Atlanta Show Added

By JoCo October 4, 2007

Just added a show in Atlanta – that’s right, Georgia. November 9th at The Five Spot, 8:30 PM, with Paul and Storm. Tickets can be got through Ticketmaster (though they’re not on sale yet), and probably should if you want to be totally safe – the place holds about 180 and there are 125 demands on Eventful, so I’m guessing it will be a big crowd.



Kyle says

Holy crap. On behalf of those of us stuck in the south surrounded by little to no intellect or creativity, I would like to offer my warmest, most heart-felt thanks. I'm gonna throw SO many dollar-bill monkies....

Colin Law says

Huzzah!!! At long last we get our own JoCo show. I'll be there for sure with as many people as I can lead to be converted. Will there be a detour to see the real Kennesaw Mountain though.

Eric Asberry says

I'm so excited!!! I created an event on Facebook, hope that's OK. :) I'm one of the demanders on Eventful but I wasn't sure it would ever happen. I've been feeling really lousy all day but this news has made this Code Monkey feel quite a bit better!

sindex says

Let me just say: woot! I can't wait.

Michael Renneker says

Atlanta... That's... sorta close to Gainesville.
It's a college town, I'm sure a show here would sell out. If not, I'd force every one of my friends to listen to an album or two until they came to love the Coulton.

Rob (not the boring manager one) says

Georgia...a little bit closer to the midwest but a Missouri or Nebraska show would be much more preferable. :)

Sujin says

Jonathan Coulton
Five Spot
On sale: Fri, 10/05/07

I'll actually be up at at two then, so I'll get my tickets really early. :D Huzzah!

Ben says

This isn't a comment about the Atlanta show... JoCo give us the 411 on The Orange Box inclusion??

ouija repair says

Woohoo! That will take our minds off the drought.

Jen says

I would SOSOSOSO love to see you in Atlanta next Labor Day for Dragon Con! (And, as I'm sure you've heard, I'm not alone!) Is there anything that can be done now to make sure this happens? :D

Brian says

I randomly stumbled across the site like a day or two after you announced this show, and bought the tickets immediately! I haven't been to a show in 4 years or so, and I couldn't afford to miss seeing you here in the ATL!

Theo says

Lol at Kyle. Is this show going to come once a year?