The Orange Box

By JoCo October 7, 2007

This news has been creeping out there since the official press release, so I will say here: Valve’s “The Orange Box” will be coming out soon, a collection of several most likely very awesome games, and it includes a new song by me in one of the games. I’m not sure how much I’m supposed to say about it, so I’ll just leave it a bit mysterious and say that it was fun and I’m very proud of it. Also the game it’s in RULES…


P. Tullmann says

Portal! It must be Portal! Its the silly one in the box (I guess TF2 is pretty silly too). Not that the esteemed Mr. Coulton is silly, but ... which game is more likely to have a "Mr. Fancy Pants" level?

Gina says

I don't play video games much, so I hope that the song will be available here sometime in the future (soon).

Adam says

Great Scott! It's a combination of the two geekiest and most amazing things ever!

Jason says

Hah yeah it's got to be Portal. That's awesome though. Now I'm looking forward to the other two titles in the Orange Box even more.

Brad O'Farrell says

I don't know if I'd call Portal "silly" after going to it seems more like it has a really creepy sinister tone. That website contains a fictional employment application test thing for the company that made the portal gun, one of the questions is "Which method of torture would be most effective on you?" Although, if JoCo is in it, I hope the song is about cake. The cake is a lie!

Wim says

Already have this preloaded on Steam, this makes the package even better.

Also, how is TF2 less silly than Portal?

john d'arc says

I can imagine it in Portal. Sort of an elevator music type thing, but about your imminent death.

Len says

Congrats man. This is certainly a milestone for you. You have certainly made it to the top of the geek hill.

BTW, this was one of the main reasons for me pre-ordering the Orange Box.

Meredith says

I hadn't even heard of the orange box before this, probably because I'm not a big half-life fan. Now I just really want to play Portal.

Jim says

Win. That's all I can say -- pure, unadulterated win. I'm a hardcore JoCo and HL2 fan, and I've been looking forward to the Orange Box since its inception. I can only imagine what they must be like together.

You, sir, have attained a level of awesome heretofore unknown, let alone unattained.

Merus says

"Also the game it’s in RULES…"

This doesn't narrow it down any. The Orange Box is, without hyperbole, probably the greatest deal this decade.

Kerrin says

It going to be *in* the game? Cool.

Kevin M. says

I've been waiting for Team Fortress 2 for a long time, ever since Half Life 2 came out three years ago. Now I get to hear the dulcet tones of Jonathan Coulton while I play Half Life? What more could one ask for?

Jon Who says

Do we know whether the song will be published here at some point?

Greg says

Awesome. I've been waiting for Episode 2 forever, and now I get a new JoCo tune with it. That rocks.

Mike Berard says

Fantastic! Can't wait to hear it. Now I just gotta go buy JC's complete works...

Ben says

JoCo, is this the song that you referenced in the interview at PAX, or a completely different song?

Kevin says

I was actually on the fence about the Orange Box until I heard this news.

Glenn says


I was considering getting the Orange Box before, but I'm afraid this cinches the deal.

I hope I get to find out what it is!

AdamK says

Is the single available on Steam or only in the physical Orange Box box?

Andrewd says

and when you're dead i will be
still alive.

Klaste says

Definitely an awesome song. It would have been cooler if there was a big thing saying who made the song, though. Anyways, great job on Aperture Science! (If that's the name..)

Sam says

when do you think we can download this song? it's brilliant!

I love it! says

Science will not get me your song! I love it more than moist delicious cake!

Jeremy says

Hey anyone that wants the song file just go download "gcfscape" then open up the portal content.gcf in the steamapps folder, then portal -> sound -> music, then extract still alive, btw PORTAL IS AWESOME, FUNNY AND GREAT. Plus Jon GREAT SONG I LOVE IT!!

Scott Frazer says

Best. Credits. Ever.

Thanks, JC. I chuckled many times.

Ferrio says

I've been listening to the song for the past hour or so. Couldn't figure out how Valve managed to get such a nice song in the game. Beat the game again and saw your name in the credits for it, so just had to thank you for such awesome work.

The Cake is Moist says

Your fantastic song brought me here.

Now if I can stop listening to this song and go to sleep that would be nice!


Jemimus says

Fantastic game, fantastic song! :D Its cynical tone and dark humor is perfectly in tune with the games big badguy. I am gonna go extract it now. Naturally you are gonna have to relate to us how all this came about ;)

Oh, and so cool that it turns out you hear the song throughout the game from the beginning!

Scott B says

Any hope of us Mac users getting a chance to hear this tune?

(perhaps I'm overlooking something obvious - if so, could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks!)

z3rb says

Loved the song, extracted from the game and added to my WinAmp playlist :D

jesss says

We're a Mac/Wii family and I really want to hear this song.


Darkiris says

Finished it twice, once with the directors commentary and made mention of you :D

I had NO idea that was coming! Nice work Jonathan!

Andrew says

BEST SONG EVER. What a fantastic ending. Thank you!

Bridger says

Wow, fantastic song. Before this i'd only ever heard your Re: Your Brains song, and then heard your name in the developer commentary after i'd finished playing portal. It's a great way to end a fantastic (if short) game :)

josh says

Absolutely fantastic credits song and quite quickly rose to the top of game credits.

Thank you so much :D

Luke says

Loved Portals and LOVED THE SONG AT THE END. OH man, I was sitting there and I saw your name pop up. WOW. Where can I get a copy of it!

Andrew B says


Dan says

GREAT song! I hadn't heard of you before but will check out your website. The song is excellent. How was the voice done?

Rowr says

WHERE CAN I GET THIS SONG FOR DOWNLOAD? Is it hidden in the game files?

tg says

Awesome song! They picked exactly the right artist to produce a song for a deranged, optimistic, homocidal computer.
Is it just me, or does she sound like something out of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation?

Panigg says

Haha, awesome song. Listening to it for hours now. Great work. :)

Poonannie says

Outstanding ending. The song really made it. This cake is delicious.

Boris says

When I first heard the song "in situ," I thought, "Wow...that's a great song. I wonder who at Valve wrote that? That's the kind of thing Jonathan Coulton would write." Then, listening to the developer commentary, I learned I was more right than I knew. Very nice work, as always!

Ferrio says

Anyone too lazy to extract the file themselves, someone has uploaded it here.

jesss says

Thank you Ferrio. That is an amazing song! So deceptively sweet.

Mike says

The ending song/credits were just icing on the delicious, moist cake called Portal. I downloaded the song but I'm not sure how to label it.

Title: Still Alive
Artist: GLaDOS
Composed by: Johnathan Coulton?

Numb says




On a more serious note, awesome song. I never laughed so hard to video game credits.

Daniel Laursen says

I just beat portal this afternoon, and i loved the ending and the song. I had no idea, that i was already a fan, having heard: Re: your brains just recently.

When the game ended, i just sat there with a big smile on my face. The song came as a big surprise and fitted so well with the antagonist in the game - and you couldnt help to sympathize a bit with her twisted ways. Game reviewers are praising it already.

I wish more games dev. teams would employ song writers. There have been a couple of fun ones in the past that I recall: Monkey Island 3, Freddy Pharkas.

A couple of questions:
Do your own vocal version of the song, and will it ever be available? Was the singer in the game a synthesizer or a filtered female singer?

Keep up the terrific work.

Greetings from Denmark.

Jim says

Absolutely fantastic work with "Still Alive".

You win at life. Period.

Horse says

Truly great song! First video game credits I've ever wanted to watch/listen to more than once.

Austin says

Amazing game, amazing song.
Assume the party escort submission position!!!

Ruroni says

Amazing credits song.

