Len Responds

By JoCo October 16, 2007

He can’t be stopped! Here’s a “Still Alive” image from our old friend Len:


Brad O'Farrell says

I sent you a cake on Facebook. I figured you'd appreciate the gesture of a conceptual cake.

Aspera says

Great idea, brad, in fact, I think we need a new donation level.

Please add Cake to the Bananas, Monkeys, and Robots in your candy box.
Because it is so delicious and moist and it's not a lie! Believe in the cake, GLaDOS only gives cake to true believers. But you have to really want the cake.

Because "Still Alive" really takes the cake!

Jen says

That Len is one talented mofo.

Shea says

I never would have expected you to make that song. Nice job.

Alex says

I remember you saying something about working with Valve at PAX '07, and when I heard this song, I could tell by guitar and lyrics that you had to have done this song. Great Song! And if your at the Valve office in Bellevue (WA) ever. Let me know so I can take you out to lunch.