Brad Sucks Singalong

By JoCo October 16, 2007

Brad Sucks is looking for a few good backing vocals for a song on his new record (we used to call them “records”). Just make a recording of yourself singing along to the song and send it in to him – he’ll put your name in his liner notes and then you’ll be famous. Plus you’ll get a free copy of the record when it’s done.


SevinPackage says

Well, are you gonna record your vocals for it?
Don't leave us hanging, JoCo!

witten says

Any JoCo fans who haven't heard Brad Sucks should take this opportunity to check out his music.. Some really great stuff, sort of slightly electronicy rock with drawling vocals and biting lyrics. It's also Creative Commonsly licensed, in case you're wondering.

Jeff Fardink says

Great! I consider this my first (of surely many) musical collaborations with JoCo. The show at Joe's Pub, by the way, was kick ass.

sevinPackage says

Indeed, a contribution was made!
You can find it here on Brad's page:

sevinPackage says

I should clarify. This is Brad's page of submissions to the project on the ccmixter website. I've heard the mix fieryprophet put together of the existing files, and it sounds great.
That file can be found in mp3 and wma here: