Very Weird

By JoCo September 30, 2007

That’s how I would describe the show in Annapolis last night. In a good way (I think). The show was mostly a digression from itself, and it was one of those audiences that seemed to delight in watching me go off the rails and careen into the forest. But at least we got to play a Dan Fogelberg song. Thanks to everyone who came out and brought monkeys.


snabby says

I thought it was just a lot of fun. Off the rails? Maybe from your standpoint, but live music has that danger that things won't be perfect. No one expects it will be. Maybe at the Symphony...

As one of the people who was at your Baltimore show in March, I was glad to see a packed house, and the energy was great.

You were brave to do "Mr. Fancy Pants," and it was a pleasure to hear.

Dan Fogelberg and Neil Diamond covers on one night? Do you know any Gordon Lightfoot? Go for a soft-rock trifecta.

Danny says

What Dan Fogelberg song did you play? I hope to see it on youtube.

Roman says

Yeah you don't really strike me as a San Francisco kind of guy, Jon.

SevinPackage says

Yeah, I second the request for Fogelberg Links. Jonathan, if you're in the Northwest during Holiday time, I would like to sincerely request 'Same Old Lang Syne." It's the best sad song, during a time of synthetic happiness. I also think it fits in well with the bittersweet songs you've so craftily written.

Gina says

I didn't think it was weird, just as wonderful as ever. Whatever off the rails is, I love it. I think the audience just loves going along for the ride. The Zendrum-enhanced Mr. Fancy Pants was AWESOME! I didn't think I could be more impressed by you, but, dang. Wow. THANKS!

snabby says

One other thing. I never knew what "I'm Your Moon" was about exactly, although I had always found it touching. But the explanation last night made it somehow so much more poignant. How odd to feel that about an ex-planet and its partner, and yet, it seems right.

Marc Nelson Jr. says

Great show! You definitely made at least one new fan - the guy sitting across from me came to see Paul & Storm, but was raving about you after the show. I hope you'll be back at the Ram's Head again soon.

Danny, the Fogelberg song was a stirring rendition of "Leader of the Band", with flute accompaniment by Paul & Storm.

Izolda says

Weird is definitely relative here. I had a great time as always. Your patter is so terrific regardless of what's going on onstage and you take our thrown monkeys, strange dolls, and gummy brains in great stride.

Thanks again for your music and I hope you enjoy my CD as well.

Luke M says

Setlist, anyone?

Josh says

The show was awesome, I'll be showing up whenever you folks are back in the DC region. Oh, and the two girls who ambush-hugged you after the show were your backup vocalists on "Ikea"

Renee says

I loved it too, and didn't find it any weirder than your other shows. :)
I just thought it was great. We all appreciate that you're genuine and can roll with the punches. I absolutely loved "Leader of the Band" (my father is a symphonic band conductor, so I've always had a soft spot for that song), and I really enjoyed chatting with you after the show (I'm the one with the Ballroom. How's the tango coming? :).

Btw, I'm trying to convince my Boston friends to show up at Johnny Ds. I love that place. Hope the show goes well!

Andy says

I thought the show was just awesome. Can't wait to see you in the neighborhood again.

I am still occasionally laughing at "It looks like we defeated 4 monkeys in combat"

Shawn says

This was my second time seeing you (the Birchmere was the first) - This time around definitely had some wild, crazy chaotic energy going on!

I've made it my personal quest to spread the JoCo fame to friends that I know will appreciate your style. I was already going to be visiting Boston this month and arranged things to introduce a few more friends to you next Friday at Johnny D's - See you there! (I'll be the guy in the "Got Brains?" t-shirt.)

Joran says

The Setlist (in random order and not quite sure it's correct)

The Future Soon
Skullcrusher Mountain
Shop Vac
Christmas is Interesting (can't recall if it's with Paul and Storm)

Leader of the Band (cover of Dan Fogelberg) (w/Paul and Storm)
Baby Got Back (w/Paul and Storm)
Code Monkey (w/Paul and Storm)
Interruption here to sing happy birthday (it was the clown monkey's b-day, long story)
I Feel Fantastic (w/Paul and Storm... I think)
Creepy Doll (w/Paul and Storm)

Mr. Fancy Pants (with the Zendrum)
I'm Your Moon
He asked for requests at this point
Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Mandelbrot Set
Re: Your Brains

First of May (w/Paul and Storm)
Sweet Caroline (w/Paul and Storm)

jesss says

I noticed that the set lists since the Portland, OR show have all included "I'm Your Moon". I was at the Portland show and I remember that someone requested it in the audience. JoCo said something about being out of practice, but here goes. And it was my favorite part of a kick ass show! (that and Fancy Pants!)

I'm glad to see that it is getting a lot of play, it is a song I feel has been unappreciated but is so beautiful.

Renee says

JoCo played "You Ruined Everything" too, somewhere toward the end of the set. That song is so beautiful. I had no idea before the Birchmere show (I was there too) that the song was about having kids. So amazing.

Ducky says

Loved the show. Much better than the last one at Ram's Head, which was a "family friendly matinee".

Can't wait til JoCo comes back!