JoCo in NE

By JoCo September 30, 2007

Hey all – a reminder of a couple of shows coming up, plus some new ones.

First an important clarification – this Friday at Johnny D’s in Somerville, MA there is ONLY ONE SHOW. The time was changed to 9:45 and some calendar listings ended up with both the old time and the new time. So don’t come too early and don’t come too late. Just come right on time.

Wednesday 10/3 – Higher Ground in South Burlington, VT
7 PM with Paul and Storm
This is my first time in VT so be nice. Hint: this means you should buy tickets. For God’s sake Vermont, don’t let Texas win.

Thursday 10/4 – Iron Horse in Northampton, MA
7 PM with Paul and Storm
Looking forward to coming back to this place, last time we played there it was a big old blast. Plus it’s close-ish to where I grew up, in comparison to something like San Francisco anyway, so if you look closely you may be able to spot some people I went to high school with in the crowd.

Friday 10/5 – Johnny D’s in Somerville, MA
9:45 PM with Paul and Storm
What is there to say about Johnny D’s that hasn’t been said already? Nothing.

Johnny D’s Home

Sunday 10/14 – Joe’s Pub in NYC
9:45 PM with The Petersons (
Excited to play here for the first time – plus if you haven’t seen The Petersons before, you should. I offer my personal money back guarantee.

Friday 10/19 – Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA
8 PM with Paul and Storm
New venue for me, probably a whole new attitude, maybe a makeover, who knows?

And that’s it for now, though there’s always stuff in the pipeline. Spread the word – see you soon…


Gary says

JoCo said, "For God’s sake Vermont, don’t let Texas win." So if Vermont should do better than Texas (not likely), Texas gets another shot to make up for the Dallas snafu, right? And if Texas does win, the prize is another shot for winning, right?

john d'arc says

I'm just sad his NYC show is on a Sunday night. Can't make both that and class the next day in LI.

Rob (not the boring manager one) says

Man! I was all excited for a minute. The header JoCo in NE made me think you were going to be playing close to somewhere I might be able to get to see you...NEBRASKA. (heavy sigh)

I hope someday you get close to Kansas City. I've got a group that would love to come out and see you play.

BR says

Ever consider doing a college show, JoCo? College students love generating internet publicity, and I'm sure there are plenty of university campuses where you could generate a sizable audience.

Natascha says

9:45 on a Sunday??? Ohh... the conundrum... the decision.... Get enough sleep to face the lovely students bright eyed and bushy tailed or rock out and deal with them bleery eyed. Help!!!

Gina says

@Natascha - you must go. Rock out. Whatever the price, it's worth it. The kids will understand.

Lindsay says

so JoCo, does this mean Paul and Storm start at 9:45 on friday, or will they come on before that, and you'll start soft-rocking at 9:45?

JoCo says

P+S at 9:45, me after them. Kind of late I know, but that's how they want to do it at Johnny D's.

Lindsay says

That's cool, I'd come to your show even if it started at midnight :) Can't wait!

Court says

hehe, check this out if you haven't seen it already:

Paul V says

Yeah I just came back from the VT show and it rocked! And by that I mean there were like 27 of us! But we liked it!

Does that beat the Texas show?

Gary says

Which one? Texas had three shows but it wasn't near enough. The Houston show had a lot more people, but I've been to Vermont once and I think it's a good bet y'all had a higher average IQ.

dukerayburn says

@Rob: Ditto, same thing here. I nearly poo'd I was so happy. Don't be so flippant with your geographical abbreviations, JoCo! Also, come to the Heart of Darkness!