JMaq says

Clever, funny, strangely touching. I actually cried a little. I really couldn't figure out how the song could possibly be THIS GOOD, and then I saw the name Jonathan Coulton in the credits and it all made sense. Well done, sir!

yns88 says

My god...I love your song.

yns88 says

...Almost as much as I loved my weighted companion cube T_T's's in a better place now.

Lester says

Thanks for this. Your song made this the best credits screen in gaming history. So awesome.

James says

This song is amazing...

Btw, for all of you who weren't really paying attention, the cake is real!

yns88 says

Daniel Laursen: The voice of GLaDOS was done by an opera singer, and I think there was only minimal filtering if any, as she seemed to be able to do the "synthesized" GLaDOS voice on command. (sorry for triple post)

GlaDOS says

Hey where can I download that track that you and I teamed up for?

belfastga says

Oh my. I didn't even know you'd done the song until Ferro (above) mentioned it on NeoGAF. Honestly, I just think it's fantastic. If not your best, then one of them. It's the kind of song that'll brighten your day, even with it's slightly sinister tone. Rock on, Mr. Coulton.

Devon says

Wow JoCo! This is awesome! IM SO PSYCHED I GUESSED YOU WERE BEHIND THIS SONG! I didnt even see your name in the credits. Seriously, I had just finished the game and was listening to the song, and the lines "Im doing science and Im still alive, I feel FANTASTIC and Im still alive" came up and I thought, thats strange, JoCo was behind this? So I came to your site to check and I hit the nail on the head. Song sounds great and I hope you do a version of your own because I really love it!

Draknodred says

PLEASE PLEASE release that song from Portal credits for download, please please please!!!

beelzebozo says

you made the game twice as good in the last two minutes.
that shit was amazing

Bradford says

still alive is AWESOME! i want it for my MP3 player so bad right now.

lostbronte says

I haven't even played the game but my husband called me to hear the song and I loved it! I keep listening to it over and over. Is the computer a real person's voice through a vocoder? Or synthesized?

w00t says

guys if you own portal then you have the "portal content.gcf" file, which has the .mp3 of the song in it (called portal_still_alive.mp3) the gcfscape program, and install

2. open the "portal content.gcf" file in "Program Files\Steam\steamapps" location

3. the mp3 is /portal/sound/music/portal_still_alive.mp3

awesome song btw, added a nice ending to a fantastic game

Jeremy Todd says

Heh. Like Devon, I came here because that song just screamed Coulton and I thought it HAD to be you. It was great -- best game credits ever. I'm listening to it over and over again.

Geoff says

Just had to drop a note. That song was genius! Best reward for winning a game ever! I wish I had that talent!

Jeron Moore says

Great song, Jonathan. It was the icing on the proverbial "cake", totally enhancing the personality of GLaDOS. Valve continues to impress, without fail, and the inclusion of your song, plus the great premise and gameplay of Portal, prove they they're still on top of their game.

Kyle says

I just played through it a second time with the commentary on. I heard the song was yours and had to come over here. And to lostbronte its a singers voice with some computer modualization.

Anyway great work.

Andrew says

Ha! I knew it! I was listening to the song and thought "man... this just exudes the flavor of a Jonathan Coulton song...", so I open your website and wouldn't you know it?

I don't know what it is about your songs, but, when I first hear most of them I just have the strongest urge to sit and listen to nothing but that song for hours on end. Which I have done with several.

Just.. freaking.. awesome.

Nathan Cocks says

Congratulations on the song. I've never been so impressed by a game's ending in a very long time and your song was the perfect cap-off. Bravo sir, bravo!


Brian Alexander says

AMAZING!!! I demand you give us a mp3 of this song..... or I'll eat all the cake myself.

Chris Chapman says

I heard the line 'I feel fantastic' in it and thought 'hmm, I wonder if the person who wrote this was a Jonathan Coulton fan?'

Right idea... totally wrong inference.

