Team JoCo Emergency Action Message

By JoCo October 5, 2007

OK, so it seems that Paul left a case of CDs at the Iron Horse last night (very surprising considering his natural state of control freakitude). Paul and Storm are now offering the “Paul and Storm Complete Prize Pack” to anyone who may be coming to the Johnny D’s show tonight from Northampton, provided they swing by the Iron Horse to get said case and bring it here.

My email is in my pocket most of the time, so if there’s anyone who can do this, email me and I’ll give you the details. Complete Prize Pack! (Contents TBD, but will include free/reimbursed admission to tonight’s Johnny D’s show for you & one companion, and probably a hug.)


SevinPackage says

If only I lived in the NorthEast...

Jon Who says

If only I lived in America...And could drive...And so many other things.

Mark says

Perhaps it was the signing of snack cakes that got them distracted? Or *gasp* the pouring water?

jere7my says

So as not to keep everyone in suspense: the CDs did indeed arrive. (I wasn't the one what brung 'em, but the fellow who did got a big round of applause.)

Fabulous show, JoCo! Except for the inconveniently timed Red Sox win during "Mandelbrot Set"!

zack says

GREAT show last thursday, i was soooo happy to see you live again, and i hope you come back soon,