Ask the Optimist

By JoCo October 12, 2007

Our good friend Jesse Thorn has waved his wand of many famous people and assembled an all-star (plus me) cast for a dramatic reading of George Saunders’ short story “Ask Mr. Optimist.” Check it: Andy Daly, Jen Kirkman, James Adomian, John Hodgman, Maria Bamford, M’er F’ing Jonathan Katz, Dan Klein, Xeni Jardin. And me. What am I doing in this list!? Who knows! But it’s a very funny story, and a very funny piece of audio, PLUS Brian Hogg of Hoggworks has created a video for it with puppets so that it’s also a very funny video. With puppets I tell you.

Listen here, laugh when ready…


LSK says

That was amusing. I didn't lol, but I giggled. That's what counts!

Shruti says

Aw, poor hurt-but-hopeful.

Roman V says

Things have been ok for me, except that I'm reptilian now...

notshakespeare says

Did you notice the title of Neil Gaiman's blog entry the other day?