Anyway... that was one hell of a finishing flourish to an immensely satisfying game, and the song, I think, goes a long way to establishing GLaDOS as one of the best game antagonists ever... time will tell if that statement's premature, but I have a feeling I'll stand by it.

Macca says

That was absolutely the greatest ending sequence to a game that I've ever played, and it was all thanks to you. So thank you :)

"I'm doing science and I'm still alive!"

Jason says

I'm also here after finding you did the music for the end credits. Beautiful job! I think you perfectly captured the cheerful psychopath camp counselor theme the designers were going for. I couldn't ask for a better ending to this delightful morsel of a game. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face, and best wishes on your continued endeavours.

Noel says

Awesome game and awesome song. I've killed GLaDOS over and over again just to hear it.

Now to scarf on some delicious moist cake!

jazix says

haha awesome song. my girlfriend even got a hearty laugh out of it ^_^

Drew says

HOLY CRAP that song was my favorite part of the game. Replaying, I realized the radios were playing the song's tune. When I found out this was done by you I nearly crapped myself. This officially makes Portal a combination of everything amazing in the world.

Jason says

I just beat Portal last night and holy craptastic that was awesome. GREAT song and one of the best game credit sequences ever.

I would definitely pay cash money for a copy of that song.

Look at me still talking when there's science to do.

Jen Aaron says

So JoCo wrote the song? and this girl performed it? I'm confused :(

aaron says

I've gotta say, I also came here after saying to myself "self, that sure sounds like Jonathan Coulton's writing." And, bingo, it was! Unless, of course, you wrote a song I haven't heard yet in Episode 2. But that seems unlikely.

Anyway, awesome song. It capped off the whole game experience very well. Very nicely done.

Dan says

An absolutely perfect ending to possibly the most innovative game I've played in years. Congratulations!

The Cake Is *NOT* A Lie aka Michael says

Oh my god!!!
Give me your autograph! I love this song!
Completed the game 4 times so far! Because every time I completed I forgot to save just before the credits, because I can't get enough of this song! And now I finally downloaded the song, and playing it all the time!!! I love this song!!! Oh my god! Tell Valve they have to hire you as their componist! I would kiss you, but I ain't gay, so *NOT* gonna happen! :P
I've never ever ever ever ever seen an ending of a game this great. Make more music like this in other game ending credits!!! xP

SpaceParanoids says

I just finished the game. Your song was a triumph. I'm making a note here: Huge Success.

Gothmog says

Brilliant job, JoCo. Loved the song.

Oatmeal25 says

Count me as one of the fans of that song. Great work.

Jen Aaron, Ellen McLain only sung it as far as I know.

"Look at me still talking when there's science to do"

Sage says

Wow. I thought the same thing one of the earlier posters did re: "I feel fantastic!", and I had no idea you composed it until just now.

Damn, sir. No wonder it was such a good song. :)

k says

code monkey was a pretty crappy song but still alive is probably the best song I've heard all year so

Jordi says

"Still Alive" is a wonderful song, and the first time I heard something by you. I listened to some of your other songs, and just bought your boxset to fill up my iPod some more :-)

I hope you will also contribute to Portal 2!

Mike D says

Amazing song. It's been stuck in my head all day! It really made the ending for me.

SevinPackage says

Hey, when was this song recorded in Seattle?
I haven't been to Pure Audio yet. Were you there, is it nice?
Is there any chance I could sit in on your next session?
I might even get extra credit from my Audio Production prof!

chenry says

I have to say, the song made Portal that much better

...except the ones who are dead says

I discovered you did the credits song in Portal. Best credits in a game, ever! Well done!

Kris Ratcliffe says

Adorable song. It's become one of the main reasons for me to buy the Orange Box next week. You should be proud of that ;)

CDRaff says

Great song! Loved it. When I first heard it I was convinced that you did it with FLStudio's Text to speech, but then trying it... it was way too hard. :)

g3n3tix says

Don't know if I'm allowed to post this, but as it's on youtube & Co. I figured I could do it.

