Guitar Hero 2 Code Monkey

By JoCo October 12, 2007

Someone has broken all sorts of rules and regulations to hack Code Monkey into a custom Guitar Hero 2 song – evidence can be found here. It’s kind of funny (and sad) for me to watch because it sort of underscores how boring a guitar player I am. Chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk (Repeat 100X). Should have taken lessons. Thanks Andy!


Soyner says

Wow. Some people can figure out ways to do anything. :O

My son and I have been blasting Code Monkey in the car and singing along to it all day. Something about that tune makes me have to sing along...which is even more fun singing 'like simple man.' I blame boring manager Rob.

ps: 'STILL ALIVE" on Portal is f'n brilliant. nice work.

Mike says

MUST... GET... THIS... ON... MY... PS2...


Tyrun says

Awwww, John - I still love the song. I had to laugh though as the video played, because you're totally right.

Chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk *pause* chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk ...

It's still an amazing song. So don't be too harsh on yourself. Whenever I rip out Re: Your Brains for people on guitar it always cracks people up.

Jim says

Eh, don't feel bad. I can't play Guitar Hero for the life of me, and I've been playing "real" guitar for a long time. That song looks like a damn challenge to someone like me.

Hope says

aww...don't think of it that way! You were just trying to make sure people could get a kickass score on the song!! You had your fans in mind. ;)

but in all seriousness...that's AWESOME!

Allison says

I agree with Hope. :)

Of course, you could always make a new song with this XKCD comic in mind:

Gina says

I don't know nuthin' 'bout playin' no insturments, but some of your playing sounds very intricate and lovely to me, like the background on "Bills, Bills, Bills" - sounds like a banjo to me, but that isn't listed as one of your instruments. Maybe it's a mandolin?

Paul says

JC... did, did you PLAY "Surrender" on GH2? If anything, this shows how simple, and timeless, good power-pop can be.

Please don't make your next album 15 clones of "Jordan".

Sage says

Oh man, I feel incredibly guilty for making this now! x_x I promise that it's fun to play in-game, especially when you sing along.

Now, speaking of singing along, we should work on getting JoCo into Rock Band...

Kevin M. says

Someone did something similar with Re: Your Brains a while back. Unfortunately, the video was taken with a digital camera, so it's a bit grainy and you hear the guitar clicks; you can still see the difficulty of the song in the game, however.

Trevor says

It might be easy but your music rocks. I really get a kick out of creepy doll and re: Your Brains

paul says

When played correctly your song pegs the ROCK!-meter.

And a hack for this is absolutely no surprise at all knowing your target demo.

I'm surprised they didn't put you on stage.

Demetrius says

Cool! I want to see the "Ukelele Hero" version!

Haplo says

I have played Andy's track, and it's actually pretty darned fun! The best part is when you have about 20 friends in the background singing along while you strum and sing yourself to the tune. I can't sing along to Six or Jordan; Code Monkey, I can manage it. I'm all about it. :)

Bob says

It would have been cool if they could have hacked the avatar for the lead singer to look like you. And hack the female gutarist avatar to look like Kristen playing ukelele. :)

As for the "boring" guitar playing.... genius is creating brilliance from simplicity.

Hober Short says

"It's just rock and roll. A lot of times we get criticised for it. A lot of music papers come out with: 'When are they going to stop playing these three chords?' If you believe you shouldn't play just three chords it's pretty silly on their part. To us, the simpler a song is, the better, 'cause it's more in line with what the person on the street is." -Angus Young, lead guitarist for AC/DC

Matt Walton says

Much as I love Code Monkey... the recorded version's instrumentals are really really boring. However, you seem to be doing better things with it live these days, and I'm sure you could come up with something much more interesting if you cared to take the time.

Rawdge says

dude, don't be hard on yourself... as i understand it, didn't you take all of, what, a week to write and record it?

you've made better music than some musicians are able to grunt out in a year, as far as i'm concerned.

please, keep it up!

Anonymous Enforcer says

I'm surprised nobody mentioned to you that one of the PAX Enforcers had encoded his own version of Re: Your Brains onto a copy of Guitar Hero II he had demoing at the Expo.

It looked better than the one Kevin M. linked to, IIRC.

Different Anonymous Enforcer says

Heck, I'm surprised the Harmonix guys didn't tell you, or one of the Enforcers. We showed Sean and he thought it was rad. Let us know and maybe we can arrange something!

Skippy says

3 Chords and the truth baby!

ouija repair says

Honestly, not once did I ever notice the guitar playing of any thing of any week as boring. I was too impressed with deft hooks and popcraft to pay attention to any such thing. There are hundreds of thousands of technically skilled guitar players who would give their guitar collections to be able to put together songs that stick in the head as nicely as these. Besides, on Code Monkey I was under the impression the rhythm guitar chunking kind of has to be there just as it is, being the engine and all.

Teenmilitarykid says

dude dont think of it that way every1 thinks that song rocks. i let my cousin hear it and she thinks it will make the jo bros CRY!!! lol jk

Katie-Lynn says

Code monkey is an amazing song.. infact I love ALL of your songs!! Honestly I think your one of the best things to ever happen to music. Okay now I sound like a crazy fan. However, don't worry about your guitar, because your amazing!!!! lol XD

Just felt I needed to put that out there