Size Doesn’t Matter

By JoCo October 4, 2007

I knew ticket sales were low for the Burlington show last night, so I wasn’t surprised to see a smallish crowd. And it really does change the dynamic of a show – the energy level drops, everyone’s afraid to make noise, and that performer-audience feedback loop doesn’t generate as much heat as when there’s a huge mass of people. But as I said last night, the per capita enthusiasm levels were as high as ever (for which I commend the fine people of the great state of Vermont) so I think we all handled ourselves pretty well in the end. Thank you guys for keeping up your end of the bargain – I hope you didn’t mind me trying out some new stuff, but I thought it was better to work without a set list and just see what happened. And as they said in Casablanca, we’ll always have zombies.

Tonight the Iron Horse in Northampton. Onward!


Katie FL says

Thank you so much for trekking all the way to Burlington! It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to :)

For anyone who's interested, I took two one minute videos during the show: and

Luke M says

Anyone got a song list for this?

Paul V says

I think the acoustic "Baby got back" was the most hilarious thing. I have no idea how you do that with a straight face.

I also think it helped that those of us who went were *really excited* to see you. And plus we all got requests played!

Thanks again for coming!

CarrieP says

Nice video, Katie FL.

Loved the three-part harmony of First of May.

Very Ben-Folds-y.

Jess says

I love the Iron Horse. Been to a few shows there myself when I was in school at UMass Amherst. Have a good time!

Mark says

Hoorah i'll be at at tonights show, look for the groups of kids horribly attempting to sing along.

Mouse says

Yay! I'm going to tonight's show!

paul says

Texas wins!

Go ahead and schedule that return date.

Paul V says

Darn it Texas! How many did you have? I'll go for a rematch...

Dots says

Dear gods! For a moment there I thought you meant Burlington IOWA... I'd have been right angry if you'd been so close and I'd missed you!

Paul and Storm says

We're not JoCo (obviously), but Paul and Storm *will* be in Burlington, IA next Thursday (Oct. 11) at Whitey's Bar & Billiards.

Yeah, we know, it's not the same; but it's something, right? Maybe?

Paul and Storm.

HeyCarl says

Thanks for coming out and entertaining the few & the proud - 'twas truly a most excellent show! I for 1 must say that I didn't mind at all having you push the envelope on newer/more obscure material - even if it was a Dan Fogelberg cover. I wonder if you could program add'l vocal samples into the JoCotronic Synth-o-wedge, so you could do 'When I Go' and (dare I say it) 'Camp Bachelor Alma Mater' in their a capella glory? Look at it this way - doing 3 songs instead of just Mr. Fancypant will dramatically improve your R.O.I. on the instrument. (Gotta look at the bigger picture here, Tom.)

Steven Brewer says

This was the second time we'd seen JoCo and Paul & Storm at the Iron Horse and we had a great time. I ran into Jonathan near the stairs and said something inane like "We love your music", rather than saying what I've always meant to say, which is that my kids love the song that goes "Octopus! Furry old Octopus!" Or something like that. :-)

You should definitely get an advertising contract for the zen drum thing -- everyone would want one if they had JoCo advertising it.

Gary says

Well, Paul V, the Mucky Duck in Houston sold out, which is not unusual with really big-name acts. The guy who yells "YEAH!" real loud in your ear was there. I wasn't (dammit) but I heard him on the internets.
So maybe we could make this like a monthly competition, say?

Gary says

Speaking of guys yelling, was that a JoCo sound effect in John Hodgman's segment on the Daily Show Thursday night?