(Feel free to delete post if unwanted)

Friend Cube says

Never had such a big fat grind on my face during the end credits of a game. Just loved it :)

dv8godd says

Just finished Portal... Still Alive is a great song! I keep playing it over and over. And agreed that this was the best credit sequence to ever grace a game. Kudos!

Peter says

That's so awesome. I finished my first run thru the game last night and it was the best ending I've experienced in a game in a long time. The cake wasn't a lie!

Alexei Septimus says

I should have known. Found out thanks to the developer commentaries on the second play through. The only unfortunate thing is that the song is about twice as long as the game itself.

noel says

This song made beating GLaDOS 10x more satisfying. I really want cake.

Dean says

The song is simply brilliant. An excellent ending to the game. Unfortunately, I can't stop listening to it now...

Lyramion says

Awesome awesome awesome!

Demetrius says

Awesome song! It makes me REALLY curious about the game. The beat reminds me a bit of "Todd the T1000". ...that peculiar juxtaposition of bubbly and perky against impending electronic death.

I just started modeling data for a "Todd" video. (I figured if XJ9 "Jenny"s are blue then "Jane"s could be red - in a wink to Jane Jetson.) It's going to take a while because there will be actual character animation in this one. ...And, I'm doing it in my (ha, ha) spare time.

PIP says

Nice Tune, well done... hope the royalties come in !

PaganHobbit says

Great song. Hope it gets released on a cd or flac or something. going to check out some of your other stuff too.

Peter says

Just got done with a 2nd pass thru Portal with the Dev commentary. The voice of GLaDOS mentioned she heard your version to prep for her vocals. Will we get a change to hear your original version???

jjdoyle20 says

Loved the song at the end! I thought it was hilarious when I first heard it, but I only recently found out it was yours. Love all your work, and this one's no different!

Roberto says

I listened to the song 15 times straight... in one hour. OH my god is it good. I hadn't even heard of you before. I'm now a fan.

Nicholas says

Awesome song, love it, made Portal that much more perfect. I've had it on repeat ever since I heard it, I can't get enough!

MattP says

Hahaha, mate. Best credits I've seen in a long time, the song really made it.

This song was my introduction to your work. I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Now these points of data, make a beautiful line
And we're out of beta, we're releasing on time

Classic ;)

NickA says

I first heard a lot of Jonathan's songs on WarcraftMovies (someone keeps making machinima music videos of them, Future Soon was the first I think) before hearing this one, and I gotta say, this is my favourite - and definitely the best ending song in a video game I've heard before. If I could find an mp3 of this I'd listen to it constantly. Awesome job!

StuG says

Seriously great job on that song. The acclaims that Portal is getting from fans has gotta feel good since a lot of it has to do with the ending credits and your song.

Loved it :)

Claudius says

Great game with the best credits design ever also thanks to your great song. You did a fantastic job (and the guys at Valve as well of course in their part).

Greetings from Germany. The cake was a lie :(

Arecibo says

This was the funniest game I've played in the last decade or so, and your song was the perfect cap to all of it.

Jemimus says

High res version of the portal credits sequence:

M_pony says

I feel fantastic, eh? Heehee.

Those might not be your vocals (I'm still not sure that's not just a very processed Jon voice, but I haven't played the game yet), but that's definitely your performance under the vocals. I'd know that snare sound anyplace. ;)

...Now he's hit the big time...

in.. the.. U.S.A.

StefN says

Oh my, the coolest song ever! :D Great job!

Steve M says

Portal = great and very funny game. Your song is the bees knees as well, great stuff man.

M_pony Ellen Mclain sings it. (last name spelling?)

Anthony Leonson says

Great song. Didn't know it was you til after I heard it, but it certainly was the icing on the cake so to speak. =)

Chamelaeon says

I'll just chime in with a hearty "Bloody well done!" on the end song. I haven't had so much fun with a video game end sequence since Monkey Island way back in the day.

