in the WoW video actually – he shot the Sweet Caroline segment at the end]. Nice work kids!


Danny says

I like the "crossover" of characters from spiff's other videos, such as RE:your brains.

Alden says

I think the reference to Gl3nn refers to the Live Sweet Caroline video he filmed, and not WoW footage used for the video, but I could be mistaken.

Spiff says

Yep, I just wanted to credit Gle3nn for getting the Sweet Caroline recording I was using. The rest of the video is all me, baby. :)

Greg says

Where was the Sweet Caroline recording taken?

Evil Ducks says

"Where was the Sweet Caroline recording taken?"

I would imagine from Coulton's performance (with Paul and Storm) at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco about a month back.

Keith Casey says

They did Sweet Caroline at the Birchmere (in VA) back in August too... that's when the guy asked JC if he'd perform at a Bachelor Party in Vegas.

Spiff says

The recording I used was the one Gle3nn made in L.A.

Steve N says

FTW vid no longer available on YouTube...

jhonny says

this song is great but re your brais is better

jhonny says

i will love that you create a song about murlocs

jhonny says

i dont have web site