Wil Wheaton: Not Unreasonable

By JoCo October 9, 2007

All I want to do is eat your brains


Ben says

That's pretty awesome. Nothing like seeing probably the most famous fan geeking out and referencing the song afterwards. too funny.

CarrieP says

I looooooooove the Haunted Mansion. Went to the one at Disney World Five times on my honeymoon...

Yes, I honeymooned at Disney World. It was awesome.

Spiff says

I honeymooned there too (though not with CarrieP). Totally fun place to spend your days, which leaves your nights free for... other things. :)

Kerri says

I'm not sure if it's funnier that you posted this or that I saw that on Wil's blog about a week ago ^_^

Shruti says

Never heard of him, not gonna lie, but Threadless t-shirt + JoCo reference? Awesome.

laura says

joco song quotes make for the best pic captions... on a completely, well not completely, but unrelated note: i have just bought tickets to a joco at schubas in december! does this mean you are also gonna play in the lovely and welcoming state of wisconsin again? come back to the montmartre!

Mike says

I'm going to Disneyworld next month. Maybe *this* time I'll get around to doing a photo sideshow set to DaVinci's Notebook's Kingdom in the Sky.

Demetrius says

@ Shruti

Never heard of him?? Come ON! He was the kid from Lost In Space. (just kidding! click me.)

J White says

Very cute. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the comments started talking about you and not him!

Just the way it should be. :)

Gle3nn says

Will Wheaton, JoCo reference and a Boingo reference all in the same place! Very cool. Will was very cool at the L.A. show, posing with us in our pictures with JoCo, Paul and Storm.

CarrieP says

@ Mike: apparently only Disney Land does up the Haunted Mansion like that. :( This from my friends who are Disney experts.

@ Spiff: curious as to when you honeymooned there. For me it was summer of 2003. Very coincident-y things happen every time I go there. I usually meet someone I know in "real life" when I go there, but I don't know they're going to be there.

Seth says

Trying not to spoil anything, but thank you for making the greatest ending for a computer game. Ever.

Jenny says


Love it.