Raiden Kitsune says

That was absolutely one of the best games I've played, and Still Alive was just awesome.

LadyLyna says

I'm looking for the lyrics to the song, anyone got them or know how to get them?

Si says

Jonathan Coulton, Thank you!

That song just wrapped up the game perfectly, it's the first time I have not wanted a game's credits to end.

Cheers John. :)

Aerelon says

brilliant song!
simply amazing!

Mythgarr says

Is the credits song somehow available as an MP3 on the CDs? If not, when does Valve plan to put it up for download somewhere?

Jake says

That song "Still Alive" made the whole game worth it.

jesss says

Someone wrote down the lyrics in the forums

They are also spelled out on the youtube videos as the song plays with the ending credits

XMalek says

using your own lyrics :

This was a triumph !
i'm making a note here :

dhaelis says

The song is just fantastic, Mr. Coulton. I had never heard your material before, but that one song got me curious as to the rest of your work. You know what? It'll now be my pleasure to buy a few of your albums thanks to discovering you in Portal. Cheers!

David says

This was a huge success.

James says

Great song, great game, great vocals by GLaDOS.
Good timing with the Wired article too, I enjoyed Chiron Beta Prime particularly.

Caveman says

Fantastic. When i first finished the game i kept thinking this is exactly your style, and i was right. Brilliant finish to a thoroughly enjoyable game.

Drew says

Loved the song. Was the cherry on the top of the cupcake of a great game.
Thanks for the smiles :)

Cody says

Just beat Portal, and I was listening to the ending credit song, and thinking it was pretty good. Then I hear the "For the good of all of us (except the ones who are dead)" hook, and I start thinking that's gotta be JoCo. Quick google search affirms. Great work!

Richard says
This is the song. I can totally see now that this is a coulton song, I kind of had that feeling when I first heard it.

Cal says

Fantastic song

Paul J. Furio says

Wow. Just wow. As soon as I heard that first minor chord change, I just knew it had to be a JC song. Fantastic. Seriously, you've outdone yourself sir.

I owe you a fat check, btw.

Zanial says

I beat the game and was listening to the song thinking "This seems familiar". Excellent job as usual. Sad I missed your show out here in LA recently but weeknight shows don't work so well with an early morning schedule.

VRBones says

I've been hankering for Portal since preordering the Orange Box, and the ending level and credits were amazing. I've been listening to your music since 'Code Monkey' and this song fits perfectly with the game. It really feels like you'd played the game through a couple of times and had heard the voiceovers before composing it because it fits so well. Congrats all 'round! To Valve for picking up indie game developers, for marrying great game mechanics with the HL2 world, and bringing JoCo to a whole new geek population!

Final Thoughts: When you're dying I'll be still alive...

Ivan says

I still have not gotten the Orange Box yet but I will be getting it tomorrow. Just too busy to get it over the past week. :(

I can't imagine how soothing and wacky this song is. Awesome job. You rock.

Balls says

Please please please please put this song on myspace...

Seriously, because of that song, Portal had one of the best endings for a game in the history of games.

Tywin says

This song was one of the highlights of Portal. I've listened to it over and over. Well done... you've gone down in video game history sir. It's a sensation!

EthanSteele says

I didn't even know about this until the song came on and it instantly clicked, such a recognisable style Mr. Coulton.

Great work!

Alisa says

That song rocked. Seriously, best game ending ever. Nice job!

Koguro says

Haha. Second time in the games history, the music makes the game (after Machinae Supremacy and Jets'n'guns). But those guys created a whole OST of 28 compositions. And you made it with JUST ONE SONG. That's amazing.

And this credits beat my previous favourite - Full Throttle bunnies.

You've got two cakes!!!

hman says

You, sir, are genius. Loved the game and the song.
PS: the companion cube talks to me

Matt says

As someone who is a very experienced gamer and a lover of great music, outstanding song... truly. It certainly needs to win an award, and not just for "best credit sequence ever."


