Joe’s Pub Down, Sellersville To Go

ByJoCo October 15, 2007

Wow, nice solid NYC crowd last night – thanks to everyone who came out. That Joe’s Pub sure does sound nice. Plenty of places to sit. Italian food. What’s not to like? Kristen Shirts was there to reprise some favorite uke versions of stuff, the zendrum came out to play, also I played banjo and harmonica AT THE SAME TIME in the first ever live version of “Someone Is Crazy.” You know me, always innovating.

This Friday I’ll be at the Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA with Paul and Storm. Early reports of ticket sales indicate that this might be one of those, erm, intimate shows. Or at least it would be if the venue wasn’t CAVERNOUS and FILLED WITH SAD EMPTY SEATS. You can rectify this situation by purchasing tickets here:


Tina says

Ack! I would totally go, but it's 5 hours away from me. How could I get there after work, leaving Boston? Have you seen rush-hour Boston traffic? It takes an hour just to get outside the city.

But I wish I could go!!

JoCo says

Thanks Tina, but jeez, nobody drive five hours OK?

Alex says

My wife and I went to see the show last night (my wife was the one who requested "First of May!") and thought it was awesome. I'm proud that in years to come, when people talk about your excellent harmonica-while-banjoing-prowess we'll be able to say WE WERE THERE.
Interestingly, the only other performer I've seen at Joe's Pub is Nellie McKay--who also played the uke and has a song about zombies with audience participation! Is that part of the Joe's Pub contract or something?
Great show!

Martha Garvey says

You were a multitasking delight.

Samir says

thanks for the great show at Joe's. nice to meet you as well.

Mike says

It was my first opportunity to see a show with you, and it was far better than I would have imagined. "Mr. Fancypants" nearly had me on the floor.

Next time I'm going to forcibly drag people to the show.

Steve F. says

If you came up North a bit more around Scranton about ten tickets would be bought immediately. :P

Dan says

The Mr. Fancypants zendrum rendition should become a staple of the concerts - probably one of the best crowd reactions of the night, too.

Sarah says

What an awesome show! We enjoyed ourselves to bits. Next time I'll ask for "Soft Rocked By Me" earlier in the evening, before things get so raucous. I think it's really funny that there were just so many ex-a cappella singers in the audience that we sounded less like zombies and more like jazz chorus.

How freaking beautiful was the total silence during "I Crush Everything?"

Martha Garvey says

How freaking beautiful was the total silence during “I Crush Everything?”

I was thinking the same thing. Saddest song about a squid. Ever.

Marc says

I was so freakin' rocked it took me 2 days to post here! Super fun show, although with everyone sitting down, it's hard to see how much people were enjoying the show. The answer? A HECKUVA LOT! Thanks again, and I'll bring even more friends to the next one.

Renee says

Awesome! Wish I could have been there. I would love to see you play Banjo in concert. I hope you bring it the next time you're down in MD/VA.

Gina says

Hey Renee, Sellersville is only 3 hours away, and it's a Friday night...

Jo says

Damn you, Coulton! Thanks in part to your whizzy new drum-machine gizmo, Mr. Fancy Pants has been lodged in my brain like a hunk of inoperable shrapnel since Monday night.

I can't remember which Creedence Clearwater song is supposed to be the antidote for this sort of stuck-in-the-brain disorder, and I'm becoming somewhat desperate.

An mp3 of "Midnight Train to Georgia" off the very-much-out-of-print "Take A Whiff" CD might help, but I'm not sure.

zeedoos says

Woot! just got our tickets for the Sellersville show! Based on the responses to Joe's Pub above, I can't wait. It's the first time I get to see JoCo live! But while I was there, I saw first hand how... cavernous... the venue is - we can get lot's more people and all will have a great time. So come on peeps - bring your friends!

Marty says

Hey, you know Sellersville isn't all that far from Philly, for anyone who's down that way, and I will be there too....Ill be the guy in fancy pants (maybe) - then again, I might be cleverly disguised as a suburban dad out on a date with his wife...

Gina says

I'm doing it - coming up from DC! Will bring one friend from Philly.

JoAnn from VA says

Mapquest said it was 4 hours to get from here to Sellersville...but between the pouring rain and the fact that mapquest never takes into account the reality that you are not alone on the road, it was really 8 hours. *grin* And totally worth it! Fantastic concert from all of you. I bought all the cd's you had for sale and am currently kicking myself for not getting the ones by Paul and Storm. I will have to rectoify that via ordering on line I guess. Have fun playing with your new "wierd purse" and "night retainer"!

The lady in the ribboned vest who found you through WOW and Spiffworld

Zack says

You are awesome man, I love this song so much. Amazing work you and Valve did.

lace says

i would go but I live in New mexico. SORRY.