Fantastic song! I can't think of anything better. Maybe Black Mesa? That was a joke. Ha ha. Fat chance.

PR0F3TA says

you sir. You are a hero. You made Portal the single most best game ending in years of video game history. Your name will go down in books for my children's children to read and listen.

naw not really, but the song is the greatest thing to happen to a video game ending since i can remember. Seriously. You made people wanna beat a game just to listen to your song.

Vito Raliffe says

Best Credits Song EVER.

Seriously, I have the MP3 on my Zune and everything. That song coupled with the AI's personality made the game 100x more awesome than it already was.

shaun newman says

Congrats on the song, it's the first time I have deliberately sat through the credits at the end. the game is awesome and the song is... the icing on the cake? ;0)

backdoorangel says

heard the song before playing the game, now i'm gonna have to play it.

the song is amazing, so catchy and wonderfully morbid.

the first song i heard of yours, i hope it becomes a hit because it's awesome, soooo good, i can't get it out of my head.

DukeEuphoria says

Ye gods and little fishes. Wonderful piece of songwriting.

I hope you do get More Cake.

Also, Thankyou.
An extra set of smiles for the day is always a good thing.

Bluefish says

The song's already achieved some sort of cult status, and well deserved. It really is one of the most perfectly constructed pieces of music i've heard in a long time. And it's just so damn addictive!. I keep playing it over and over and it's beginning to drive everyone around me a little crazy :-)

Seth^^ says

hey dude, i just beat the game... and the "still alive" song is awesome, good job.

Thanks for doing it ;)

unassuming says

Wonderful piece of work. Once I heard your song would be in one of the games, I knew two things: it was Portal, and it would instantly make the game so much more awesome.
I have to say, I was not disappointed. I was in fact superappointed. The music, besides being very well done and incredibly catchy, fits the game perfectly. Also, I think the game fits your style perfectly.
It hasn't been a week since release, and yet already I see the game getting a lot of well deserved praise, and Still Alive (along with the lovable Weighted Companion Cube) are getting some serious cult love.
Anyway, congrats on such a high profile job; Valve is arguably one of the greatest developers around today, and Portal is one of the most creative games released this year. I hope you get more stuff like this, and the opportunities to get more people to hear your music. Meanwhile, I'll just keep referring people to your work.
Keep it up!

Dash says

Excellent job! I keep listening to it over and over. This was the cap to a fantastic game. It inspired me to find the person who made it and post my thanks.

Impressed says

Wow! That song marries with the game perfectly!

This song makes the ending to Portal the single best ending to a puzzle game ever. Furthermore, this is one of the most well-rounded endings to a video game I've experienced.

Way to go!

zerg says

The song is amazingly great!Great job!I was stunned when it came up in the end of portal :D

Jon Person says

hahaha, such a well-written song! You captured GLaDOS' passive-agressiveness in the song perfectly. I also like the key changes in the music.

My next favorite moment in Portal is while fighting GLaDOS at the end. If you turn on voice captions then let the blue sphere sit around it will go through GLaDOS' entire cake recipe, including such tasty ingredients as "Fish shaped dirt"!

Anyway, excellent job and I can't wait to learn more about your work.

David says

I pray to whatever deity resides above us that you know how to play this on guitar and will use it at PAX next year.

Also that you will return to PAX next year.

djjay7613 says

omg that portal credit song was awesome. your awesome. THE GAMES AWESOME. i think every one should play and beet the or go to youtube and here this song. Its could "still alive". go and wach it.

GLINDA IS WACHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kez says

I'm making a note here:


By far one of the most memorable ends to a truly original FPS. Thank you for making it extra special! This was a triumph.

Giskard says

I'd like to add my congratulations on Still Alive: kudos for your part in making Portal one of the most original and enjoyable games I've played!

I've been listening to the song over and over and over for four days now... :)

Bibo says

I simply love the Portal ending Song. Awesome work. I'll keep my eye (and ear) on your future works.

Steve from Aperture says

Been a fan for a while now, and I guess more than long enough for both my wife and I to confidently shout "HA!! I KNEW IT!!" during the credits.

You are the man. I'd love to DL your oiginal version along with the GLaDOS one.

What's wrong with your legs?

alex says

OMG! This song totally made the game! Usually the music in the closing credits is just filler but this seems as if this was the first thing they did, like they designed the game after the song.

Anyways, I want to see a download for you singing this... it would sound very good.

LucidE says

Man.... I finished the portal game and had no idea that my favorite singer/songwriter was behind the hilarious song at the end. Hardcore and awesome =P

JDub says

I want to know where the other version of the song is? you know, the one playing on his radio in lo-fi, in the faster tempo with the horns, love it....

Talorat says

You, have done something incredible with an already incredible game. something so awesome that it leaves me without words.

You had better be doing the whole score for Portals two, which had better exist.

Oooh whats THAT

Evil Ducks says

I was listening to the song at the end and thinking "This sounds like something Coulton would have written..." Then of course your name appeared in the credits.

Great song.

Holger says

Awesome song! Didn't know it was your song, but after hearing it it should have been clear to me that it was "a Coulton" :-) Love it!

Flambe says

Bloody perfect job on the song, had me in stitches =)

Andrew says

Great song! I downloaded it free somewhere, but I'll be buying one of your albums from iTunes to make up for it :) Cheers!

Jack says

I don't have the orange box but my WoW guild posted a link to your end credits in our forum.
I loved the song and searched all over the internet for somewhere I could download it - in the process I learned that it was a JoCo song.

You need to get this song added to your downloads section so that you can cash in on some of this viral marketing action!

Josh says

WOW! Ya, I keep listening to it -- it NEVER has ( nor ever will ) get boring in all my life ^_^

As did everyone before me, I had a HUGE Smile when I was listening to it, SUPER GOOD!

My question now is, WTF can I get the sheet music ( piano ) for it? : D
I am NO good at transcribing what I hear into notes ( already tried it ) if it is at ALL possible I would forever appreciate and be in debited to whoever publishes ( or transcribes ) the notes to sheet music.

CHEERS! And thanks for the AMAZING Song ^_______^

Paul says

Just another of the almost 200 (so far) comments to say that 'Still Alive' made a good game with a good story an excellent experience for me - I was smiling through the credits and it's one of a few 'do you remember' moments.
Another meme to add to the list!
I suspect that you will have a lot of gamers looking into your work and it might be worth your while asking Valve if they have anything else they want you to do. :-)

Thank you for your hard work in making this song so right for the game, and I hope to hear more of your work.


R-Tillery says

Man all I can say is the Orange Box Kicks butt. picked it up today and had some fun with it.

HEY that robot just ate MY cake!! says

i loved this game it was awsome especaly the song i saved it 5 sec b4 song so i could here it when ever the only bad thing is after you kill it its "still alive" and you die but awsome game none the less stupid robot ate my cake ......

HEY that robot just ate MY cake!! says

p.s. if you want to just HEAR the song it can be found on

Dat Nguyen says


I found your music by reading about companion cubes. I love your collaboration with John Hodgman too—I had no idea that all these things had so much in common! Keep up the good work!

Awfki says

I just finished Portal and was laughing at the song when the little light bulb went off followed by these thoughts....

* This sounds like something Jonathan Coulton would write.
* Doesn't he have a song coming out in a game?
* Hey! It wasn't song supposed to be in the Orange Box?

Great tune.

Bob in your pants says

Wow...its all I could say after I finished the, yesterday, I was in the middle of class doing my work, and I just suddenly started singing still alive. You can guess my teacher would say something eh? No. Instead, he started singing too!! That was one of the few lolzorz in a can moments in my whole entire life!